5 Tips For Developing A SEO Content Marketing Strategy

SEO content marketing Strategy
SEO Content Marketing Strategy

How Do I create a plan for sharing my Content?

The coveted #1 position in Google is sought by everyone with a business site. How are you going to beat out everyone jockeying for that number 1 spot? You can make it to the top with a strategic SEO content marketing plan. Do you know what that means? Not certain your strategy is working? I’m sharing my 5 five tips to developing a SEO content marketing strategy that will send your business blog to the top.


SEO Content Marketing For Your Business Blog

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Decide how you will share the content you create across all your social media channels. Each platform has a different audience and purpose. When you create content for your blog decide how you can share that same information in the best way for all your media. Decide a week in advance what topics you will write about and drip great content all week-long across your networks. When you share great information consistently your traffic to your website will be consistent as well.
Keywords should be Diverse and Optimized

What keywords you use plays an essential role in that all important race to the top of Google. Always know your main keyword, but be sure to mix it up a bit. It’s very important to use diverse content that has been optimized for relevant keywords that people tend to use when “Googling” a topic.  The more links out there with great information linking back to your website the better!

Backlinks are Gold

Every day you should take time to build links back to your website. Your link building strategy does not need to take hours. A few minutes a day every day building a link can add up to many over time. The more backlinks from good websites you have the high your search rank will become.

Rome wasn’t built in a Day

Don’t give up just because in a week or two you aren’t on top of Google. It can take months to a year or so to get to the top. Have a long term goal, be consistent, and you will hit pay dirt! I remember what a shock and thrill it was to get that coveted top spot for a product. I realized I had finally got the placement I had worked so hard for only after I saw I was making sales left and right. I studied the leaders in my industry and worked hard and pretty soon I was on top of my market.

Great Content will Rocket You

Share and develop great content and you will get to the top and stay there. The internet is a tool people use to find resources and entertainment. Think about your target market. Where do they spend their time and how do they consume content. Do they like video, audio, or text to get information? Mix it up and see where that gets you! If you can find the answers to the problems your niche is seeking you will get the traffic you crave.

What are the SEO content marketing strategies you use to get top place in Google? Have a question about your efforts to get to the top? Leave us a comment with a question or a tip for our readers.


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    Another great article! I’ve just learned about SEO optimization yesterday, new to the market. Just built a website and a blog for my businesses. What will be the best way to include backlinks? I don’t think I understand how that one works. Btw we have been following each other on Twitter for over a year now and I never would have guessed your tweets would eventually be so beneficial to me! Thankful for that!!

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