5 Benefits of Creating a Strong Personal Brand Online

Top 5 Benefits of Creating a Strong Personal Brand Online

By Dr Sarah David

Your Personal Branding Online – Branding your Business

What is a personal brand?  Your personal brand is a reflection of YOU: your opinions, your values, and your beliefs are visibly expressed by what you say, what you do, as well as how you do it.

The primary goal of personal branding is to utilize who you are and what you want to be known for to help you stand out among your competitors.

Branding puts you top of mind for your customers so they think of you as the ONLY solution to solving their problem.  

Personal Branding benefits you by helping you narrow your focus, hone your skills and have a clear vision of your passions.  That message is then communicated to your target market.    

A strong personal brand has many other benefits as well and these benefits can help you also stand out online.  Below you will find five of them:

Online your brand will propel you to the top in your marketplace; you will gain admiration, trust, respect, and admiration when your name and message are embedded repeatedly into the consciousness of your target market.

The branding process helps you take control of your identity and influence the perception others have about you and the services you offer. Your brand should be consistent across social media platforms to help with consistency which makes your brand even stronger. For example, your profile picture should be consistent across social media platforms. 

Having a strong brand creates a sense of individuality and “separateness” in the marketplace. Your clients will be easily be able to differentiate your company from your competitors. Colors, tag lines and messaging contribute to your personal brand.  

Consistency is key.  The more visible you are to your target audience, the more you will be perceived as an expert in your field.  When you establish yourself as an expert in your area of specialty you will gain name recognition where it counts the most – in your customer’s mind. Brand consistency gives you an opportunity to communicate your message across social media platforms in order to make a lasting impression and express your individuality.

Gain followers, friends and connections.  A strong personal brand online will enable you to effortlessly attract clients and opportunities. You will position yourself in the mind of your marketplace as THE service provider of choice to dominate your market and command higher fees – in other words, work less and make more!                                                                                                     

  1. Having integrity and presenting the best YOU in everything you do whether online, through social media or in your professional or personal life are the first steps in building a strong personal brand online.

Dr. Sarah David is the CEO of Social Savvy Sarah.  She uses her passion for branding and social networking to empower small businesses, corporations, college & universities, realtors and other professionals offering products and services to use social media to build their brands and be socially savvy. Visit her at www.socialsavvysarah.com for free personal branding and social media tools for your Social Savvy Success!

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Personal Branding Online | Doctor Sarah Davidson

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  1. says

    Hi Sarah,

    Great information and tips on the importance of having a strong brand. This can be a challenge when you have new online presence, but your list is quite helpful. I especially like " Consistency is key," but they are all good. Take care .

  2. says

    I think that you are so right about consistency across different social media platforms being key. Great guest post by Sarah!

  3. says

    I always thought that branding was something that once it was done, it was done. But I think branding yourself is an ongoing thing, isn't it?? Thanks for the insight

  4. says

    Some fabulous tips here for someone like myself who has recently started a blog and facebook fan page ! I think consistency is important which is why I repeatedly include 'The Hurt Healer' in my sites!

  5. Wendy Cassera says

    What a great article!!  The whole knowledge that branding positions yourself in the mind in your marketplace is awesome.  Who wouldn't want to work less and make more?!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. says

    Great info here.  I agree personal branding is important.  Social media seems to help accomplish this much quicker.

  7. says

    Great tips for branding yourself. I agree that you have to be consistent, both in images and in your message across all the platforms.

  8. says

    Branding is such an interesting process. I agree with what you say because, from a consumer's point of view, I can see that it works on me – I tend to spend time and money with people and businesses with which I have some sort of connection.

  9. says

    Great article and my favorite tip is:
    "Online your brand will propel you to the top in your marketplace; you will gain admiration, trust, respect, and admiration when your name and message are embedded repeatedly into the consciousness of your target market".
    Most of us have grown up wanting to blend in…not stand out. In business, especially online if we don't get this embedded in our brains out the gate we certainly can not even compete in the race.

  10. says

    I love this post. Yes, consistency is definitely the key, something I have to work on a wee bit, lol. I appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge on this vital topic.

    • says

      Thanks Sweetie.. Sarah is an expert and I love her branding! She has two businesses she’s branded in a different way yet each is perfect and is about her and what she has to offer.

  11. says

    Great article! For a  long time I felt like I needed to go with the flow and sound the way everyone else did. Being authentic and finding your own voice is where it's at!

    • says

      you’re right Becky! That’s why I feel in love with my business partner way of writing. She just tells it like she sees it!

  12. says

    These are the same rules and benefits as applied to branding offline, Sarah, but we saw much less "personal branding" offline and typically had to create a personality and voice for a company.  So online personal branding feels more like (consistently) editing existing characteristics/attributes that we don't want to have as part of the brand and emphasizing the ones we do …

  13. says

    I love the idea of a personal brand as opposed to a business brand; the personal brand is all about who you are and attracting those like-minded people, rather than a business logo or sales pitch.  Nothing wrong with selling- but when its personal, its from the heart and that always succeeds one way or another. Thanks for this reminder

  14. says

    Consistency is what I am working on at this moment. Between the move and work changes, I'm having a hard time setting a schedule around my "new schedule." I'm sure it will all work out in due time. As always, spot on direction. Love that you had Sarah guest blog!

  15. says

    Thanks for highlighting those 5 benefits.  Totally agree.  Consistency is key when branding yourself.  People really do pay attention to these details!

  16. says

    Great tips.. Thanks so much for sharing.  Still working on "branding" …Sometimes I feel as though I have so many ideas I'm just out there all over the place… so definitely need to focus in on this!

  17. says

    Great article! And great tips! I have just recently realized the importance of branding and intentionally implementing! Thanks!

  18. Carol Giambri says

    Thanks for great branding tips.  Very valuable as well as seeing who we are when people look to find us show up the same way.

  19. says

    Thanks for this great guest post. With so many people online these days, having a strong, consistent and recognizable brand is a MUST.  In working on my branding, I was somewhat surprised by how good it also made me feel to have a unique identity online.

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