The 5 Best Ways to Get Found by Google and Create Share-Worthy Content: A Modern Fairytale

 The 5 Best Ways to Get Found by Google

Once upon a time, the practice of SEO magic was dark, mysterious, and foreboding.  There were whole blogs and conferences even devoted to sharing best practices of SEO.  (Okay, no one really shared all of their SEO tips – we all like to keep some secrets in reserve.)  But there were some common practices, some that were fairly easy for your average blogger.  The others seemed a little bit magical – or perhaps more like the dark arts – and you even heard terms like “white hat SEO strategy” and “black hat SEO strategy” like there was a good magic and a bad magic to getting found by Google.

best ways to get found by Google

And then there was a big, dark, scary chasm separating search engine optimization (SEO) from the land of light and rainbows, the Land of Quality Content.  The  Land of Quality Content featured information people actually wanted to read but that couldn’t find very easily on search engine result pages (aka SERP) because of all of the evil black hat SEO-ers doing their Dark Art laced techniques that resulted in a bunch of, well, crap showing up first on search (pardon the term).

These days, the white hatters have prevailed for the most part, as we see techniques of SEO give way to the latest buzz phrase, content marketing, and there’s not much that’s mysterious about it – ya just have to know how to research and write!

It’s not that they don’t go together – actually they do.  It’s just that there are still a lot of people who have been tainted by that bad SEO potion or something like that, and they still think that creating more of that keyword-stuffed trash to get found by Google is more important than creating gems that people want to read.

But in rode the knights on white horses at Google who smote the dragons of cruddy writing with their algorithmic swords.  And just like that, the Land of Quality Content was safe once more.

Actually, the Land of Quality Content was filled with a growing magic of its own that helped the knights of kingdom Google smite those bad content dragons.  The magic that helped prepare the Land of Quality Content for the resounding defeat was called the magic of Social Sharing.

Okay…fairytales aside, you really need to understand that last paragraph.  So I’m gonna say it plainly.  Besides quality content being rewarded by Google (aka organic search), quality content is also richly rewarded by social sharing.

You see, there’s an interesting thing happening with content.  Some bloggers have actually found that their traffic from social sharing far exceeds their traffic from search.  (And of course, search remains the primary way traffic is found).

So in a way, Google’s algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin) that penalized sites for keyword stuffing and other black hat techniques had to happen – people would have naturally demanded to be able to find better content.

How can you make this work for you on your site?

1. Make sure to create quality content People, this one can’t be gamed. If you can’t write well, find someone to help you.Please.You’re shooting yourself in the foot otherwise.

2. Use keyword research tools  Look up what people want to read about and make sure your content’s popularity is already proven.

3. Be yourself. Your ideal customer wants to do business with you because you’re you. If you write passionately about ideals and you lose customers who don’t agree – they weren’t your ideal customer.  And content that has your personality has a much better chance of being shared.  It’s just more interesting.

4. Be consistent.  Not just in your posting frequency, though that counts too, but in your message.  In the beginning it’s okay if your focus shifts a bit here and there.  But as you get more focused on what you do, it’s important to reflect that in your content marketing strategy.  Don’t be all over the place.  (That said, it’s very much okay to write a more personal piece that doesn’t quite fit your normal topics from time to time – it goes back to being yourself)

5. Try Listening.Use analytics tools to help you see what your audience wants more of and follow that interest.  And use one of the simplest analytics tools of all – read what they’re commenting on and what they’re engaging with you on social media about.


Creating content that’s found by Google and that your audience wants to read.  It’s practically a fairy tale romance, and they’ll live together, happily ever after!

Which of these techniques help you the most? What is hardest for you? What do you think are the best ways to get found by Google? Share your thought and adventures in romancing readers and Google with me!


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    Elizabeth I feel your fifth point is paramount  since it's a critical factor in engaging with others. Doing this is the beginning of developing a relationship and trust. To that end I've found a free resource that helps analyze your top influencers and supporters on twitter here ==> <em> </em>

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    for me, the listen part is challenging because there are soooo many people out there on social media who have such varying opinions and desires.  Gets a bit much!  All the more reason to clean up lists and focus on those who I serve… my niche!  thanks for a great article!

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    Nice article Elizabeth!  I loved the fairytale style you started in.  Very fun to read!  Also a very encouraging article for those of us that have just plain concentrated on writing the best stuff we could.  Thanks for the tips!

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      Thanks Robert! I though it was fun and I have not always done a very good job with writing but it’s so important! Thanks for visiting my site and reading my post!

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    Love the fairy tale approach to being found by Google using SEO, Liz. Can you tell I'm a kid at heart? Great article packed with hidden tips, may need to go back and re-read this again and again.

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    Great post Liz!   I especially love what you say about being yourself and being consistent.  Working hard to follow your advice!

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      Well you’ll do well then Sue! You are a terrific lady and a people person! Just be you and out there and I just think you’ll soar!

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    Great post, Elizabeth, especially your advice to be consistent and be yourself. You always have so much to offer in your posts, love them!

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    Thanks for another great post Elisabeth! 
    I see a lot of desperate website owners these days because paying a SEO company hundreds of $$ doesn't have the same effect. I think going forward the right keywords are important. What keyword search tools do you suggest?
    I recommend using a good SEO plugin that educates you as to what you could do better.
    (Entered your post into my "Top 10 blog posts of the Week" publishing it on Saturday)

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    Great post,  Elizabeth! Love the way you collaborate SEO and added a fairy tale approach  that makes it more fun to read. SEO can be tricky. Thanks for sharing.

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