7 easy blog post examples to cure the Blogging Blues

Are you ever surprised by the popularity of some of your blog post? That article you just weren’t too sure was all that special? It happened to me a time or two! I’ve written what I I though would pop only to have it flop. It sure would be nice to know what was going to be that AMAZING post that got a ton of comments and shares. It took a bit of trial and effort but I found a few winners.When you get to know your audience and niche, you can really tune into what they want and produce content marketing that converts. If you aren’t that certain yet I have a few blog post examples to help you write a one that will have them cheering.


Need Blog Posts Ideas?

7 blog post examples

I Have your Number

Put a number in the headline and stand back! Numbers signal this is important and you best listen up. Your fans will feel they are getting inside or important information. Be sure to deliver the goods and not disappoint. You want to draw them in so they see all the value you can offer!

Can I see your List?

List posts are easy to read and remember. This makes it easy to put to use so that information becomes useful. Your 5 best blogging tips or 5 business blogging mistakes will make a popular post and bring in viewers. 

Show Them the Money!

Tell people how much money you make selling a product or service. I love to hear how much money a business is making. I have happily shown what sales I’ve made marketing over the years. Share your success with a few dollar signs! That’s a post that will shine!

I’ve Got Something for You!

Want to knock it out of the park? Give away something of value with your post! One of my top post has a free social media marketing template. I gave away a template and doubled my list in 2 months!

Be the hero and share the tools you use most often in your business. You will be shock at what others don’t know that you can share. Show a list of tools that save time or money. If it increased your sales tell them by how much and use a graph as a visual. You will get more views and sign up to your list while providing value. Everyone wins!

Can You keep a Secret?

Share a list of resources that helped you to succeed or reach a goal. That kind of post will turn a head. Tell them the secret to your sauce. That is just what I’ve done for almost a year. People wanted to know how I got my blog Alexa score under 100k in 90 days so I shared! WHY would I give away the secret? Because those that can pay someone else to do it for them will. Those that like to do it themselves can use the information. No sale will be lost and a loyal following will be gained. It’s all good!

Whoop! Whoop! I’ve got the Scoop! 

If you watch you can be the first or among the first to write about the HOT story. As soon as you know something important that is taking place or about to happen share it! Hop on the hot story or giving it your personal spin will bring in readers by the droves. This will make you the “go to” expert in your field!

Hit Them between the Eyes!

Headlines can save so-so content. A crappy headline can ruin an amazing read. Invest some time in choosing a great headlines for your posts. Think using words that appeal to the senses.

Speak to people’s



empathetic nature

Your ideal client will determine the best emotional marketing values to use.

All words have a certain appeal.

Draw them in with a headline that POPS!


Create Your Own Set of Blog Post Examples


The next time you are surprised by a post that sizzles take note and ask yourself,  WHAT’s so special about this one?

Read through the comments and see what brought them in.

Pay attention to who shared it on social media.

Who are they?

What is their pain point?

This will tell the story as to why they were WOWED.

Now, give them what they need over and over!

Soon you’ll have your own set of blog post examples to fall back on or share!


Now it’s your turn! Share what made a post popular that you wrote popular? What kind of post is your favorite? Share your ideas or question in a comment below.


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    Thanks for the post Elizabeth!
    Really nice tips! Putting a number in a blog post title or creating blog post in a form of a list are great ideas! I saw other successful bloggers doing this!

  2. says

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Indeed blogging blues can be cured if these seven blog post ideas are implemented.

    The good thing is that bloggers have options they can follow and this post just about provides examples that newbies can start with.

    “Show them the money” headline must be backed with proof to maintain your credibility!
    In kingged.com this post was shared and I left the above comment.

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