Blog Traffic Killers – You Built it and *Crickets*

Blog traffic tips how not to kill your blog

Blog Traffic Tips: Are You Killing Your Traffic? Don't Do That!

So you've worked really hard on your website.  You've done your research and you've written posts that you just know have amazing, useful content your readers can put into action today for whatever your niche is.  You get your post scheduled and the magic hour comes and it goes live and then… 

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. 

You've built it. And no one comes.  

If you spend time creating fantastic content regularly but you are not increasing blog traffic or engagement, it's time to take a look at your total content marketing and search engine optimization strategy. Before you throw either time or money at the problem, it's important to make sure you rule out some of the common blog traffic killers you might be committing – without even knowing it. 

Blog Traffic Tips 

1. Expecting Thousands of Visitors Overnight
I talked about this in one of my recent blogs, but bringing traffic to your website is all about a strategy, not a tactic.  So while you want to see steadily increasing numbers, it just might be slow going at first, especially if your site is new or you've recently shifted gears in your marketing focus.  In most cases, very visible blogs have been going strong (publishing great content regularly) for years.  Don't give up after only a few weeks or months. 

2. Creating Content That's Only Okay
There are estimates out there that with the invention of the internet, it takes only 2 days to create as much information as was created in the history of humankind up to 2003.  Only 2 days!  Notice I didn't say it was great information.  The fact is, we're creating so much information that only the best is going to stand out and draw traffic.  If your content isn't fantastic, don't assume it's going to draw numbers reserved for truly outstanding content. 

3. You Only Talk About Yourself
If you're only talking about yourself in your content (blog, social media, etc.), I have a clue for you.  Just stop already! Very few people are interested in your belly-button gazing.  Talk about other people. Other ideas. Other bloggers. And chances are, if you do it often enough and even link to others you talk about (in ways that are useful to your readers and not spammy), you'll start to notice people talking about you. 

4. You Aren't Willing to Learn New Things
If you aren't reading in your field, you're going backwards.  There is no standing still in this fast paced world of social media!  You'll need to learn new things in your niche – and you'll also need to learn new things as a writer.  None of the great writers found their "voice" on day one of their blogs. You won't either.  Seek out new ideas and techniques of writing and accept feedback from your readers.  See what your readers connect with and create more of it. 

5. Not Honestly Promoting Yourself
Surprised I just included this after telling you not to talk about yourself too much?  There's a way to promote yourself honestly and humbly, and it's through creating content for others, such as in guest blogging.  Create content for multiple locations online good sites, please, not spammy link farms!), and chances are, you'll start noticing incoming traffic on your own site. 

Are you killing your traffic with any of these?  Be honest – leave a comment below!  


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    Good advice!  Although, I have a bit of a twist on #3… I hate reading bloggers who NEVER talk about their own experiences.  Especially self-help types often seem to want to pretend they walk on water and are reluctant to get down and dirty speaking authentically about their own personal challenges and how they are tackling them. 

  2. says

    Great tips Elizabeth!  It is important to review what we are doing on our blog that helps or hurts results.  Content I believe is the first consideration, and while we can't produce exceptional content every time, that should be our goal. Amazing info. about  – " it takes only 2 days to create as much information as was created in the history of humankind up to 2003." Thanks for sharingl.

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    Content is getting to be more and more important today.  Not only does it help your readers but it also helps you in the search engines.  Just creating great content alone is going to boost your traffic.  There is a lot of people that have many different theories on getting traffic, but I'm a believer that if you can create awesome content every time, you're going to get it!

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    Great tips Elizabeth! I'm so glad that you mentioned it takes time to build a good blog and get a steady flow of traffic to it. That's the one thing I see so often is people giving up after just a couple of months because they're not overnight blogging sensations! It takes time for people to know, like, and trust you and for you to build a relationship with them. Once you do that, everything else falls into place.

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    Wonderful!  You also have to promote your blog.  Join groups that share blogs and find readers who will enjoy your stuff!  Use services that share you blogs like Networked Blogs on Facebook so that more people see your blog posts.  It takes work, but it is worth it,

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    Great  tips Elizabeth. Tip #3 really hit home for me I am going to start to incorporate more people and more ideas into my blog. thank you. 

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    Excellent post!  The one I'm guilty of is not promoting myself enough through guest posts.  I need to do that, just not sure how it's done.  Perhaps that would make a great blog?!

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