Can Google+ Communities Help Boost Your SEO?


So I have to ask you a question – are you participating in Google+ Communities yet?  Have you started your own?

I know – it just seems like one more place to be, right?  But in all honesty, it’s so much more than that; I could easily write an eBook about the many reasons you need to be using Google+ and all of its features to boost your business. (Hm…maybe I should think about doing that!)  And that includes Google+ Communities in a big way!

How Google Plus communities and SEO

Google Plus Communities and SEO

Now there are a lot of people-oriented reasons to use Google+ Communities.  By that, I mean that people will see you as a thought leader in your niche, you’ll network with some great people, and you’ll keep learning and growing in your field

But – there’s a whole different side to Google+ Communities that affects whether people even find your articles and information, and if you know anything about my blog, you might have guessed that I mean your search engine optimization or SEO.  Using Google+ Communities can provide a huge boost to your SEO, and here’s how.

Yes, Google+ Communities Really Can Boost Your SEO!

 Google indexes public Google+ Communities

If you’ve been doing SEO for any length of time, you’ll know that getting indexed by Google as many legitimate ways as possible helps to boost your SEO.  If you are involved in your own or other public communities on Google+, Google will increasingly see you as an authority in your field, and your position in a search engine results page or SERP will benefit as a result.


Networking leads to inbound and outbound Links

The more you network with people in your niche via Google+ Communities, the more you’ll likely end up reading other peoples’ blogs and having people in your niche read your blog. As you comment on each others’ well-written blogs in ways that contribute to the conversation, you’ll start creating a very rich set of links between others’ blogs and yours.  Both inbound and outbound links are important signals to Google (the search engine side) that your site is relevant and authoritative in its niche. (Relevant means it’s about what you say it’s about; authoritative means that people can trust your information.)  The more your site is seen by Google as being authoritative and relevant, the higher you’ll appear in SERPs.

Boost knowledge of your Brand

Active involvement in your Google+ communities will begin to boost people’s knowledge of your products and services (not to mention their knowledge of you as an expert in your field).  As you become seen as an authority in your niche, people are going to naturally recommend others to you and post your company as the “answer’ to someone’s problem when they see questions about your niche in online forums.  All of these things naturally boost your SEO when people are referring their friends to your company to provide the products or services you need.


Are you active in a Google+ Community?  Come hang out at my Google+ community – I’d love to see you there!


I want to know what you think of Google communities and if you have one or have joined one.
Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing these tips Elizabeth on Google+ Communities.  I have met a ton of new people and really enjoying the conversations.  It's a plus to get a boost in SEO while doing it! :)

  2. says

    We have just started using this and have seen a slight boost in our rankings. We have been focused mainly on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as it seems many people have been on those "channels" more.
    As anyone will tell you keeping all the sites maintain is a daily task that sometimes gets overlooked :)

  3. says

    Nice post Elizabeth! I created a VA community called The Virtual Assistant Project and on Google+ simply out of curiosity as to what the platform offered. I found that the community has been more personal than Facebook or actually any forums for which I am a member. And because there are so many communities that have sprouted on Google+ the sites have to REALLY stand out in order to prompt people to participate. 

    Please join us here  and stop by and introduce yourself and let us know a little about your business.
    Thank you!

    • says

      I sure will stop by! VA services from goos people are a huge demand! Thank you for sharing your community and I hope you’ll stop by mine as well!

  4. says

    I started looking at google+ communities yesterday, and joined a couple. I'm used to linkedIn groups, which is where most of my traffic comes from. If Google= communities are even half as good, it's worth checking out.

    • says

      Liza, It’s worth it! Just share and engage and you’ll find the same thing. If you create a community on Google Plus you’ll notice some great SEO benefits!

  5. says

    I'm trying so hard on this Google+ thing, but I remain uncertain of the true value. I'm going to keep going for a bit and see what I think. This is my second time to give the site a try.

  6. says

    Elizabeth you saved my bacon!  I launched my G+ community, Speak up Nation, as an experiment and have been wondering what to do with it.  And, frankly, I'm kinda confused as to how it works with a G+ biz page, but you've pointed me in the right direction thx.
    Anyone who wants to dig deeper will enjoy this article on gaining authority with G+
    I hope you'll come share more social media goodness at my community, where I'm chatting with solopros about how to be confident with clients.  I'm still getting the hang of it.

  7. says

    I have one and I have joined several. I think they are important but a learning curve and it will take awhile but people will love it!

  8. MamaRed says

    Hummmmmm…sounds like something to take a look at (I've been off learning a couple of other things lately, so it's time to add this to my list). Thanks!

  9. says

    Hi Elizabeth, Just dropping by to say hi.
    I haven't thought about Google+ communities. Like your opening says, "it's just one thing to tend to." However, it is something I can put on my future list to look into, once I get a good grip on what I have going now.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. says

    Elizabeth, do you think that Google + communities will be bigger than Facebook in the future? I have seen some very positive results from people sharing my posts on Google + and I am thinking that I need to listen to you about the Google communities!!

    • says

      I’m not sure that it will be Sherie but I know that it’s an awesome way to get SEO value for your site and meet so people that are NOT on Facebook!

  11. Salman Mahmood says

    Elizabeth, do you think that Google + communities will be bigger than Facebook in the future? I have seen some very positive results from people sharing my posts on Google + and I am thinking that I need to listen to you about the Google communities!!

  12. says

    So believe in the power and future of Google Plus.  It really is just common sense. Useful and valuable content in your niche deserves attention and rank, right?

  13. says

    Thanks for your suggestions!  I have a Google+ account but I do not use it they way I could be… I do like the idea of getting more involved with communities – I will check into that more.

  14. says

    I started mine last week…most of the people I know aren't in the google plus world yet, but hoping I have planted my flag in my niche when everybody eventually gets on board.

  15. says

    I have to admit that when this has been suggested to me by others, my overwhelming reaction has been, "not another place to be." As I pull myself out from under what feels like a mountain of things to do, I definitely plan to look into this.Thanks for this reminder, Elizabeth!

  16. says

    You make a compelling argument for being active in Google+ communities. OK – I'm convinced – it's time to get a move on. Thanks for the nudge Liz :)

  17. says

    Thanks for explaining this in an easy to understand way. I have resisted getting involved in google+ as I have felt I didn't have the time to devote to it, but you have convinced me that I can do this so I must make the time!

  18. says

    Great article Elizabeth. I decided to start one for our blog last night after reading your article and we have already had triple the amount of people join in just one day than we have had following us on our Google+ page for the last 6 months. I can't recommend the Google+ Community page enough!

  19. says

    I'm one of those with the Google+ page, but haven't really done a lot with it, Elizabeth.  I'm trying to understand and utilize more. Thanks for the information. 

  20. says


    I will definitely look into this. I heard so many good stuff about Google+ and the things it could do to my SEO. Thanks for pointing this out.

  21. says

    My coach and I do our sessions on Google + but that is all I do. I am really excited to get going but right now don't have the time…I will soon though because I see huge benefit for me and my business!

    • says

      Thanks Lorii! I really think you would find a niche of people interested in reading your blog there and some new ideas!

  22. says

    Thanks for the post, Elizabeth! Google+ has helped my SEO as a roofer, especially as I have participated in roofing communities. Great points.

  23. Lucy says

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been researching Google+ quite hard and hoping I’m doing all the right things. The hardest thing is finding the time to keep up with all this social networking and still have time to run the operations of my business. I’ve been up all night working on Google+. I guess once I’ve worked out what I’m actually doing it’s just a case of maintenance and coming up with interesting posts. I just hope someone out there is interested in what I have to say! I rent baby equipment and people love talking about their babies! I’ve mostly used FB to date. However, whilst FB has a greater audience at the moment I think Google+ has the potential to be far more beneficial. It allows me to interact in so many more ways and reach out in a more informative and interesting way. The biggest hurdle is Google+ takes a bit more getting used to than FB. If I’m finding it hard to get my head around then my customers probably are too. I’m working on the basis that if I can create discussion with anyone (regardless whether they are my customers) then it will at least help with SEO in a greater way than FB can.

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