The Top 3 Reasons Your Content Marketing Conversion Rate Stinks


Is it You or Your Content that Smells?
Is it You or Your Content that Smells?

What are your content marketing stats looking like these days?  Are you producing loads of great content, attracting ever-increasing numbers of visitors and enjoying all the business you can stand?

Your content marketing doesn’t convert anyone?

Or – are you getting stuck in any part of that process?

Let me be blunt and get to the point here – is your content marketing converting the kind of numbers you’d like?

content marketing convertion rate

If you wonder how I might have known your conversions were suffering, I don’t have any super secret spy ware in your computer that’s sending me your traffic information, Alexa score and Google analytics, honest! (But let me tell you – if you’re not tracking those, you’ve got to, if you have any hope of understanding just where you’re getting stuck in the process of turning leads into customers!)

Here’s a secret – if your content marketing isn’t converting, you’re not alone. Writing content that converts is one of the hardest parts of online marketing, honestly.

And in my opinion, while anyone can blog, outsourcing your content marketing is one of the smartest tasks in your business to outsource.

If you haven’t started out knowing how to create an effective content marketing campaign strategy, much less actually create that content, it takes a tremendous amount of time to learn how to do it adequately – not to mention well.

But if you are still creating your content marketing yourself, you need to look at it absolutely ruthlessly to make sure you’re not doing any of these 3 things that will prevent it from converting every single time!

Top 3 Content Marketing Conversion Rate Killers

Your Content Marketing Isn’t Engaging

I don’t care how perfectly your content marketing has been optimized for this, that, and the other kind of search engine. If it’s not interesting, it’s not gonna convert. Period.

Not only do people have to read it, it has to appeal to their emotions. If it’s as dry as the old Encyclopedia Britannica and doesn’t actually keep their attention ’til the end, it’s not going to convert!

It’s got to be so engaging they can’t imagine going without your content. It’s got to be so interesting they just have to share it with their friends.

And it has to be so compelling that if it’s promoting your services or product, they’re looking for the buy button even before they know what you’re selling or how much it is. (And if that sounds too good to be true, let me assure you that the best kind of content marketing can truly accomplish that – but it’s not usually something that every new content marketer can do.)

Your Content Marketing Isn’t Clear

Is it absolutely clear to your prospect just what your content marketing is promoting? Do your readers know what to expect when they sign up to receive your updates? Do they know what you’re going to deliver – and is that what you deliver? Or is your content all over the place and does your audience never know just what to expect next (let alone when to expect it)?

Your content needs to be crystal clear and easy to understand. When your readers read your title and first line, it has to be painfully obvious just what they’ll learn when they read your content. Otherwise, you’ll lose them before they’re even halfway down the first paragraph, much less all the way to your calls to action. And speaking of those –

You Don’t Have a Clear Call-To-Action

If you haven’t told your audience just what to do, they won’t know what you want them to do! I know – it sounds too obvious, right? But the thing is, you absolutely must include a call to action in every piece of content you create. What is the thing you want your audience to do after reading your piece of content.

If leaving a comment is what you’re looking for, give an open question and ask them to comment (How’s your content marketing conversion rate? What can I help you with? Leave a comment below!) Are you looking for social media shares? Ask for them! (If you found this useful, please tweet a link to it using the social sharing buttons below!)

And if you’ve provided enough value up front that it seems a good time to ask for the sale (no more than 10%-20% of the time is a good rule of thumb), go ahead and ask for it.

Is your content marketing failing to convert? Have you realized your content marketing isn’t working? Check out my content marketing services; my customers haven’t stopped raving about the high value I’ve provided their businesses!

So tell me – how’s your content marketing conversion rate? Which of these reasons might be holding you back from greater success? Leave a comment – I’d love to help your business grow!



  1. says

    Thanks for the blog…how do you know if your content is converting? that is…how exactly do you track which content 
    converted to sales? Would appreciate your answers. Regards, Marion.

    • says

      Marion, that’s a great question and you can set that up in Google Analytics and know which pages and posts bring the most traffic. I also have my opt in lists segmented so that I know what information is most popular.

  2. says

    Oh boy….#1…I can't stand dry boring reads and I immediately move on…If it has too much text I move on…short and to the point that's how I like it. Am I alone here?
    Super points Elizabeth!

  3. Lorrie says

    The call to action is the one I find a need to delicately finesse. I like my clients and worry about creating a marketing heavy website that would shift the kind of community I serve. But, your blog has me thinking…

  4. says

    Ouch…your post has me thinking hard, here, Elizabeth. I have a lot of work to do, especially with the call to action at the end of a blog post. 

  5. says

    Great eye opener, Elizabeth! For me, I know that I don't waste my time on blog posts that are too long…so #1 is something that I work on as I'd like my readers to find my posts of value and not boring.  I constantly do my best to improve. Thanks so much for this post. It is helpful!

  6. says

    Everything I do online has "conversion" as goal.  It's amazing to me how many people like to be paid in accolades instead of cash.  It's great to have plenty of likes, shares, comments, etc. but if you aren't converting into paying customers, what's the point?  Great post and one many should take to heart.

    • says

      Thanks Martha! I’m here to give to those that want to do it themselves and I’m here to do it for those who want to hire it out..;)

  7. says

    This is on my to do list. Right now I have a call to action, but it's to leave a comment. I also have an opt-in box set to fade in right before they get to the end (detected by scrolling). But I honestly am not focused on getting anybody else other than our facebook group to the page, ha. I just want to build up some comments for now, and then bring social media to the forefront. So many ways to invest in business!

  8. says

    Great post Elizabeth, it kept me engaged and reading the entire time. I read a lot of blog posts and some are more fun to read than others, some people's calls to action are too salesy and some days that prevents me from sharing them because unless I know the person well and know their product is of quality I will not share it with my audience.

  9. says

    I love this post and the comments you solicited. The comments produced excellent insight. I believe I've made all 3 mistakes at some point – some at the same time and others individually. I strive to better my blogging each time I write. I believe the other big mistake we make is writing content for the wrong audience – maybe it's the wrong audience for our content. :)

  10. says

    Great post, Liz! I am guilty of number three and will correct it immediately! Thanks for such an informative article.Conversion is the difference between having a hobby or a business!

  11. MamaRed says

    Fabulous Elizabeth…and one of the hardest ones for me has been that darned call to action one. Working on it, getting better, and most definitely not there yet! Great stuff!

  12. says

    Thanks for your wisdom Elizabeth – I've said this before, but I always learn important pieces reading your posts.  I do need to work on including a call to action on my posts :)

  13. says

    Elizabeth, one thing I am guilty of is the call-to-action. I admit, I should use it. But I found that work and clients come and come back to me especially because I don't push sales. I would probably do a better job on it when I extend my business. So far I am a bit overwhelmed with work, which is good. :)  

  14. says

    My marketing is clear, and I have clear calls to action….so that leaves engaging content to consider for slow conversion…I thought I was creating that as well. Hmmm…I dont think I am dry and boring when presenting the oppor but maybe I'm not as engaging as I think….something needs to shift for sure…what do you think, Liz?

    • says

      Carl, I think maybe you just have to target because you have an amazing story and a great product. Try engaging with your target audience and see if you draw them closer to you. Get inside their head and think what they would like to hear. That’s what I try to do!

  15. says

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing your experience, it's invaluable! I must confess that in terms of results my marketing stinks and is perfectly hopeless…It's weird, my blog traffic keeps increasing, it really has jumped up recently ever since (1)  I redesigned the looks of the blog in a more modern – looks cachy! – and (2) jumped into promoting not just my book (A Hook in the Sky) but a whole new genre, Boomer lit (to which my book belongs of course). More and more people are talking about Boomer lit,  but that doesn't necessarily translate in book sales. I've come to the conclusion that books are the hardest products on earth to sell!!
    I know one should never confess in public one's shortcomings – it's like shooting yourself in the foot – but I think it would help others to know that there isn't necessarily any close correlation between how your blog is going, how many twitter followers you have or how many people view your FB page and how many books you sell. Book sales seem to be based on something else, something rather mysterious, the famous book "buzz"…

  16. says

    There is a fine line between writing good content for the sake of content, and writing good content for the sake of conversion.  It's something many of us struggle with.  Because, yes, I believe there IS a tradeoff, however small it might be.  And I think this post throws that discussion wide open, Elizabeth!

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