The Top 5 Reasons you Need to Create Killer Blog Content

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Do You want to Create Killer Blog content or just shout, “CONTENT IS KING!”

Content Is King, and content is Kingdom or so say my favorite wordsmith Pauline Magnusson.

 So do you wonder why people who keep saying this are having to work so hard to convince people of it?

It’s not because people enjoy reading garbage or because people want to create junky posts. As bloggers we want to share something that people can use and enjoy reading as well.

pauline Magnusson

So why are the people who are shouting, “Content is King”  the loudest often the ones who are sharing blog content that is not so hot ?

Could it be that  people out there who throw out wordy sub par articles and shout, “Content Is King,” are trying to distract their readers so they don’t notice their poorly written content that is keyword stuffed til it’s choking won’t notice that it’s rather weak? 

I don’t want to sound above it because I have done my fair share of it back in my marketing days and I never wrote for an audience. All my content was for search and to sell my product. So I know what stuffed crappy content looks like. however, I never pretended it was anything but what it was. Marketing search bait. I have tons of junk out there that I would never even claim. I have entire websites out there that don’t have my name on them anywhere.

Back in the day it never came to mind that I could write something compelling AND attractive to Google. That is what you can do though and I’ve spent many a long night trying my best to do just that. I also get my fabulous wordsmith friend Pauline to “spice” up my post and correct all the typos. Pauline can take so-so content and turn it into Killer content!

Mrs Magnusson shared 5 great reasons to create Killer content and I thought I would pass it along to you! If you still write for the search engines and not for readers but like to shout “Content is King” you can save your voice, dispense with the smoke and mirrors, and simply write something worth reading. Cause I have to tell you, people are tired of the shouting.

Here are the top 5 reasons you want to be creating blog content that’s killer: 

1.  Create Your Credibility

When you’re creating blog content that is fresh, well written, and original, you begin to create your own credibility on the subject you’re writing on. Positioning yourself as a thought leader in your niche gets people reading your blog content, talking about your blog content, and sharing what you’re creating. Blog content that is magnetic draws attention in a variety of ways.

2. The Boomerang Effect

Creating blog content that is stellar makes your readers like boomerangs – they magically keep coming back to your blog!   Content that informs, entertains, or compels people to do something is content that engages – they keep coming back for more.


3. Magically Attract Opt-Ins

Once you’ve established credibility with your audience by creating blog content they just can’t wait to read, they won’t wait to read it – they’ll sign up to be the first to receive your words of wisdom.  Killer blog content attracts opt-ins like no other technique out there. You provide information people want in a format that’s a pleasure to read, give them a way to automatically receive it for free, without having to buy it, and your list will begin growing in a very natural way. Creating blog content that engages your audience is the single best way to grow a healthy list. 

4. The Cliffhanger Effect

If you were to stop writing for your blog – would anyone notice?  If you’re creating blog content that is sensational, they sure would!  Creating killer blog content has the same effect as the season finale of your favorite show. It leaves your audience on the edge of their seats, just waiting for the next installment.


I don’t know about you – but I’m okay with thinking of my audience hanging on my every word.  (Poor things…)

5. It’s An Engagement Generator

A few weeks ago, my husband wanted to take me to the local movie theater to watch an older film that was re-released as part of a summer series of classic films.  We watched The African Queen – a 1951 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.  The film was fantastic! I hadn’t known anything about it going in to it, other than my husband seemed really set on sharing it with me.  But I loved it!

At the end of the film, the crowded theater burst into applause, something you don’t see as much anymore after a movie. Why did they cheer?  Because it was a quality piece, and they needed some way to engage with what they had seen.  Since this was real life, not Facebook with a like button, the natural reaction was applause.

Is the effort to create killer content worth it? I believe that it is. That along with the good SEO practices I learned over the years got me in the position I’m in today. I have a nice following, a good Alexa ranking, and great placement for some important keywords in Google which beats churning out garbage that I don’t want to claim. I even have my name and picture on this blog because I’m proud to call it my own. 




  1. says

    I believe #1 is the most important Elizabeth. Without it, people will not come back to read your next piece. I love Yoast and I hope I can make the webinar to learn how to use it better. Thank you.

  2. says

    Based on your blog post here, I added the following two statements to my 2013 notes: 
    1. I am blogging to create credibility in my niche. 
    2. I am using my blog as an engagement generator. 

    Thanks for the timely reminders and tips!

  3. says

    Can I just say that once again, I love your graphics?  😉 
    I'm so honored that you let me "play" over here at your site again, LIz.  I've always enjoyed your practical approach to SEO that has always been chock full of good information that naturally is attractive to search engines. So to be included is just a great pleasure!  
    I can't wait for our webinar!!!  

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