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Elizabeth Lanette Maness is a small town girl from rural Lower Alabama. She has been married to the same small town boy for the last 26 years and has two grown children. She graduated from Wilcox Academy and she served as president of the PTA at the same school both she and her children attended. She Attended Auburn University and watched the great Bo Jackson play football and basball for the Tigers she loves.

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Elizabeth L Maness


In 1998 she purchased a computer for her children and quickly became obsessed with Social Media. She loved playing computer games and especially loved meeting new people from all over the world in Chat Rooms. It was in a Chat Room that she heard her friend Roxi Journey telling the room that she had found a way a way to make money from home on the Internet. Everyone there was teasing Roxi about it but Elizabeth was intrigued. Her husband had recently challenged her to find a way to make money online and she was going to take that challenge.

She took Roxi up on the offer to join forces and she began to make a few extra dollars a month by marketing Internet Dating Sites. Soon after it became more than just a few extra dollars and Elizabeth was actually making a living while learning the ins and outs of Social Media Marketing.

What Elizabeth and Roxi figured out 10 years ago was that spam was not a good way to do business. What they did instead was develop relationships and trust with customers by being friendly, real and approachable through various Social Media Platforms. In today’s Marketing World this has become the standard but 10 years ago spam was king. It’s no wonder that Elizabeth’s business grew to what it is today!

What Elizabeth has done is to turn her love of helping people into a career. She is an Online Dating Consultant as well as an expert in Search Engine Optimization, Networking and Social Media Marketing. With Elizabeth’s knowledge and expertise your business could earn tens of thousands of dollars in profits within the first year of using using her services like she did in her first year.



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