Facebook Auto Posting: How to Conquer Facebook !

Are You an Automated Facebook Poster?

Facebook marketing is engaging and connecting with your ideal clients. The tough part about using Facebook to market your business is the amount of time it takes to do it well. Timing and the right kind of content are everything. How will you get it post at just the right time? A Facebook auto posting system will be a life saver. Using a Facebook post scheduler will free up your life and help you tame the beast that Facebook promotion can be.



Facebook auto posting



 Craft a Facebook Auto Posting Schedule

Decide when the best time to post to your fans is and regularly create status updates. This will take a little trial and error to pin point but well worth the effort! Remember a picture is worth 1000 words and pictures get shared way more often than just plain text on Facebook. There are a lot of places to edit and make beautiful text for your timeline. My current favorite is picmonkey.com. If you want to increase Facebook fan engagement, timing is a key factor!

 Check often and Engage. 

One mistake you can make with auto posting is to post content without engaging with your fans. Be sure you check your fanpage in the morning and again in the evening and answer questions or comments . Just like your posts you need to set a time that you will respond to the engagement on your page. Don’t spoil the love from your audience by not responding to them.

 Check and Recheck

Technology is wonderful, now and then it has a bad hair day. Make sure that your post are really going out and that you really did get them scheduled! Take a look at your wall and be sure it’s really is posting like you planned! I’ve had a few times it’s let me down in a big way.


A Few Ways to Auto post to Facebook.


If you are someone who is overwhelmed by too much activity or want a more simplistic tool for updating your Facebook Page, consider using Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a web-based application that is perfect for accessing social media accounts on your computer or mobile device. Hootsuite also allows you to manage accounts across multiple platforms and its built-in link shortener with analytics is a great feature for business users. Hootsuite also allows teams to collaborate and update company profiles. This tool may be the most ideal for larger businesses or businesses with an independent social media manager. The ability to select which social media accounts you want to link to and update may be ideal for users who are easily distracted while marketing online. Hootsuite is available at www.HootSuite.com.

Networked Blogs:

Networked blogs is an awesome platform for bloggers and their fans. You can import your blog posts into Facebook and you readers can sample your latest  inside of Facebook’s platform. It can also auto post each new article on to your business page and save time with publishing to Facebook. Something you should note about Facebook; they like to stay on Facebook. The more you can share and engage about your business on the Facebook platform itself, the better.

Facebook’s Scheduler

This is my favorite by far and the only scheduler I use! The reason? It doesn’t leave those icons beside the post signaling that the post was automated. There seems to be a bit of an advantage to post that aren’t tagged. Is it live or was it scheduled? Well no one can tell for certain when you use the Facebook scheduler and fans like that. I really like the Facebook post scheduler and recommend you test it and see how it works for you.


Facebook can be a real time suck and auto posting is the perfect solution to organizing and keeping your fanpage rocking. Remember to engage your fans in a timely manner with great information, inspiration, and some fun. 



Share the ways that you use tools to help you manage Facebook. Do you have a tool that you like more than these? Share with me what your favorite way to market your Facebook page.


  1. Anne Allen says

    Thanks for the great tips–I’ll be utilizing these right away to be more effective!

  2. says

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for the suggestions. I use Hootsuite mostly but just started using the Facebook scheduler as well. Will see in time how I like it. I still haven’t checked out Networked Blogs…

  3. says

    I do everything organically on Facebook. I have Networked Blogs set up but then I repost my blog again at the same time. The different in the amount of people who see Networked Blogs and the organic posting is really amazing.

  4. says

    Great article. I didn’t know you could use networked blogs like that. I choose to not auto post my posts to facebook but thats not to say I wont change. Thank you for the helpful information.

  5. says

    Great post, Liz. I do use all three in my posting plans. They have all helped me in various ways and which I use also depends on what I’m posting. Using a variety of scheduling and planning tools helps me to be more effective. But there’s still no substitute for checking in regularly, responding and engaging on your page.

  6. says

    Hey there Elizabeth…thanks so much for sharing these great tips. I used to use Hootsuite for scheduling and had stopped becaue of the “penalty” clause. At the moment I don’t use any scheduling tools and think it’s time to so I get that new VIP day and content creation course off the ground.

  7. says

    Since I post daily deals and specials I always like to post in the moment when I find the ad I want to use:) I like to always stay on top of interactions with fans throughout the day! I agree:)

  8. says

    Thanks so much for this very timely advice Elizabeth – I really appreciate how simple you make things sound! I’m off to check out the FB Posting scheduling feature :)

  9. says

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t aware of the Facebook Elizabeth Scheduler. That’s going to come in handy when I post on my blog the night before and don’t want to share socially until the morning. I’ve been getting up and posting them manually.

  10. says

    As you so succinctly said, “Facebook can be a real time suck.” I’ve used Hootsuite for years, but know I need to check the Facebook’s Scheduler. Thanks for the gentle push, Elizabeth!

  11. says

    Hi Elizabeth!

    Love the tips you shared in this post. I’ve been using the Facebook Scheduler for years now because I was overwhelmed by Hootsuite. The FB scheduler is so simple to use! Since then I’ve forced myself to try Hootsuite again and I’m getting used to it. I use the Hootsuite Suggestions app on my iPhone as well to find fresh, great quality content. I wish there was a desk top app for it. Have you tried the Suggestions app?

    Thanks for the great post!


    • says

      I have pretty cool isn’t it! Jess of all the ways to post on Facebook .. You just can’t beat the built in.. post planner has a pretty good system as well!

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