One Cool Trick To Get Facebook Likes That We Love

Everyone wants to get more Facebook likes.  No matter how many you have, there is something strangely satisfying and validating to see the numbers of “fans” that you have climb well into the thousands.  Maybe it is Facebook’s little trick to call them “fans” and “likes” that works really well to get all of us so pumped to get them.


Get Facebook Likes
Cool Way To Get Facebook Likes


These days you can buy fans, participate in liking ladders, and basically sell your soul for a little ole’ like, but there is nothing more gratifying than earning a “real” like.  And there is no better way to get Facebook likes than to simply ask for them.

How To Use Twitter DM To Get Facebook Likes

Unless you have loads of traffic coming to your blog from the awesome content that you are delivering and just have to stay connected to you through Facebook, you are going to have to come up with a strategy to BUILD your fan base.  The one strategy that we have used time and time again and had great success with is Twitter.

 What To Say To Get People To “Like” You

Crafting your DM is fairly simple.  What you want to do is be very conversational and genuine.  And then you want to ask for exactly what you want in a way that is about “connecting” and getting to know more about each other.

Remember, social media is about RELATIONSHIPS.  Being genuine is a must.  I also like the idea of asking them if they have a page as well.  It shows that you are truly interested in connecting, which you should be, not just generating likes.

” Hi, thanks for the follow.  Do you have a Facebook Page as well?  Here’s my link _________ what’s yours?”

 How to Get more Facebook Likes 

How To Deliver Your DM

Are you using an automated DM on Twitter?  You know, when someone follows you they automatically receive a message from you asking you to do something or just making contact with you in some way, perhaps thanking you for the follow?  I was torn about using this method to get Facebook fans likes because I have not been the biggest fan of the automated Twitter DM.

Good news, if you don’t like the auto DM function, you can always do it manually.  Make sure you set your twitter settings to send you notifications when someone new follows you and then log in and shoot them a quick DM which should always include a link.

Easy enough? It is such a simple thing, that can have loads of impact.


Now it’s your turn.  What methods are you using to get likes on Facebook? Share with us what has worked for you and what hasn’t.  Also if you haven’t already, like us on Facebook.  

Can’t wait to see you there!


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    I'm not quite so savvy so I don't have a method. I'm building it like Rome…one brick at a time. I wondered how people sent automated DM's….

    • says

      People use tweet adder or social oomph to send those DMs. They are helpful as keeping up with large volumes of followers gets to be taxing. But even this method is a building it like Rome, one DM contact at a time :-)

    • says

      there are several programs out there to do it with.. or you can just do it as a person DMs you with an answer of hi they’s connect of acebook too.. and give them the url..;)

  2. says

    Hi there. Well, I could share goo gobs of ways. Lol But one that many overlook because of it's simplicity is
    to include your Social Media url in your signature whether it's email or in a forum. Of course you need to be careful to watch what their guidelines are. Don't be pushy just a simply one liner will do. You can start with something like this for your email "Let's stay connected and then list your Social Media links." Some will allow this in the forums as well.

  3. says

    Great tips on building a twitter/facebook audience! I do as you've mentioned…just ask…I send it either as a DM or in a PM. Both are working. Wishing you a fabulous day!

  4. says

    I think that you have to be careful to make sure that your automated responses don't feel automated. For instance, I've gotten SO many messages on twitter that say 'Let's take this beyond 140 characters…'.
    It feels pre-packaged and insincere. Good social media marketers fight against that.

    • says

      I completely agree! I like the auto DM as the initial contact and then I like to go back through them as I have time and actually respond to people and see if they left their link so I can connect with them too! It’s a fine line. But I think if used as a means of connecting and not spamming, it can really help to grow your fan base! Great point thanks Matthew!

  5. says

    Great tip, Angela. I am actually doing this in my FB account. When I connect to a new friend, I am sending them a private message thanking them for being a friend and if ever they want to like my FB page. Never thought or doing this in Twitter. Thanks for the idea. 

  6. says

    I don't use automated direct messages and I like the idea of doing it manually. I have a relatively small following and I can see how this strategy could really help! Great post!

  7. says

    Thanks for the tips regarding twitter. I like your suggested reply. I have gone back and forth with responding, so thank you for the suggestion.  It does make a difference to connect. People appreciate it.

    • says

      I love a connection that feels real..;) and like when I get invited and asked for my url in return.. It’s been fun to meet so many new people!

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    Thank you beautiful ladies for sharing this great info. I do use Social Oomph to automate my dms when someone new follows me, but do respond personally when someone messages me. I love this, " Hi, thanks for the follow.  Do you have a Facebook Page as well?  Here's my link _________ what's yours?" I think I will try it, I like it better then the one I am using 😉

  9. says

    I would never use a Twitter DM for this.  In my book, it looks too much like spamming. And, if you've already built a Twitter relationship, why put it in a DM? Do it in the Twitter stream.  And while you're at it,  ask the whole wide Twitterverse for a like. That's more my approach.  To each his own :)

    • says

      I completely agree that everyone has their own thing that works for them! I’ve done it the way you say as well and have found for me it has not been as effective. And I don’t think it is “spammy” although it can be a fine line. It works, that is why so many people use it. But I do like to go back through and say something personal as well! Thanks for reading and your insights!

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    Love this!  I currently use SocialOomph to send my DM's and then I follow up personally as well!  LOVE this  — Here is one mine — Pls enjoy my tweets & Starbucks, it is my weakness. You? I'm on facebook, too. 

    • says

      Thanks For Stopping By Norma.. and you can do it either way by reaching out manually or auto.. say hi and I want to know more about you! .)

  11. says

    Angela, I appreciate your advice here – and the variety of opinions expressed by your blog fans.  I agree with the bottom line – that however one reaches out through social media, it has to be authentic.  Not always easy to do.  Thanks!

  12. says

    I should start sending out DM's.  I know I'm not a fan of the automated, but I should make it personal in that way.  =) Thought to ponder over while on vacation this week.

  13. says

    I must confess, I am not a fan of DMs, automated or not.  What I have done, is include the url to my facebook page in my profile, so if someone is checking out mu profile, they can visit my fan page. 

  14. says

    Great tips!  I was surprised to see how many new fans I received when I just asked them if they were on Facebook and provided my link.  Many people on Twitter will let me know they are over from Twitter.   When they like me on Facebook, I like them back.  Thanks for sharing such a great post!  Happy 4th of July!  

    • says

      I know.. It’s silly that I never asked them..;0 I love to talk in preivate to twitter friends and get to know them!

  15. says

    Great post!  I use the rotating DM feature in SocialOomph.  I get many of my FB fans from this.  When I receive a message from someone I've followed asking me to like their page, I always send them my link as well.

    • says

      It’s been great and I always like people in return.. so I get to network with new people and have met some awesome people this way!

  16. says

    I love this tip and how you worded the invitation.  It definitely is a successful way to connect with twitter followers at a deeper level. Thanks!

  17. says

    I once had a coach who advocated (and still does) the 'Lets take it beyond 140' and it felt phoney to me. I like your DM above and I'm going to try that for a while. Much more sincere :-)

    • says

      well you can also get twitter to notify you when you have a new follower and send a message saying hi and ask for a url swap.. I like that too.. I use both ways.. Or a answer an auto dm.. with a message and invite them to my page and ask them for your link as well.. I follow through and have made several friends that way..;)

  18. says

    Great tips and this does work. I personally use DM's and have tested them over the years. I am finding right now that my conversion is slower and people are less responsive. As with everything, spammers have a way of getting onto the social spaces. A few have ruined it for the rest of us who are not spamming :(

    • says

      Yeah.. I respond to all DMS that I deem not spam but just a way to connect. If a person send me an auto DM I send them one back saying I would love to visit their site or know more about their product.. and ivite them to facebook where you can really develop a relationship with them. Asking people for their social media link is one i think that lets them know that I don’t just want something for them.. but I want to get to know them and what they are about. I’ve used lots of DMs but nothing has been as effective as asking for their url and sharing mine..;)

  19. says

    Great tip! I use Social Oomph to craft my DM message to invite my Twitter friends over to my Facebook Fan Page and when they go there they are given a free gift:) The interaction is increasing nicely:)

    • says

      It’s a great way to meet and get a conversation going with people on twitter. It’s where Angela and I met.. i met Kim there too! But I didn’t get to really know them til we like each other’s fanpages and that’s where a real relationship can begin.

  20. says

    I've DM'd manually from the start, Elizabeth.  I also check profiles before I follow back.  I know it sounds crazy, but I now have a clean list made up only of people with whom I could build a real relationship.  (Kinda hard with a bot or someone with 104,000 followers.)  It's been real constraining and I know some day a VA will talk me out of my idiosyncrasy for the sake of growth …

    • says

      you can do that.. it’s all about talking to people .. I have a auto DM and I respond to all people that respond back.. I also DM all people that automatically DM me! we have had just a great time with this.. I meet people on twitter and invite them to facebook to get a real relationship going with them! I love to get information from twitter and meet people there but I enjoy the relationship that I can build and community of facebook!

  21. says

    Great article. Thanks so much for the great tips. I use an automated direct message & I personalized it so it would not sound robotic but after reading all this and the feedback from other people. I am going to spend more time manually messaging as well. The PM to Facebook friends is a good idea but in my experience, I feel it has created animosity. I don't want people to think, I am a pest so, I stopped asking. Any suggestions on addressing friends?

  22. says

    This is definitely a great way to get more facebook likes onto your page.  The example DM that you gave was SOLID and something easy to implement.  Awesome awesome tip!

  23. says

    Love this little "trick" gals, thanks!  I recently started using it and am surprised by how many people I am connecting with (and I haven't really even put much effort into it yet . . .).

    • says

      us too .. I have always DMed and talked to and thanked followers on tweeter.. but I really enjoy getting them over to facebook where you can develop a more personal relationship.

    • says

      love it! make it personal or wait and DM in real time.. you have to be personal..when you ask for someone’s url in return it shows you really want to connect with them. The Relationship is everything..;)

  24. says

    Isn't it sad to know that you need Twitters DMs to get LIKEs on Facebook.  I know social media platforms work best when supporting one another, I just feel Facebook as a platform needs a lot of support to get LIKEs. 

  25. says

    Hey there Elizabeth – I’m using Fan page friday partys to get likes. TRhe interesting thing is when I posted my gift offer I got less likes. (And it’s a good gift) I’m not quite in the thousands yet. Still in the low hundreds, but I’m getting there. I think i have a nice page too.

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