Social Media Speaker

Need Someone To Rock The Mic? 


I am available to speak at your workplace or events! 

Learn Relationship and Profit Building Through Social Media

I would be happy to come and speak at your next event or even at your workplace.  The cornerstone of what I believe and I teach is all about Relationship and Profit Building Through Social Media.  I aim to educate, motivate, and inspire through social media and have a fun, energetic approach to delivering the message to many people at once. I am ready to be a social media speaker for your next event.  Let's increase your bottom line together!  

I specialize in: growing your social media presence, blogging for money, blogging for your business, SEO, copywriting, email marketing, and much more! Be ready to change your business culture forever! 


Hire Elizabeth Assist Social Media Today! 

Fees vary on size of event, travel required, and length of speaking engagement. email us at so we can start with a tailor-made event designed with your audience in mind.