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We are available to train you and your team! 

We offer training in the following areas:

Blogging, SEO, All Social Platforms, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing Strategies, List Building and Email Marketing, and training on using important social media management tools.

Our training modules are designed to incorporate video training, one on one, Skype, hands on, email, and reading materials all designed to give you the best learning experience possible.  

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Check Out Our Email Training Courses:

Twitter Explosion

A crash course on everything you need to know about Twitter to grow a following, increase engagement, and convert followers in to leads for your business!  In this 30 day course you will receive a mixture of emails, videos, and reading material all designed to make you a Twitter powerhouse and start using Twitter to drive sales in your business.  

What you will learn in this course:

  • how to find and follow relevant accounts
  • basic management of profile, follow ettiquette, unfollow strategies
  • list development
  • what to tweet and when to tweet it
  • how and when to use automated DMs
  • how to engage followers
  • how to get more RTs and mentions



Blogging 101


A blogging course that is designed to help jump start your blog and online presence.  Are you using the right keywords?  Are you using keywords at all?  How do you know if you are reaching your desired audience, and then once you have them, how are you adding value and engaging them?

 We will show you how to attract your desired audience, build your blog into a community, and give you the tools to be able to sell whatever it is you are selling.  You are selling something right?  You will learn everything from using simple tagline to creating and using email lists to build your audience.

Ready to make money from your blog? 


What you will learn in this course: