How To Create Blog Content Your Readers Won’t Soon Forget!


how to create blog content
How to write unforgettable blog posts!

What is it that makes a blog post unforgettable? How about the amount of information in it? The topic perhaps? What matters and sets you apart as a blogger is your ability to connect with your reader on an emotional level. The connection is the magic that allows your blog content to leave a lasting impression. That is how to create blog content your readers will remember.


Create Blog Content your Readers love!


What are you Passionate about?

Turn your obsession into remarkable blog content by sharing everything you know about it. Don’t hold back anything! Write in your own voice, too. Do your best to sound as natural as possible. If you do, people will be drawn to your content. Information can be found by the mega tons these days, but it’s impossible to copy someone’s passion! Create blog content as if you were writing your manifesto; write with intensity and passion. Set out on a mission to stun your readers with content; it’s the best way to create posts which become unforgettable within your niche.


It Can Always Be Better!

Ask yourself this important question when you finish every post “what can you do to make this post just a little bit better?” Then do it!

This is the extra step that can often take your blog article from one which would be great to one that’s remarkable. A surprising question that can help you find where you can give just a little more is this: If this were the last time you had to share this content, is this exactly how you want to say it? If not, you need to keep revising your content.


Never Forget the Who!

All blogs have a specific target audience; never let them leave your mind. What do they need from you? What is it that you can share with them in a way that no one else ever could? If you want to create something that they won’t soon forget, make it the unexpected. Create content that reveals all the answers to the burning questions they’ve been looking for but never finding. It will take time to listen to and understand your readers, but once you get what it is they need from you, it will easy to hit home with your message and then you’ve done it! You will have created something unforgettable.


Do Not Let Fear hold You Back!

Don’t be afraid to publish content that may step on a few toes. Sure, you may alienate a few of your followers but you may also gain many more readers that are amazed that a blogger finally covered a subject they’ve had on their minds. Give them what they want and don’t hold back.


Let YOU shine through!

Give your readers a glimpse into your life by sharing something that few of them know about you. Sometimes these posts will create a lasting bond between you and your readers. The blog post that won’t soon be forgotten can’t be copied by reading information and spinning content. Share something that was your greatest triumph or your deepest fear. Connect and reach out to your readers with a bit of your heart.



It’s definitely tougher to whip up something unique these days, given all the content available to readers. But the truth is, if you want a post that readers will remember, you’ve got to let your heart do the talking.

Don’t try any of this if you are just looking to publish content that’s skimmed and forgotten. This post is for those that are looking to make an impact with their work.


Have you got the guts to create blog content that won’t soon be forgotten? I would love to have you leave la ink to it if you do! Are you ready to get noticed? If you have compelling content that you have poured your heart and soul in then I want to read it! Send me an e-mail to or leave a link to it in the comment section of this post!


Share with us your ideas about creating unforgettable content. What’s the best blog post you’ve ever read? Leave us a comment and share.



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    Well done, this is a post I won’t forget, excellent advice!Hard to put in practice though, but the one piece of advice I had never heard before and I’m sure it must work wonders is to ask yourself what more needs to be added to your post if this were the last one you’d ever write on the subject…Very good question!

    And all the harder to do if you consider that the ideal post should be (1) short (500 words is ideal but about every subject seems to inspire me to write many more, alas!) (2) structured in such a way that it allows readers to skim through…it seems internauts do so much navigating that what you say has to literally jump out at them to grab their attention.

    I’d love to hear your advice on how to do that!

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