How To Use Social Media To Promote Yourself, Without Promoting Yourself


You see it all the time. A business owner that is pumped about their business, they have a product or service that they really believe in and they want as many people to know about them and benefit from what they have as possible.  So what do they do?  A large majority turn to social media to “get their message out.  The problem is, they don’t understand how to use social media yet.

IF You Are  Promoting Yourself, You Are Doing It Wrong

The quickest way these inexperienced social newborns think to get their message out is to build themselves a profile on a couple of social media platforms and then broadcast their message to the world (or their 17 Facebook fans made up of their friends and family) with advertisements about their products or services.

How to use Social Media

Your social network is NOT a billboard! 

Since your social networks are not billboards, then why plaster advertisements on them?  Here are the reasons why traditional, outbound marketing is become less popular:

  • It is more costly – consider the monthly cost of a magazine add in a popular magazine, or a high traffic area billboard per month
  • It produces less leads – why? well because the whole premise is based on awareness, and your own brand.  It has nothing to do with the consumer.  You can only hope that the right people see your company at the right time, and that they are interested in purchasing what you are selling.
  • It can be invasive – The rise of the DVR. It has been so successful because people are tired of advertisers bombarding their way into their homes uninvited.

  In Bound Marketing

So Enter Inbound Marketing… And Changing The Marketing Game  Because people have become so desensitized and frankly fed up with the unwanted ads, marketers have had to get smarter.  Marketing is so dynamic and to be a top marketer you have to understand how to change and adapt to what the consumer is responding to.

And everybody knows that social media is a huge part of inbound marketing.  So everyone is using it.  But not everyone knows how to use social media to get their message out and build their business. Hence the one’s who are using it as a billboard for their ads.  If this is you, it’s okay, we have all been in a place where we didn’t understand marketing.  But we are glad that you are here, because we are about to teach you a more effective way to get results.

How To Use Social Media to promote your business 

The Right Way Yes, social media is a powerful tool to promote and build your business.  No, it is not a quick, one stop posting board for your latest promotions.  Social media revolves around relationships and actually being “social”.  (What a thought right?).  The truth is, social media marketing is about building a relationships, authority, and credibility.  Once you have the ear of the people who are following you, they will listen to what you say, but not a minute before.

It is important to remember that just because you have a platform that is potentially limitless, your audience should always be at the forefront of all of your efforts. Adding value, being genuine, and building your presence will bring you much better results in the long run.  Social media is a journey and it is not free.  It requires great effort, time, and knowledge.  Investing in creating a presence the right way, however, will be invaluable to your business.

Don’t Ever, Ever, Do That Again

If you are guilty of using social media as a broadcast platform without building relationships and adding value you have probably already noticed that it is not effective.  It’s time to change your thinking about social media and how to use it.  It is a commitment, and you must be consistent.  Your return will be much higher in the long run if you take the time to use it the way it is intended!


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  1. says

    Thanks for all your emails. I have no product I didn't blog regular, life problems. Both Mom's had strokes on hospice each of them. God had a plan when college was to expensive. Working on a life of Gratitude thankful I am clean and sober today and everytime something completely throws me I have a program to help and people to talk to. Thank you

    • says

      You are welcome Kate!It’s awesome that you have a blog and social media to share your story and have people to talk to. I know I am always meeting amazing people through social media. It is priceless!

  2. says

    Great Post!! I am focusing on promoting with social media right now and needed this.
    I agree with you on being more personal…by doing this I have also created some great friendships.

    • says

      You never know what friendships will develop and networks you can create using social media. It is something that a lot of business owners overlook that can be a tremendous boost to their business!

  3. says

    It's true.  If you don't take the time to connect and get to know others on social media, you will just be a lone fly on a wall… get out there, socialize and have fun all at the same time!

  4. says

    I despise immediate sales tactics when following someone new on twitter for example. When the first tweet I receive after I follow them is salesy I unfollow.
    Because of this I will never do that, plus I am having too much fun meeting people!

  5. says

    Excellent article…so many just broadcast and approach social media as a sales tool instead of building out the relationships that lead to sales. 

    • says

      It’s so easy for me.. I was using social media for fun so I knew spamming as we called it was annoying and I block everyone that did it.

  6. says

    Great information. I know when I start following someone the last thing I want is for them to start blasting me with please buy this. I am trying to get to know my followers and sometimes that is easier said than done. :)

    • says

      do local searches on twitter and add pages and people in your area.. you’ll be surpised at how fast it will improve your marketing by just sharing useful tips and developing friendships.

    • says

      nope..;) you have to build it through relationships.. you can get business from people that you don’t know that are ready to buy through search engines but not on social media..!!

    • says

      LOL@Hit and run.. yeah.. we could place on ignore all the so called spam bots in the old days of networking on social media. No one likes having their fun spammed and that’s what social media is about..;)

    • says

      Thank you Lorii !! As a relationship expert .. I know you know how to build a relationship with others.. that gives you an edge..!

  7. says

    Okay, I'll admit I used to be a broadcast social media business owner. The transformation hasn't been easy as I had to unlearn years of marketing training "the old way". However, since learning is easy on social media, articles like yours has led me to using social media the right way…by attracting my ideal client I've found new business partners and customers around the nation. We have a mutually beneficial relationship and many if not most are my close friends…how's that for using social media the right way!

  8. says

    We are all in the process of doing the right thing and leaving the old ways behind us; this makes so much sense. Keep talking  about this to us, we need it! Thanks!!

    • says

      Thanks Olga.. I have been in the marketing marketing business a long time. I had no marketing training the “old” way. I started my marketing efforts on social media before it even had a name. I knew what did not work.. spamming or broadcasting as it is now called. I worked for organic search and just socialized with a link to my product and turned 8 dollars into 30k my first. .. It’s about building a relationship. People knew and trusted me and i was friends with my idea clients. I saw a need and a problem and built a business doing what I loved with people I already knew were searching for the answer..;)

  9. says

    Great post, ladies! There area lot of golden nuggets of great info in it, thanks! It is so important to build those relationships using social media. I find when we do, then people want to find out what it is that you have to offer, without plastering all over your social networks.

  10. says

    Thanks Susan, I learned that from the get go years ago from using social media for fun. Everyone Hates Spam and being sold. People will flock to you if they have a trusted relationship with you first! 

  11. Carol Giambri says

    Super post.  Was wondering about your thoughts on twitter a seasonal local sprinkler business hubby owns vs. build the local relationships?  I don't do it often but have in the past.  Thanks Elizabeth. 

    • says

      .. I’m glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful Carol. I really sold with my business internationally but you can use the power of facebook to promote locally.. that would really help. and connecting with people in your region on twitter. You can find your ideal client on twitter searches and connect and grow friendships. That is how I met my business partner, Kim Garst, and the whole you can do crew. My first two clients for my social media business were from relationships that I built on twitter.

    • says

      You are so sweet and know how to help people with relationship issues. It’s no different on social media Sherie.. Just apply what you know about building and strengthening relationships to business. It’s how I built my first successful company and how I’m rocketing to a 6 figure business on our new company!

  12. Vicky Savellis-Grant says

    Great post! I agree it is about adding value and building relationships.   Thanks for sharing.

  13. says

    This article served as a great reminder as I often feel tempted to talk about my products because they answer so many of the questions I receive from parents…however, I am learning to refrain from that and simply answer their questions! Thanks!

    • says

      That’s why they will work Denny.. they will turn to you for advice and the next thing you know they will buy your products like crazy because they like you and trust your judgement!

    • says

      I’m so happy you realized that. You8 have3 a product people really like and will be looking for.. Just build relationships and friendships with your ideal clients and you will explode your buiness.

    • says

      I was so ahead on this.. I used social media for fun way before I used it for business. I knew the does and don’ts before I started using it for business.

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