How To Write Content That Your Audience Wants To Read

The biggest challenge of knowing how to write content is writing content that your audience actually wants to read.  How do you determine what to fill the pages of your blog with? Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself and keep in mind when you are creating content for your blog. 

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What Are You Selling?

Never underestimate the power of your blog to sell your products and services.  The best way to nail down what exactly to write about is to always keep in mind what you are selling.  The core of your content should be focused on your products and services. 


The core of your content should revolve around what products or services you are selling!


I once had a blog that was pretty popular but in the end I wasn’t making any money. Why?  Because I forgot what would become one of the determining factors of me leaving that blog-I forgot to write about what I was selling.  Well, truthfully the blog did not start as a place where I was going to sell anything… but wouldn’t it be nice to grab an income from any blog? Even the blog for your business


Who Are You Selling To?

You would not walk into the room full of high school graduates prepared to deliver them the same speech you gave at your business women’s luncheon would you?  Not if you wanted to truly grab the attention of those high schoolers.  You would have to meet them where they are.  

Many people think of market research and target market data as boring and laborious when in fact it is as simple as watching the behaviors of many of the people in your life and maybe asking some questions.  The good news is that most people who sell online, especially services, sell to a similar demographic as themselves so it is easy to know how to deliver the value that you have.  

Keeping in mind who you are selling to will help you to create content that is relevant, compelling, and information packed.  It will also make it easy for your audience to feel like they can relate to you, which in this day of relationship/social influence marketing, is always a big plus.  


Who Are You And What’s Your Message?

After you consider your product or service, and your audience, you then need to inject YOU in everything you do.  Don’t try to be someone else, market the way someone else does it, say what someone else says… You are enough.  One thing I have noticed about bloggers is that some of them run out of content and ideas to write about simply because they don’t think what they have to say is compelling enough.

Here’s food for thought.  You came from somewhere.  There was a time when you didn’t even know how to set up your own domain name, or change the theme on your WordPress Blog, but you have moved on, you have learned and grown.  There are people out there right now searching for the answers to something that you have already experienced and they need your product or your service.  They need your voice, because it is unique.


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    Excellent advice, always stay on topic and stick to your company's message. I would say what's even more important than talking about what you're selling is talking about how it can benefit your customers. Always be answering the question "What's in it for me?". People don't care about products and services as much as they care about how it can benefit their lives. If you're blogging for business, every post should be customer-focused in some way. 

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    as always I love it Angie!.. Thanks for sharing such good information with our readers and make my so glad.. that I took on a partner after 10 years in business!

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    Great post Angie! I love the point you make about being unique. I preach that too, and it's so important especially in writing to have your own voice and not try to copy anyone else. There's an energy about each of us, and the more we honor and accept our own uniqueness, the more easy it is to write content and the more easy it is to be successful.

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    YES!! It is very important that we know who we are talking to and how we talk to our audience; you are so right in this. We mght miss the whole point and not able to connect with them; that would be terrible :) Thanks for pointing that out to us again!

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    Good advice. I've read so many blogs that I couldn't figure out what they were about.  A business blog should have a central focus, even if every post isn't specifically about that topic. "What's your message?" is something every business person should know before they ever write their first post.

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      Thanks Marie, You are dead on there. I did start with a goal and it was that but it was hard to make an interesting post out of my business or so I thought. A great writer can bring appeal to any topic!

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    Boy, isn't that the first and most important rule? I am training a new blogger and will definitely share this with her! Very timely post for me!

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      Thank you Lori, It would be great for her to read!..I started blogging just backwards from Angie..with how do I use this blog thingy to sell my products.. my writing skills were not so pretty LOL She was writing for art.. and it was beautiful but not earning her a living!

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    As I say we all have a story to share and people to connect with in the experiences we have.  Keep sharing them.

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    "There are people out there right now searching for the answers to something that you have already experienced and they need your product or your service.  They need your voice, because it is unique" – big YES to this. 
    Thanks for sharing an awesome post.

    • says

      Thank you Lorii, when Angela and I met, I always told her I loved her style of writing but .. didn’t she want to make money from her blog? We talked a great deal about that.. til I talked her into write for me and then partnering with me!!! Best find ever!!!!

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    Great food for thought and excellent advice about writing content, Angie! I love this part "You are enough"…absolutely love it! 

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    Great advice and this really stuck out for me "They need your voice, because it is unique." It's the unique voice of the blog that will determine whether I follow it or not!

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    Angie, thanks for this great post.  It's helped me realize what questions I need to be asking myself and how I can change things up a bit to make sure my readers really know what I have to offer that can serve them….THANKS!!

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    Sage advice Angela. When we forget the why, the answer gets lost in the shuffle. I'm addressing this very thing with my business. I appreciate your validating information here.

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    Very interesting… I've always written to share the information or research or my personal experience or experiences of guests — hoping it helps other people. But reading this, I see I need to try work in my consulting services and presentations (I do mention my books often, though)… this will be interesting to figure out how to do that. Thanks for your post!

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    Great article with great advice on how to talk to your blog audience, I love the part where you give the example about speaking to a high school student audience compared to talking to a business woman group.

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    Awesome article. It's so hard for me to create content sometimes until I realize exactly what you were talking about. I didn't always know what I know now and other people are also looking for that same knowledge. Guess I just need to be myself and put my experience out there.

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    these are really good tips—- I have two blogs with two very different messages and target audiences and sometimes I feel a little lost.  But very soon, once I get my act together in the next few weeks, I plan to start fresh (by hiring you lovely ladies) with one domain and one message and see if that helps me consolidate myself a bit better and be more consistent.  Great article!

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    Great tips. We do need to understand who our audience is as we begin each new post. I find certain posts attract different people to the blog to make comments or interact. Good reminder.

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      That’s true Cathy!.. Think about who needs to hear your message and how you can fill a need. That is the beginning of a beautiful relationship and builds a engaged fan base!

  18. Vicky says

    Great article.  I agree you must understand your target audience to be relevant.
    Thank you! 

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    Watching the behaviors of others is a great point and one that will pay off. Listening to what people want, need, are complaining about and irritates them provides wonderful information and insight on how to fill a void.
    Great informative post!

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      Yes it will Suzanne.. putting your ear to the ground and listening to that need and developing products that will fill that need!

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    We really do have to stay focused and I have a tendency to stray as my topics are so broad! I have to work on this more :)

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      all you write is interesting Anita.. I guess you might want to be sure you are writing about you topics for business that will attract your ideal clients.

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    I started writing to one group (women 50+ who were starting to think about retirement, but who weren't prepared).  Then I took a good look at my readers!  While the message of personal responsibility and empowerment around finances worked for all, I found many didn't want to wait until 50 to get things in place.  So your blog can also be a great tool to fine-tune who your readership truly is.  Thanks to this A&E dynamic duo for reminding us to keep it real for the ones we choose to serve through our services and products!

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    Great post, Angie! I so agree with "Keeping in mind who you are selling to will help you to create content that is relevant, compelling, and information packed."Knowing who  your audience is and what they are searching for is so important. Thanks!

  23. Carol Giambri says

    Great tips and reminder to me.  I love getting downloads of taglines, blog titles and playing with ad words, but content comes less natural.  Always remember my audience is a big key or I could write to the wind.  Thanks Angela.

  24. says

    Thanks for the REMINDER!!!!!  It can be so easy to overlook or take for granted the challenges and things that we have broken through in our own businesses.  When we step back and take a look at things, it's funny how YES, there are other people out there who REALLY ARE interested in learning the things that we find to be so easy.  Thanks Liz and Angie for another awesome article.  You 2 are the best!!!

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    I'm still figuring out exactly who my target audience is. I tend to write about a lot of different topics. Thanks for the great advice.  

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    Congrats Elizabeth for your featured article. Very Well said about the topic that blogger has to keep in mind what is he/she selling and what his target audience is?

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