4 Savvy Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

4 social media marketing tip for small businesss

I want to share with you some of my favorite social media marketing tips to improve your online efforts. After you build an online business site,  you have to decide what content management system you will use and your method to market it.  Marketing is the focus of all business and how well you do […]

How to Build an Email list to Boost your Sales with Social Media

how to build your email list

How are you building your email list? Do you have a opt-in form? Have you created an offer to exchange your fan’s email for some great information?  Your email list is the life’s blood to your online business. Never forget that. I wish I had know that my first year in. I made 30k with […]

How to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

How to attract more readers to your blog

What’s the point of all the work it takes to write outstanding content when no one sees it? After devoting all the time and effort creating a blog post, you need people to read it. The question is how to attract more readers to your blog? The answer is simple, my friend. Get more people sharing your content and the traffic will come! […]

Best Secret SEO Tips

The Best Secret SEO tips

The Secret to SEO is not such a secret any more! I bet that sounds great to you if you are a beginner. Since Google has updated its algorithm SEO is so much easier! The secret is.. There is no secret! Write great content that people can use and enjoy reading and you can get to […]

Increase Traffic to your Website by Recycling your Content!

increase traffic to your website

Want a quick and easy way to increase traffic to your website? Try creating content keeping in mind how you might recycle it. How does the same old stuff create more traffic? Look at your content and see what was a hot topic and got the more shares on a platform. If they love it on your blog don’t you […]

3 Best Bets in Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy

The lines have just really gotten less visible between the top factors in online marketing. SEO, content marketing, and social media have all come together to become a powerful force that can boost a business to the top of search. Each is dependent on the other to build a successful marketing campaign. Studies show that online […]

SEO Keyword Research: Do You even Know What a Keyword IS?

seo keyword research

 SEO Keyword research is the very first step you have to take to get your website in place for your ideal readers and clients to find your articles. When we say keyword we really mean the phrase or long tail keyword. All this amounts to is the words a person uses to type in a search […]

Why You Must Use Social Media to Promote Your Business Brand.

Why you should use social media to promite your business

  Promote Your Business Brand You know your business has to be on social media or so you’ve heard. I’m here to tell you again it’s a must but I’ll tell you the “why”. It’s where the people are a big group of potential clients that are out there hanging out in Google plus, connecting and […]

Social Media Optimization – Are you Bringing your Business Card to the Party?

Social Media optimization

  Social Media Optimization – Don’t forget your Business Card.  I talk a lot about SEO or search engine optimization but what is SMO or social media optimizatiom? It’s optimizing your social media platforms for traffic that is relevant to your business. You do realize that search engines are looking at your social media activities? That […]

SEO and Website Content – It’s So Easy To Miss the Forrest for the Trees.

SEO and Website Content

SEO and Website Content – Are You Missing the Point? Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been talking about the many different aspects of SEO and website content creation.  So, how’s your website content pulling?  Is it bringing in anywhere near the number of visitors you’re hoping for?   This is an important […]