Up Your Engagement: Don’t Try These 4 Tips Unless You Want Increased Engagement!

How To Rock Your Fan Page

I’m going to get to the point here. Effective Facebook marketing is not about the likes. Here’s the thing. Anyone can buy likes (and I don’t recommend it). A like is merely a one time thing where someone clicks a button – and honestly could choose never to visit a fan page again. You sure can’t expect to increase Facebook fan engagement with fans you have purchased.

How to increase Facebook fan engagement


On the other hand, engagement is an interactive online community, regularly giving feedback on your content and passing it along to their friends.

And when it comes to return on social media investment, it’s engagement that wins every time.


So how can you get the party started on your fan page and boost your engagement?


4 Tips to Increase Facebook Fan Engagement:

Don’t Use a URL Shortener
As spoofing of links continues to be an issue, people don’t want to be taken away from Facebook, and they really don’t want to click links that don’t obviously show where they’re taking you. URL shorteners might make your posts shorter, but they make it very difficult to see (especially on a mobile device). As more and more people access Facebook via mobile devices, they want to know where a link is redirecting them. As a result, best practices are to spell out the whole URL or to use a brand-specific URL shortener.

Keep it short, honey!
As marketers get more and more creative with trying to find out best practices on media like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, a surprising statistic has been discovered. Maybe it’s Twitter’s fault, but our attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter! Research shows that the fewer characters in a Facebook update the better, and under 100 characters is best!

If a few words are good, a picture is even better! Facebook’s internal research shows that posts with a photo album or picture generate 180% to 120% more engagement than posts that are just words.

Use the right words:
Words have weight – a lot! The words you chose matter greatly when it comes to getting engagement on Facebook. Certain words generate more engagement on Facebook while other words kill off your engagement almost from the outset. Action keywords, also known as “calls to action” are best for generating engagement. ”Like,” “comment,” and “submit” are great action-oriented keywords to help your audience know what it is you want them to do when reading your update.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to increase engagement. It’s sort of the equivalent of being at a cocktail party when no one’s talking. What’s the best way to start conversation? It’s not by assuming everyone wants to know about you and trying to impress them with where you work, what you do, or whatever. Ask a question to get feedback and create a natural opportunity for others to jump into the conversation with you and with others in your audience.


Where you ask your question matters too (yes, we really do have short attention spans!). Questions placed at the end of an update generate 15% more responses than questions placed at the beginning of a post. Who knew? (Wait…where am I putting that question?)Make It Sweet – Share Facebook Candy!

What’s Facebook candy? It’s anything Facebook users want to share – and they share it a lot! Images are great Facebook candy, as are inspirational quotes and pictures of cute animals.


What do you think? Are these some good ideas for boosting your Facebook engagement? Leave a comment below!


  1. says

    Great tips…. I didn't realize it's best not to use the URLshortener…. Learn something new every day!!  (need to do this in Twitter though, correct, or it won't fit!?)

  2. says

    Elizabeth, I hadn't even thought of not using an url shortener! Wow, that is an awesome tip, thanks so much!! (The rest are great to, it's just this one really struck home to me because I have been using one! LOL)

  3. says

    I think not using a URL Shortener is a biggie, I have seen a difference when I started doing that. I don't even like short lijks on Twitter…

    • says

      I like them on twitter but yes.. I’m careful who’s I click.. the most clicked links on twitter are bit.ly according to research.. less owl.ly ? Wow who would have thought ?

  4. says

    I love these tips, Liz. I didn't know about the URL shortener and wonder what the brand specific shortener is. Also appreciated the tip about asking a question with a picture…at the end.

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    You have driven a valid point home here. I went to an even this year in Orlando where the speaker hit on this very subject.

    The idea is to put value in your posts as much as possible and allow people to know who you are, the same way you would in person. The first rule being to listen to people all the way through before you interject an opinion.

    I try to remember that we have to be the same person online as we are offline.

    This was a straight forward post. I enjoyed reading it.


    Scott Moore

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