6 Best List Building Practices

 Have you ever wondered what all of the fuss was about when it comes to building an email list?  Seems as if everyone is scrambling to build a large, and interactive list but why?  If your first thought is because people are always looking to sell you something than you are correct.  That is exactly why people want to build huge lists with engaged followers.  

But in the email marketing game motives are important.  Behind your marketing should be a genuine desire to provide value and to build relationships with your list.  Today we will show you how to build your email subscription list with 6 simple steps through social media and relationship marketing. 
email list building

1. Creating Compelling Content

Content is always king. That is the bottom line.  You can have great social media marketing skills and a great strategy but if your content is a fail, then you are not going to engage anyone, convert anyone, or get anyone to buy anything you are selling.

Writing compelling content for your blog is the cornerstone of your business. And in order to build a list of engaged potential clients, your content will need to be engaging, relevant, and action-evoking.

2. Tweeting About It

Where else in the world can you say one thing and thousands of people see it within minutes?  No where.  Using twitter to lead people to sign up for your list is a no-brainer.  Tweet your free offer if you have one, ask people to join, it doesn’t require tricks and gimmicks.  If you have to content part down then people will want to hear what you have to say and then sign up.  Twitter is just a quick and easy way to make a large number of people aware of what you have to offer.

3. Creating A Custom Facebook Tab

Facebook is another great way to broadcast your list building efforts.  You can create a custom Facebook tab that will lead people straight to your sign up form right there on your Facebook page.  Don’t forget to utilize this tool on your Facebook fan page.

4. Providing Value

What will you be sending in your emails?  What have you sent to your current subscribers?  Are you thinking of them or what you are trying to sell them?  At the core of marketing is providing value to your potential clients.  By adding value you create a sense of trust, establish yourself as an authority, and also build lasting relationships.  What are your motives?  Are you truly looking to add value to your list with your products and services?  Are you giving them a reason to trust and buy from you?

5. Using Social Proof

“Join the other 100,000 subscribers” How powerful is this type of social proof?  Social proof can be such an important tool when list building.  If you are just starting out, then instead of using a number, just use words like “all”, “the other”, “the many”, to make the reader feel that there is an exclusive group that your reader must join.

6. Being Consistent

How often are you going to send out your emails?  What types of emails are you going to send?  Will they be formal or informal?  These are the questions you need to ask yourself when list building.  Being consistent is a big part of relationship building through email marketing.  Your readers need to know what to expect and you should be delivering week after week.




  1. says

    Great advice, ladies!  I always find really valuable content here.  List building is at the front of my brain all of the time.  I'm actually working on a new opt in to see if that might convert better than what I have now.  I'm printing this to put  on my inspiration wall.  Thanks so much!

  2. Carolyn Hughes says

    Fabulous tips Angela for someone like me who is new to social media!
    Really helpful :)

    • says

      these were great tips for list building.. I have never used it in my business before.. That was handled by my company I was working with on the back in! We applied the best building tips we knew and have had great sesults1

  3. says

    Great advice and a great list to start with.  I only have an email list from my blog followers, but I'd like to build a more substantial list.  Glad you wrote this to get me on the right track  :)

  4. says

    Excellent advice for list building, Angela!  I really appreciate how you get to the heart of the matter and lay out a great strategy to help us!

    • says

      don’t you love the way she just lays it out there! List building is so important to small businesses. We have to get ourselves ready to make the most of it!

    • says

      I love the way my partner writes! Simple to follow direct as to why you should build your lists and how to build your email list!

  5. says

    "The gold is in the list."  That's what I heard from a famous online marketer when I first started learning and I took it to heart.  It's the truth.  You really have no online biz without a list.  However, it has to be a RESPONSIVE list.  I am constantly building my list.  Think of it as prospecting because that's what it is.  Until they buy something, they are still prospects :)

    • says

      Martha that’s right and I have never done a good job of building a list. It’s a big priority now and we are apply the tips we gave that were working for us!

    • says

      Thank You Anita1 I didn’t do this in all the years I’ve been in business.I could have had a list that was over 100 k had I started back in the day.. oh well live and learn!

  6. says

    These tips are great and all in one place! "Being consistent is a big part of relationship building through email marketing" ~ this is what I should work on more! Thank you! :)

  7. says

    Content definitely is king and the more value that is added to the content the better. Consistency is great but some people over do it and end up being labeled spam.

  8. says

    Great tips Angie! I need to start paying more attention to my list building efforts and this will surely help. :)

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