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We are part of a great group- A Master Mind Team lead by   Kim Garst.

Today.. I want to share an article from a great member of  that team  Jennifer Bennett. We Are going to do a series to introduce you to the team of experts we mastermind with to help rocket your business to the Top. We share ,encourage, and put our heads together to come up with the best plans for your business. We owe a great deal of our success and to the Leader  Kim Garst and the support of the Master Mind Team she has put together.

Recently We have posted many tips and how  to posts about Businesses with Facebook. Our Friend Dr Jennifer Bennett just publish another great resource for using Facebook to increase your client base for small business. We are Happy to share these great tips and invite you to visit with Jen and tell her how you liked her information!

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The Facebook Promote Button and What it Means For You & Your Business

By Jennifer Bennett

 Facebook Ad Specialist 


Facebook is moving forward, and as a business, you need to do the same. To be honest, I’m actually very excited about the all new “promote” button that Facebook recently released on fan pages. You see, this new feature is going to allow you as a business owner to really hone in and promote specific posts on your fan page and honestly, this is going to be HUGE for some of you! 
Now I know that there are some out there that only see this as another way that Facebook is trying to “rob” the public, but truth be told….Facebook knows exactly what they are doing. And today as a business owner, I want to help you know and understand what you need to do so that you too can use the promote button to your advantage!  So, let’s get started!
* In order to see and promote a post on your fan page, you need to have at least 400 fans. If you are not there yet, than this is the number one thing that you need to get moving on!  And please, do not go buy 1,000 fans on Fiverr or take part in any kind of “fan tagging” on Facebook as this will only make your fan page look bad in the future. If there is one thing I consistently repeat is that getting fans this way will do nothing but harm your page in the future. Nothing looks worse than having 1500 fans and no engagement. It’s better to have 200 fans with lots of engagement.
One of the best ways to get fans in my opinion, is to take out a Facebook ad to target and reach people who will be interested in what you have to offer.
* Once you’ve reached your 400 fans, you will begin to see the “promote” button under many of your pages posts.  You will also see how many people that post reached and the percentage of your fans that saw that post. As many of us know, not everyone who is a fan of our pages actually see’s the posts that we share on a daily basis. Truth be told…there are many that miss what we share. Having the added feature of the promote button will help in this area greatly.
* One thing you need to be aware of is that it will be very easy to lose track and promote way too many posts…especially now that FB has made it quite easy.  Here’s my best advice:  Promote those posts that you really want others to take notice of. These posts can include:
* Videos that share valuable content for your fans 
* Webinars that you are are hosting
* Offers that you want fans to take advantage of
* Questions that you want feedback on 
* Your free opt-In 
And depending on your niche, you can really promote some specifics.  Take for instance:
* Realtors: a specific listing, a specific post (how to stage a home, upgrades on a budget)
* Authors: the release of a new book, a speaking engagement, a book signing event, etc.
* Doctors: a new report, a free event that you are hosting, Q&A, etc.
* Schools: Open House, registration information, orientation, etc.
* Counselors: a new group counseling program, camps, eBooks, etc.
These are just a few examples of how specific niches can really take advantage of the promote button. 
* One of the advantages of the promote button is that you can specifically target your post with a specific location and/or language. So let’s say that I am going to host a workshop in Orlando on the power of social media. I can specifically promote the details of this post to my fans who are in the Orlando area. This will assure me that my local fans will see this post. 
* You set the budget!  Lastly, you have the ability to set the budget for your promoted posts. From what I’ve seen, you can choose $5, $10, $25 and up. The great thing is that once you promote your post, FB will promote it for the next three days. Don’t expect to see it take place all on one day….your specific post will be promoted for the next few days and quite honestly, I think this is a good thing. 
All in all, this new feature gives your business a lot of potential . Being able to target specific posts that you want to share with your fans will no doubt increase engagement and help your fans to not “forget” about you!
Jen is a master when it comes to bringing order out of chaos.
She is known to be highly effective when it comes to implementing and sustaining the mission and goals of an organization.
She loves new projects and challenges and does everything with efficiency and promptness!
 All in all, Jen is champion of social media and a Witty Entrepreneur
! She’s a lover of God, husband Luke and son Liam and she’s also a Disney fanatic who is obsessed with chap stick and sweet tea!