Personal Branding Strategy: Don’t Do This (Unless You Want to Massively Build Your Brand)!

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There has never been a more important time than the present to focus on building and maintaining your personal branding strategy.


More than ever, whether you’re an entrepreneur or you work for someone else, the value of your personal brand matters when it comes to how other people view you and your brand.

If you’re an entrepreneur, your brand is the emotional connection people have with you, your company, your products, your services, and is represented by your graphics, colors, and every piece of content you produce for your blog, your Twitter account, Facebook updates, all of your Pinterest pins, etc.

Get the picture?

But – even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, your personal brand matters also! These days, when you apply for jobs, and during the course of your current job, your personal brand is researched and evaluated. (Remember the You Tube video that went viral of Adam Smith harrassing the Chick-Fil-A employee this past summer? His personal brand reflected so poorly on his employer’s brand that he was fired!)

Even if you aren’t engaging in behavior that obnoxious and rude, it’s important to actively manage your personal brand online. Your personal brand is the first impression people have of you as an entrepreneur or as an employee, so it’s important to make sure it’s a good one! First impressions certainly last.

Personal Branding Strategy Tips

Don’t ignore mentions of your brand online.

Set up a Google alert for your name (and your company’s name if your branding isn’t under your name). It’s so easy for a remark about your company to go viral. If you’re not actively monitoring, it would be easy for negative information to be widespread, and without a response from you, it would look awkward (at best!). Also, it’s simple good manners – if someone is taking the time to mention your brand online, it’s important to acknowledge it – whether good or bad.

Don’t Over-Promote Yourself

Of course promoting yourself is important, but over-promotion is a different thing all together. Most social media types agree that you should provide quality, valuable content to your audience at least 80% of the time and self promotion no more than 20% of the time.

 Don’t Keep ‘em Guessing

Don’t keep your audience wondering when you’ll post. If you’ve told your followers you post once a week, be consistent. If twice a week, stick to that schedule. Be someone who keeps your word online, and that starts with posting when you say you’re going to.

Don’t Ignore Who’s In Your Audience

You’ve got to know who’s in your audience and what it is that interests them. Then deliver it. Over deliver it. Give them the value they want and you’ll keep them coming back for more and more.

These are our favorite tips for building your brand online – whether you’re in business for yourself or someone else. Do you have other good advice for building your personal brand? I’d love to hear – leave a comment below.


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    I love reading your posts Liz. You certainly set the example of providing quality content, valuable information that is relevant to online marketers and off. Thank you for over delivering in this post. So many tips to implement…

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    Once again, great tips Liz. Personal branding is an important part of your marketing strategy. I feel good knowing I'm following all your recommendations, including Google alerts. This post reinforces the need to put yourself in your customer's shoes as we go about the business of promoting ourselves. Thanks. Nice post.

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    Thank you Liz. Went back to check my Google Alerts and I had missed setting up The Fiery Grandma. How on Earth I did that I don't know but thanks to your article and that tip, I caught it.

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    This is a lot of good information Elizabeth. I set up Google Alerts when I first started and didn't know much. Should I go back then and add my 'names'….business and personal?

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    Love this post Liz!  Thanks for always presenting in such an easy-to-read and follow kind of way!   I always learn so much from you!  Don't think I ever set up Google alerts; not sure how I missed that, but off to do it now!  :)

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    I love tip #4: Don’t Ignore Who's in Your Audience – over deliver what they need so they kepp coming back for more! That's a good one. Thanks for the tip.

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    Great read, Elizabeth! I am in the process of resurrecting my Parent Company, The M Factor, Inc., and instilling value in MY brand! I am very emotionally attached and could not be happier with the progress that we are making! I never fully understood the importance of all of this until recently, and when it "clicked", all I can say is "Look out, Ms. Factor has ARRIVED!"! This is my year of #rebuild and I am setting us up for explosive results in 2014! …and, I truly am having the time of my life! #mfactor #boom

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      I have had an amazing time watching you grow and build your brand! The MFactor says enthusiasm and generosity. You give so much to your company and clients! You have Wow factor to so with your brand!

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    Great post I like that everything you mentioned deals with what social media and networking is about in a nutshell: 

    Being Generous;
    Other-centered; and

    And I agree if you execute on the things you posted on above you will eventually because it's a marathon not a sprint "Massively Build Your Brand". 

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