The Real Importance Of Google Plus For Business

I bet I know what you were thinking when Google launched Google Plus last year.  Because just about every business owner was rolling their eyes and letting out a deep sigh at the thought of yet another social network to grow, manage, and participate in. But this is something different, Google Plus is NOT just another social network.

Using Google Plus for business

So What Exactly Is Google Plus?

The way I explain to my friends and family (who are about as social media savvy as my pinkie toe) is that Google Plus is a little like Facebook.  They share similarities like updating your status on your profile and it being visible to your friends on their home feed.  You can also segment your friends/followers on both networks.  Google just calls them circles.  But their are way more differences.  We won’t cover all of them, nor will we get into how to use Google Plus, not in this post at least.  But we will get down to the real meat of why you MUST get into Google Plus, despite your moans and groans.

To properly explain to you the significance of this network, I have to remind you what is at the core of Google – the search engine.  Although Google has expanded it’s product offerings and is essentially taking over, what Google has always done best was search.  And why is a search engine important to your business?  Because it gives you the ability to connect with your potential customers closer to the point of purchase.  But we will get into that later.  Back to the point.

Google’s primary function is to provide you with the best, most relevant search experience ever.  This is why they have become the primary search engine that people use.  They are the best at what they do.  Why?  Because they produce the most relevant search results.  Google’s addition of Plus One is really just another way that they are differentiating themselves as the premier search engine.  I’ll explain to you why.

So Google Is A Great Search Engine, What Does That Have To Do With Me?

I’m glad you asked.

Google Plus has staying power and the power to really impact your business.   We all know that social media affects your SEO.  Search engine algorithms now take into account the social shares that your blog has.  The more people are sharing your content, the more relevant and important the search engine will think that it is and when people search for the topic you are writing about, Google will rank your content higher. Real impact that Google Plus has is not the same as Facebookand Twitter or any other social network.  It is much more significant.

The +1 Phenomenon

I liken the +1 buttons on a website to a Facebook like button.  You +1 an article you like, and it shows up on your profile, visible to all the people in your circles.  But the real power that a plus one holds is much greater than a simple like.  Whenever you +1 something, you let Google know that you like that.  Search engines are all about bringing you relevant information, well, what can be more relevant than information that you’ve already told Google you liked?

Not only will Google personalize your search results based on what you have +1’d, but also by what the people who you have in your circles have +1’d.  Google figures that if 5 people in your circles likes an article, then you probably would too.  So when you are signed into Google(this is key for the +1 to matter) you are actually getting a special, personalized search based on the +1’s of you, and the people you are friends with. (Thanks Google, we all feel so very special 😉 ).

The BIG Bottom Line – The Real Importance of Google Plus for Business

We get lots of inquiries about SEO and people who want us to perform nothing short of miracles for their sites that can’t seem to compete with their competitors for certain keywords. The very first question I ask is, “how is your social media presence?” and you know the answer is usually that they have very little presence or none at all.

Now here is where I tell you that you need to be using social media.  But I am really going to emphasize your Google Plus presence.  Because…. Every person that is in your circles will have their search experience affected by what you +1… which if you have a blog, WILL be your own articles.  The more people that have you in their circles, the more relevant your content will become to them when they are searching.

I love this about Google Plus because it gives even the small website or blog a shot at ranking, it can make you more visible online.  It is a HUGE benefit to meet your potential customers at the point closest to purchase in organic search.

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  1. says

    So true are the benefits of Google+. I am not near as active as I should be but I am getting better :) I have shared your post :)

    • says

      Yes.. Share your articles, connect with people from the groups that you are in, comment and plus their work, and attend a hangout about a subject you are interested in.. the next thing you know you will be loving this platform too!

  2. says

    I really like Google+ but I guess I am so saturated with other platforms that are working like crazy for me, that I tend to "forget" about it!  Thanks for the reminder!

    • says

      Hey Girl do what’s working.. just remember the SEO value of Google plus.. that’s what we want everyone to remember..:)]

  3. says

    It's a numbers thing. My takeaway from this article:  "The more people are sharing your content, the more relevant and important the search engine will think that it is and when people search for the topic you are writing about, Google will rank your content higher." 

    • says

      Yes Kim.. and it’s a google product so guess what.. it gets you even more S E o !!! SEO is free money when harnessed ! I have make a living owning search terms for my business. I feel like I have a PHd in SEO.. but guess what? It’s always changing and we have to keep up or get left in the dust by our competitors.

  4. says

    Thanks, Elizabeth! I am slowly taking steps and learning more about Google Plus.  I must admit, I'm not taking full advantage of it.  I appreciate the reminder….I needed it!

  5. says

    Thank you for educating us. SEO is such an important part for any business online. You are giving away brilliant tips as always, my friend! :)) Thank you!

  6. says

    I am really starting to like Google + and I enjoyed what you have been sharing with us. I started with a personal Google + and have a Google biz now; what is the most important of these two? And how can I connect with the same people on my Google biz?? So much to learn…thanks!

    • says

      your personal page is importand for making connects to people that will follow your brand page.. .. It’s another way to reach out to people and gain SEO for your Brand!

  7. says

    I have Google + and I must admit that I have been neglecting that aspect of my social media presence. I post when I remember to do it and that is clearly not often enough. Thanks for this, I needed it!

    • says

      ..;) Post every time you write an article.. then go give out a plus one to people.. like facebook and tweeter.. give and you will receive.

  8. says

    Oh, I'm one of those people who rolled her eyes! I did the same thing when everyone started to get hot and heavy over Pinterest. I think Google+ has to grow up a bit more and prove it really is a great place to build business-based relationships before I'll inverst much time there. I'm hardly keeping up with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

  9. says

    So we all have social media practices in which we're strong at, and then there are others we neglect.  I must admit I am the worse when it comes to google plus.

  10. says

    I love Google+ and I'm loving it more every time I use it. It is another great piece of the social media pie and neither harder nor more time consuming than any other platform.

  11. says

    Great information, Liz. I use Google Plus everyday to post relevant article, article I like and have added posts to Hootsuite. I think it is big and will continue to grow in a different way from Facebook. Thanks your info is shared!

  12. says

    Thanks, ladies for another Fabulous post! I am very happy I started on Goggle+ when it first came out. I still haven't tried a hangout, maybe we all can have 1 sometime soon.

  13. says

    I haven't quite warmed up to Google + yet, still trying to figure it out.
    I do feel it will be really useful some day!
    Thank you for some good ideas to use it.

  14. says

    When, Elizabeth, when?  😉  The problem is that nothing falls off the bottom of the list as more things are added to the top … although I can certainly appreciate the SEO importance of Google+ … considering its relationship to its parent!

    • says

      Well if you got that point then you see ours..;) At least set up an account where you share your blog post to the world of google puls..;) hint, that’s important!

  15. says

    I love reading this article because we are always telling our clients the same thing about Google+. A lot of people are worried there are not enough active users on the platform, but when it comes to SEO it can't be beat! Search is becoming more social, that's just the way everything is headed — we are even seeing Google+ results when we monitor the web for clients. Great article!! 
    Allie @Spiral16

  16. says

    This is one area I need to get better at. I don't do near enough with Google plus as I should. Thanks for the kick in the pants to get me moving on this. :)

    • says

      Helena, you can now schedule Google+ posts through Hootsuite which is a great benefit to those of us who are not so consistent in using it! I am coming to like the Google+ crowd a lot. But I think I still have opportunity in that area as well! Using Google Plus for your business is a great benefit so it will be worth it!

  17. says

    There is so much to keep up with and so many sites offering advice. I have to keep reminding myself to focus on content.  I signed for a +1 page but have been so busy with content and other sites that I just haven't gotten to it.

    • says

      The thing is to be seen everywhere and only put out good content wherever that may be ! Share your blog content on google plus ! And then share good content from your circles !

    • says

      well you can buy sharing your blog and adding information about your book. Be sire to add your bio on google with a link to your book on Amazon

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