“Leverage Social Media Influence in your SEO Strategy”


seo  and social media
Social Media And SEO


One of the hottest trends in content marketing over the past few years has been search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media.  The idea that you can produce content that makes Google want to favor you has been nothing short of revolutionary, honestly, when it comes to marketing It has transformed the nature of marketing in ways that are still being discovered, I think.


At the same time, social media has taken off, and it, too, has impacted the world of marketing. The power of social connections and relationship marketing has also been nothing short of revolutionary.

SEO and Social Media strategy
SEO and Social Media


Social Media and SEO

But for the longest time – both SEO and social media have been treated as separate things. Sure, people have talked about how they impact each other, but still in a way that treats them as two different pieces of the marketing equation

 What if we looked at them differently?  Because I think when you get down to it, they are so intertwined that separating them is difficult, not to mention foolish. 

 Here’s what I think. There are a lot of people who get that social media affects your SEO.

What is less understood or discussed is the reality that you can actually specifically leverage your social media in order to boost your SEO!  This is the very technique that has been used at Assist Social Media to land many articles on page 1 of Google.

 Actually – even the word “both” is limiting in this case.  Both suggests it’s only a two-way relationship between the elements of SEO and social media. But honestly – I think that it’s multi-dimensional…like the World Wide Web itself.  Relationships between elements are complex and go many different directions.

 How to Leverage Your Social Media For SEO 

Do you have influence on social media?  How do you go about using it and truly leveraging it to give yourself an SEO boost?

When SEO was first getting started, one of the key things you could do was to get strong backlinks from authoritative sites.  This is still useful, but it’s not the only kind of connection you should be going for by far!!!

You’ve got to be using your social media connections; Assist Social Media, has been doing this from the get go!  This is how we have grown so quickly to be as well-regarded as we are, and we’re just so amazed and blessed by the power of quality engagement!

There are some amazing people in the Social Media talent pool!

When you use your connections, we mean you need to be connecting with and developing relationships with the power players in your field, commenting, share heavily, and so much more.

Now – just a word of caution – you’ll notice I said engage. Let’s just say right up front that it doesn’t mean you go join the groups facilitated by the big power players and then program your Hootsuite or other automatic posting program to spew out links to your articles to all of your groups, hoping that someone might open and share your content.

There’s a word for that all right, and that’s called spam.  It’s a quick and easy way to get yourself booted out of influential groups, de-friended by the power players, and essentially ignored by your niche.  We’ve seen it happen – it’s not pretty.

The other piece of using your social media to boost your SEO, is that you still have to have quality content marketing. Pauline Magnusson, our Diva of SEO Content Marketing, is passionate about the power of solid content that is easily understood and used.

Without quality content – on your blog, your social media platforms, etc., all the social media and SEO in the world just won’t help you!  Hate to tell you, but that’s just how it is.

The  connections between Social Media and your SEO are so important that we are going to go platform by platform over the next few weeks and give specific tips on how to leverage your social media for an SEO boost.


How are you leveraging Social Media to boost your SEO strategy? Does this make sense to you?  What questions do you have about social media and your search engine ranking?  Leave a comment – we want to make the complex simple for you!


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    So true and I'm continually amazed that they're looked at separately (now that doesn't mean I've done a bang up job with SEO because I really didn't understand it…darn it). SO now I'm looking at things differently and slowly taking the next do-able step to build that reputation and credibility (without icky spam of course!)

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    Good points Elizabeth, I think people fail to realize that even social media channels have internal search engines and that optimizing their posts to be found on these internal search engines as well as the web engines is very important. You have to get in the minds of your customers and use the terms they use to describe your business.

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      It’s really not that complex Martha. People make it out to be more complex than it really is. I can’t wait to share the social side to SEO!

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    Really good points about the Socialization of SEO. With the release of Google's Panda and Penguin software updates, social media became a larger aspect of their algorithm. I think one of the biggest mistakes some folks make is not developing high quality content that would encourage social sharing. 

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      I’m so glad you can see it better Alexandra! I made a living with SEO for a long time. I wish I had know how to use social media with it!

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    You make so many great points! I am new to this blogging world and truly have so much to learn. Thank you sharing the info above. I have a lot to learn about SEO!:-)

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    I agree – there is no separating SEO and social media!  I am still learning about "backlinks" etc…but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon! : D

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    That makes sense that they would relate to each other. I was recently advised to get reviews on yelp and google places to boost my local ranking. I like that because I  know I like to see reviews on people before I decide to use them, so I'm glad they speak to each other.

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      Oh they do! That’s a great idea! They are link backs and link backs are votes of confidence! That really is what SEO is about! Votes.. these are the most relevant results with the most votes!

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    That's one of the biggest reasons why people should make use of Google Plus!!! G+ is Google…Google is SEO, it's that simple.

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    I agree with you Liz – social media connections make all the difference for your SEO as long as what you say is resonating with your niche, and you're not over sharing your own content. Can't wait to read the next part in the series!

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    I'm glad I can use social media to enhance my SEO. I do not understand SEO but Social Media is fun. I appreciate your helpful articles, Elizabeth.. maybe I will eventually get it all in my head.

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    Leveraging social media for search engine optimization is a technique that I don't know much about. Thanks for pointing out the importance. I appreciate that you pointed out that it's not about spamming but about engaging and relationships. Great article, Elizabeth!

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      well you know all about that relationship stuff Sherie! Love your great insights! You should be able to knock this part out of the park..;)

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    I ignored social media for years. I thought it was all just hype. Now I'm years behind in forming those relationships. I'm looking forward to more posts on this, going over each platform in turn.

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    Thanks, Liz, for this concise reminder of how important engagement and content are to our marketing efforts. I'm looking forward to the series!

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    Thanks for a great post !  I can't say that I understand it all but I do realize that there is a very strong relationship between SEO and social media… I look forward to reading more of your tips, I love how you present this information. 

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    You have a lot of good points Elizabeth.  I am absolutely loving the power of quality engagement. Looking forward to more of your posts about SEO.

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    I've got a lot of my stuff on the 1st page in a SEO search for "The Nuclear Catastrophe" (and I'm not too sure how I did that, either).  But how do I get my Pinterest site there?  It actually has pictures that validate the novel and the material I have written and blog about.  Thanks for all your help.

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      If you had a self hosted blog it would be simple enough and that would be to verify it on Pinterest. I would share my pinterest pins on Facebook and twitter to get that rolling!

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    SEO can be a mystical thing.  Tom hit the nail on the head!  With every change of search engines, new things come into play.  This is an area in which online business owners need to stay on top of … Thanks for the great post.

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    Elizabeth, I like the way you talked about not only getting out there but using quality information and targeting your population in a respectful manner. Thanks for the great info!

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    You are so right on Elizabetth! SEO and Social Media should go hand in hand, and it continually amazes me that people think you can do one without the other. Great post!

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