SEO Content for Websites : The Top 3 Tips to Spice Up a Boring Topic

One of the biggest challenges for new content marketing professionals is figuring out how to write in a way that’s interesting and engaging.  This is true for any field, but then when your topic is as interesting as, say, watching paint dry, it might seem like there’s no way to make it interesting enough for people to read once – let alone subscribe to for regular updates. This is where great SEO content for websites and an amazing writer can be just what you need. You can hire help or try some tips that great writer use to spicy up the most boring topics.

Content to turn it up a Notch

Does this sound like you?  How do you take a boring topic and spice it up so that it’s interesting to a wider pool of readers?
SEO content for Websites
SEO Content For Websites

SEO Content for Websites 3 Tips

What’s your purpose? 
It’s important to know what your purpose is when you approach your content marketing strategy.  Not just the purpose of one product or service, but your overall purpose as an organization.  Some people call this a mission, others a vision.  What is the story of your brand?  What does your company stand for?  What are your values? This isn’t only for a large brand – this is for any size company!

Be comfortable with “unrelated” content.

If you are approaching the content marketing and SEO for your “boring” industry by making posts that all revolve around selling your product, it’s no wonder people continue to find your industry boring!  It’s time to take the ideas you found in the first step and start to craft content that at first glance might seem unrelated.
Are you in the financial products business?  What’s the history of your industry?  Are there any stories where one of your industry’s products made a difference in a family’s ability to make ends meet or achieve a dream?  What are some tips related to the most pressing or urgent questions of your customers?  Lead by providing value for your customers!  Your customers will see you as their preferred choice when they’re ready to spend money on the products or services you provide if they’ve grown to trust you as a result of the free information you’ve given them over time.
Create a plan that revolves around regular and valuable content that is useful to your audience in some way.
Talk to your customers.  Find out what questions they have.  What frustrates them?  What encourages them?  What inspires them?  What do they love most about their businesses?  What do they love least about their businesses? What do they wish they’d known at the beginning?  Answer those questions regularly, and you’ll have content to last you for months!  Keep track of what people comment on regularly as the result of your posting, and your idea bank will never run dry.
Following these three steps, you should be able to spice up your content marketing, create content that appeals to your audience, and continue to attract loyal readers who can’t wait to read what you have to offer! If you need help there are many writers that create SEO content for websites that are great at using these tactics for hire out there.
What is your industry?  What’s your biggest challenge for content marketing in your niche?  I’d love to hear – let me know!


  1. says

    All great tips but I love this one "Create a plan that revolves around regular and valuable content that is useful to your audience in some way." This is really key to the CONTEXT that we need in our content marketing! Love it, Liz!

  2. says

    Another great article Elizabeth! Fortunately I'm not in a boring industry (social media) or at least I don't think so. Working in unrelated content into a post is what takes an article from good to great. Like you said, knowing your audience and true purpose is also key. Excellent tips I'll definitely share! 

    • says

      Thank you Shirley! No I don’t think we are in a boring industry either but I did have someone ask me how to make SEO NOT boring.. LOL Depends on who you ask I guess!

  3. Terressa Cortez says

    Love your tips and advice! I am always learn from your posts.  Social media is never ending so there is always something new just around the corner to keep you on your toes. Thank you for always keeping us updated.

  4. says

    Nice post Liz. I especially liked your 3rd tip to post regular and valuable content that is useful to your audience. That is absolutely key. It may take time to find just the right slant for your niche, but once you do, you've got the foundation for great relationships. Thanks.

  5. says


    "Be comfortable with 'unrelated' content" is a very good advise. It definitely spices up my content to a whole new level which provides value to my clients. Thanks for this valuable information.

  6. says

    I quite often feel very formal and awkward in my tone – something I need to work on. Still learning this blogging business so thanks for the advice

  7. says

    Great advice to write about unrelated content. I don't do this too often because I thought it would turn readers off. Thanks for the tip Liz!

  8. says

    Elizabeth, you have opened my eyes, today. I hadn't thought of writing about unrelated content. Awesome advice!! Thanks. : D

  9. says

    I like these tips Liz, and sometimes I forget them when it is time to write. It is very important to me when reading a post to leave having learned something so in effect  I try to write with that in mind. 

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