SEO and Content Marketing – Does it Really Work?

How SEO and Content Marketing Drives Traffic

I know that using best SEO and Content marketing practices works and have used them to market and build my own companies for years. I share tips on this blog to help you do the same thing. My company has a two fold mission – helping DIYs through my articles and managing social media  for companies that prefer to have someone take care of it for them. Nothing excites me more than seeing a client reach their goals or hearing that a DIY reader learned something that really helped them with their business.

Seo and Content Marketing Does it Work?

SEO can be “FIXED”                                                                              

If you have a website that’s been around for years and think it can’t be fixed; think again.

I had a very interest conversation with a client this weekend about a website and social media evaluation I had conducted for her. The evaluation didn’t go anything like I thought it would. In fact, it was too good.

I worked here and there all week looking at this website and wondering why this client thought she needed help. She was using the correct keywords for her target market, had very good traffic, and except for some minor tweaks was using best SEO practice as far as I could tell. Her social media was a very different story and I had quite the list for her to work on there but her website was really in good shape.

The Fix and How it Works

I was kinda worried telling her there was not much wrong on the SEO end of the report. I wondered if she would think I had not really check it or that I didn’t know as much about it as she had hoped.  After all, she had told me she didn’t know what she was doing and if it was really correct or not. I took a lot longer than usual on this one because I really couldn’t find what she thought the problem was.

The time to face the music came and I got the call from the client. As I went over her report and explained to her that she was using good practice and her SEO was as good as mine or better. I was sweating wondering what her reaction was going to be. She laughed and squealed with delight. She went on to tell me that she had been reading my articles about using best SEO practices to improve your traffic and that her traffic had gone from 1800 visitors a month to an average of 8500K in the few months. She started using my tips and was going back and fixing old post as time allowed. I was so relieved and excited for her! This client is a very smart woman working on a cause I love and want to see get to the right people. I can’t wait to see if my using social media to promote your business tips helps launch her into the limelight where she belongs. I’ll keep you posted!

Are you using best SEO and content marketing practices to promote your website? Do you use the best SEO plug for WordPress? Do you have a tip to share that could help DIY readers incorporate best practice in the battle to the top of search? I would love to hear a question or have you leave a tip for us in the comments below.


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    What an awesome article about SEO.  Now you have got me excited to go revisit my SEO practices for our blog!!!

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      Awesome Angela well that’s what it did for me too! .;) I was so happy for my friend! It’s never too late to fix your SEO!

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    Okay, your post reminds me of everything I do not know.  I have bookmarked your page and am going to start reading this in more detail.  Would love to progress forward.  Thanks.

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    Elizabeth, isn't it wonderful when we hear that what we're offering, especially openly in our blogs, is making a difference in people's lives?  (I know it brings me tremendous joy!)  Thank you for your generous spirit and for sharing what you do with all those trying to get some traction with their sites!

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    Love this example, Elizabeth, it must have been so exciting for you to see the results of your teaching on someone else's blog!!

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      I was so thrilled for her! She has a wonder platform and great content! I hope we can rocket her to the front with her social media!

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    Oh, this is ever so awesome. Doncha just love it when someone listened and took action! (Oh, and thanks for letting me know it isn't too late. I couldn't spell SEO, let alone figure it out and am just now getting to that part of things. Know I've got a long ways to go and am getting there!)

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      Oh Mamma Red it’s not and just take it a step at the time.. first find your keywords.. and then go to step 2! It’s worth it!

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    Thanks for the article! I know it works too : D…  It is a tough nut to crack though for those of us who are new to social media : /

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      Thanks Karla! I’m so excited for her! She’s worked very hard to put out very useful information that I want people to see! I can’t wait to see what she does with her social media!

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    Great proof that SEO really works. And I understand how excited she must be because the expert told her she was doing it right, lol. That's exactly how I am.

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      I done say I’m an expert but I’ve studied it for a very long time. I share my findings and love to help people get the traffic they want to their sites!

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      Thanks Carly! I’m so happy for my friend and client. She’s an awesome lady and I’m excited to see where she goes from here!

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    A great example of how having the right knowledge and expertise can promote and empower a client. And you definately have the right knowledge and expertise Elizabeth!

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    I had just asked "does anyone have any actually examples of social media actually working for small business" in a Google + community.  I had 43 comments, and most didn't answer the question. It's GREAT to see real results, and such a well thought out blog. Thanks!

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    That's awesome Elizabeth!  It's great when there is such an immediate feedback loop and the work and advice that you provided was so beneficial.

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      It was so amazing to hear how she used yips and go results after applying the SEO methods! I’m just so stinking excited for her!

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    How rewarding it must be for you to know you have helped someone grow in business! I look forward to returning here so I can learn a thing or two :)

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    I am pretty much a newbie and do not know about the seo and the wordpress plug in.  I could use some more information for that.
    Love the fact that you are willing to help others by sharing your information.

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    I have been learning as I go and my tactics have certainly imporved…but like her i wonder how I am acyually doing… of these days i need to have you give me a review! I'm ready for some limelight!;-)

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    Way to go Elizabeth! It's so exciting when a client tells you that they've taken action on what you've taught them and gotten results! I'm thinking I need to follow your client's example and go recheck my own SEO.

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      Helena, I get so excited when I read things like that! I bet yours is perfect Helena! But You need to get your SEO in order if it’s not!

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    Great blog Elizabeth! You mention "the best SEO plug for WordPress". What do you think is the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Do you have a blog on this?
    Thanks, Ian

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    I am so thrilled and happy for you and your client just by reading your blog, Elizabeth. I look froward to seeing more tips from you :)

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