SEO Keyword Research: Do You even Know What a Keyword IS?



SEO Keyword research is the very first step you have to take to get your website in place for your ideal readers and clients to find your articles.

When we say keyword we really mean the phrase or long tail keyword. All this amounts to is the words a person uses to type in a search engine to find information online.

You don’t know? Oh dear! Okay, stop what you are doing and get this right. You have to know this and know it well. If you are trying to reach people with a message or product how do you expect them to find you?

seo keyword research 

The World Wide Web has about 14.19 billion pages. If you don’t know where to tell search engines to categorize your post, it could be lost. Lost in over 14 billion pages!

How To Figure out your Keywords using SEO keyword Research

To figure out what words people use to search for the topic you write about you have to get in the mind of the readers you are trying to reach. If I were a reader looking for this subject, what would I type in the search box? The next step is to try it in a search. More people use Google search engine so that’s where I look. I go see what comes up and then Google is nice enough to give you a suggestion list at the bottom of the search.
how to find keywords for my blog
If you scroll to the bottom of search you’ll see a list.I typed in  “SEO and Keyword Research”  and in the list at the bottom, Google includes some popular keyword phrases that I can try also. How do you like that? Keyword lists to try! Take a look at the results you get using these lists. Are they coming up with sites like yours? Bingo! You hit pay dirt. These are key phrases that you can use in your articles. This is how you create SEO content for websites. Not too painful was it?
Okay now you’re cooking! You found some popular words and you can test them out to find more! You just log right into your Google account and sign up for a Google AD Word account. You don’t have to buy an ad to have an account and do research. After you become a wiz at keyword research you just might try it though. After that go to the dashboard and click Tools and Analysis, then you will see the Keyword Tool. This my friends is where you can find the magic. This tools tells you how many people search for the phrase and how many sites are competing for that phrase. It will then give you lists of similar phrases. Take a look at these get busy!

Google Analytics can help with SEO Keyword Research

You need to hook up Google Analytics if you haven’t. This can help you track how people are finding your site and tell you what they do while on your site. Did you see this tool lists the keywords used to get to your site? Notice that most of the search results are unknown? Yes, me too. That’s because more and more people are using Google plus and if they are logged in those results are blocked. Pfft, can’t get a short cut there anymore. I still want you to sign up though and get a clue about how your traffic arrives on your site. I really want to see you succeed in your business and find your ideal clients. You have to do a little research or hire someone to do it for you. Either way you can not just send your poor post stumbling around in 14 billion pages of information never to be found. Do your HOMEWORK! ( this site has an excellent article about ways to use Google Analytics !)
I want to know how you do research for keywords. Do you have a question I can help you with? Leave me a comment and talk to me about keyword research.


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    I had a big keyword a-ha recently. I was calling myself a public speaking coach. Finally, I used adwords. I found that public speaking coach got around 1200 searches a month but speech coach got 22,000. WOW. Guess what I am now calling myself?It makes sense. People don't say I am going to give a public speaking. They think about giving a speech.

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        my pleasure! Try the search and see what you find. You’ll be amazed at the difference using the proper keywords can do for your traffic!

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      Great stuff Michelle but you should consider the competition for a keyword as well as the volume. Also another thing one shoudl consider is commerical intent behind the search. Whilst public speaking coach has less searches it may be more focussed than speech coach…


      Well speech coach could cover things like help people with a lisp or children with speech difficulties.

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    I wish the entire SEO thing was just a bit easier to understand. I know it's not rocket science, but I'm still a bit baffled by it all. Do you have some best resources that you used to learn more?

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      I can help you Kenna! I’ll send you an e-mail and I have a couple of post I’m working on. Get your keywords going and you’ll be way ahead!

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