SEO Content for Websites

Want More Search Engine Leads? 

SEO Content for Websites

Of course you do.  The best place to generate targeted, ready to purchase traffic is directly from the internet with  SEO content for websites.  Why?  Because the people 46% of people searching the internet are looking to buy a product or service.  Would  you like to be the product or service that they find first?  SEO for websites is so important to your business and we know just how to make yours stand out! 

     We Can Help !

We offer some great blogging and SEO packages that will help you generate business and drive more targeted traffic from search engines.  We will help you get great keywords for your business and then strategically use them in a way that is guaranteed to land you in the top of search.  

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SEO Content For Your Website 

  • research and identify relevant keywords for your blog
  • use keywords in key place for maximum SEO value
  • add tags and categories using keywords

Who this package is for:  This package is ideal for those who have a blog and good content, just need a little help connecting the “SEO” dots.  We take your current content and turn up the SEO value for you.  If you need to boost your organic search results then this is the package for you.  You will see results almost immediately! 


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(price varies depending on number of web pages and amount of words)

Blogging Basic Package 

  • we will do basic keyword research on two topics (creates a list of 10 total) 
  • 4 blog posts written, fully SEO optimized 
  • tags and categories
  • optimized meta description
  • converting headline 

Who this package is for:  This package is designed for those who need an extra hand with their blogging but aren’t ready to relinquish control  Let us take care of one post a week for you.  Fully optimized, written with your customers in mind. 

Only $447/month

Blogging Business Package

  • keyword research on 5 topics ( creates a list of 25 total) 
  • 8 blog posts written, fully optimized
  • tags and categories
  • optimized description
  • converting headline
  • up to two internal links

Who this package is for:  This package is for those who need management of their blogs on a larger scale.  We will create enough content on your site to keep it fresh and updated. This is the most common package.

Only $999/ month

Blogging Explosion Package 

  • keyword research on 5 topics (creates a list of 25 total)
  • 12 blog posts written, fully optimized
  • tags and categories
  • optimized description
  • converting headline
  • up to 3 internal links
  • up to 3 outbound links
  • comment engagement on your blog
  • social sharing
  • manage affiliate links and ad placement 

Who this package is for:  This is package is designed for someone who wants a serious well-oiled blogging machine that is generating income!  It is basically how we manage our own blog and have become so successful attracting the right clients to our site.  

$2447/ month