Travel Apps for Couples – Keep Friends and Family in the Know

Adventure page

You enjoy the trip as a cozy couple but when you share your thoughts, photos and videos online – each of you shares those with your social media friends separately. It’s not that you intentionally break up your posts into “his” and “hers” piles, it’s just the way that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are structured. […]

Copywriting Tips: You Want Me To Put My Copy Where?

copywriting tips for business

 Writing Copy that Sells I’ll bet you think copywriting is just for your sales page, right? Think about it a bit. Where else are you trying to convert and convince?  Yes, your social media!  When you are using social media to market each platform could use some good copywriting. Social Media is about selling yourself […]

4 Savvy Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

4 social media marketing tip for small businesss

After you build an online business site,  you have to decide what content management system you will use and your method to market it.  Marketing is the focus of all business and how well you do it will make or break you. My favorite methods, social media and SEO are where you can really build […]

How To Convert Website Traffic into Leads for Your Business

how to convert website traffic into leads

Your business website is your storefront. It gives your prospect their first impression of your company. You only get one chance to make a good impression so work hard to make it count! There are a few basic I am going to give you to help you get yourself in a great posistion to make […]

How to Build an Email list to Boost your Sales with Social Media

how to build your email list

How are you building your email list? Do you have a opt-in form? Have you created an offer to exchange your fan’s email for some great information?  Your email list is the life’s blood to your online business. Never forget that. I wish I had know that my first year in. I made 30k with […]

Are You Taking Care Of Your Backend Bussiness Assets?

your best business asset -you!

A Humous Look at Taking Care of Your Best Business “asset” YOU! By Pauline Magnusson I am proud to annouce I am part of a brand ambassador campaign with 50 other MOMs for Cottonelle toliet paper and mosit wipes. I asked the talented and witty Pauline Magnusson to be my guest and share with you […]

Facebook Business Page SEO facts that will Surprise You!


All business owners “get” that they need a Facebook page. What many do not understand is the SEO value. You may have heard about that but aren’t too sure about how that all works. I want to be sure that as a business owner you understand what you are pass on by not have a […]

Social Media Tips For Business Owners, How NOT to Screw it Up!

social media for businesses 7 tips

Have you been told that you must get your business on social media? I bet you have! Everyone knows that they should be on social platforms.The question is where to start? Do you know what to expect? How will I manage it? What is my strategy? These are the big questions that need answers. Before […]

Facebook Auto Posting: How to Conquer Facebook !

Facebook automated posting

Are You an Automated Facebook Poster? Facebook marketing is engaging and connecting with your ideal clients. The tough part about using Facebook to market your business is the amount of time it takes to do it well. Timing and the right kind of content are everything. How will you get it post at just the right time? A Facebook auto […]

What In The World is a Social Signal?

What is a social signal

Social signals are a hot topic for SEO in theses days. Do you have any idea what a social signal is or what people mean when the talk about Social SEO?  Social SEO is the improved search engine rank or SEO you can get when your business is raking in the social signals!    Examples of […]