9 Non Negotiable Of Social Media For Business

social media for business

     Social Media For Business – Don't get Left in The Dust by your Competitors


When using social media for business there are a few things that you should ALWAYS do.  Make them a part of your social business culture, make them non-negotiable.  Here are the things that we think are social media for business MUSTS: 

1. You MUST be consistent

This is number one for a reason.  And the reason being that the most effective way to build a presence on social media for business, is to be consistent.  You have to be relentless. You have to be present, be "social".  If you are not present, there is no "social" media.  Just an empty platform.   Consistency is one of the biggest factors in increasing your engagement. Here's a great tactic for those of you pressed for time and lacking social media consistency: Schedule your social media time!    You can use a tool such a Crowdbooster to see when the majority of your audience is engaged and then schedule your time accordingly.  Maybe that means 30 minutes in the morning, and 30 minutes at night.  Remember consistency is not about quantity.  Use this time to say hello to new connections, share some of your amazing knowledge, share knowledge from others, and answer any mentions, tweets, statuses, or updates that are directed your way. 

2. You Must make meaningful connections

It is NOT enough to have followers or fans.  You actually have to make some connections.  You have to network and build relationships.  You do this by talking to people. Trust me, a little "hello" can work wonders.  Remember, social media is like being at a cocktail party, only the whole world is there and the space and time are unlimited.

3. You MUST utilize the best platforms for your business

If you are a fitness instructor I better see a booming YouTube presence or else… If you are making crafts then you better be on Pinterest, and Facebook.  EVERYONE should be on Twitter-period.  My love for twitter runs deep. Find out where your customers are, and then be there, and work to create a strong presence. B2B companies- LinkedIn is your baby… It is hard to do everything well. So choose your focus wisely and focus on building that presence.

4. You MUST utilize the search function

I have got to mention Kim Garst in this because, well, she is amazing when it comes to this and taught me how as well..  Such a simple concept, but so often overlooked.  Use the search functions to find out who is talking about your industry, who is looking for your services, you can even narrow it down to your immediate area. You can actually generate leads right from search!

5. You MUST be authentic

We could never stress the importance of this more.  Our clients genuinely "like" us. Not that you have to be friends with everyone, and believe me, not everyone will like you, no matter what you do.  But being authentic is part of what makes you unique.  It is part of what will set your marketing strategies apart from your competition. And guess what?  Being "liked" means being referred.  Who doesn't want to be referred? 

6. You MUST listen to your audience

Social media for business is a two way street.  It gives you an opportunity to share with your audience but don't forget to also take the time to listen to what they say.  Don't be afraid to ask questions to determine how to better serve your clients. Use polls, surveys, quizzes, etc. Or just simply ask.  

8. You MUST use Google+

Google+ is not just a social network.  Everyday we are found on Google, not just because of keywords, or social media necessarily, but because of  Google+.  I'll explain how this works.  At the core of Google's launch of their plus1 platform is fine tuning your search experience.  By providing you the best results based on what you are looking for, Google stays on top of the game. Enter Google+, designed to allow you to plus 1 what you like Google can now easily see what you want by your plus1's.  And when you search while logged into Google, the results of articles that have been plus1'ed by you and people in your circles will show up first. Get this in your marketing strategy, like yesterday.  Many people don't understand Google+.  It is so much more than just another "social network".

9. You MUST use other marketing strategies

Although social media plays a very important role in you inbound marketing activities it is not the only activity that is important and to have an effective marketing strategy you will have to integrate other forms of marketing into the mix.  Email marketing, SEO, and blogging are invaluable to creating a powerful marketing mix and should not be overlooked.  Social media is a great tool, but your marketing efforts MUST not stop there.  Inbound marketing has to be a mix of several elements. 



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    I am doing well on the "You Musts"…I tell ya though..I sometimes neglect G+…I will make a mental note to do better :)

    • says

      I expected no less from one of the top leaders on Twitter to follow.. Google plus we all need to get into.. It matters in search..;)

    • says

      Thanks Alexandra! We could use some work there too. We may know what we need to do but we don’t always find the hours in the day to get it all done!

  2. says

    You know that I am a work in progress when it comes to social media and I am really grateful for how well you lay out the steps and the musts…thank you for giving us these non negotiables. Great post!

    • says

      Thank you Sherie! I think My Angie is the cat’s meow when it comes to writing and laying out information in an interesting way!

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    …. and good old #8 rings the bell for me too!  I'm finally on g+ but I don't get it and I find it onerous to use.  I understand what you say, I'm not connecting the dots as to how it's utilized with the 'circles' and things, and how to use g+ to effectively market and reach your audience.  I'm learning this one, appreciate your information Elizabeth … keep it coming!

    • says

      Thank you My awesome partner Angela wrote this one and most of the awesome things on this site! Anytime Mary and we will be happy to help you.. just let us know..!

  4. says

    The one thing that stands out for me from this post is the need to be authentic. It's easy spot when someone isn't genuine when you meet them in person but so much harder online. I think it's important to be genuine and honest wherever you are!
    Thanks for the other non-negotiables. They really aren't!

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    I was doing ok, until I got down to #8 (Google +)!  Thank you for the tips, and I will start to use Google + more than I do now and see where that takes me.

  6. says

    Such a thorough and important blog post! I love social media and it’s so wonderful when I read a post of someone who ” gets it!” great info for anyone wanting to get their feet wet!

    • says

      Thank you Martha! We love it TOO! I built a company many years ago beacuse I used social media for fun first and looked it. I had a large group of people that knew and trusted me and it was an over night success. I built the relationship first though and it was in plave long before I started the company. So..I was way ahead there. Build the relationship and they will come to you if you have a good product!

  7. says

    I am doing pretty good, Ihave to crick it up on all platforms except Facebook. I wished I had the same love for Twitter as you do; I am on it and I sent out updates through Hootsuite, but I always have to remind myself to go there and engage with people…. The one thing I am not doing is the search button…Thanks for this wonderful post!!

    • says

      you are so welcome Olga and there are alot of twitter chat and people that would emnjoy your message on twitte. Search and you will see them.;)

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    Such great tips, here! These are definitely must follows for social media in business. Being consistent is so important. That's why we have folks like you to help us! Thanks for these success tips!

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    Great post! Good reminder for me too!! Google + is where I need to put sometime and effort for sure. I'll get there! Thanks for reminding me!

  10. says

    there's a few of these I need to work on, especially G+.  My problem with G+ is that I was ALREADYYYYY on twitter, facebook, linked in, and pinterest…… I'm supposed to make time for ANOTHER ONE?????  G+ is bringing me in kicking and screaming though I understand it's important.  However, I HAVE gotten clients from twitter.  And facebook.  And linkedin…… so I don't want to stop doing any of those, and I want to get better about blogging……. meanwhile I've got kids to take care of, customer orders to fill, prospect phone appointments to handle, and a pile of laundry up to the ceiling.  :)   Everytime we turn around there's another platform on which we MUST engage!  I get it, but ACK!  Thanks for kicking me in the butt!

  11. says

    Thorough breakdown of the different social media platforms here.   There are so many different components that comprise an effective marketing strategy online, and you nailed them on the dot.  This is great information Liz and Angie!  

  12. says

    This is a great list! I'm doing okay, but still struggle with consistency some times, especially over the last few weeks. I will definitely pick up my game and do better to make sure I incorporate all these Musts into my business. Thanks for the great advice. :)

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    I have to admit the Google+ is a bit different and just needs a little TLC. But the most important part is getting your articles from your website up there and getting +1 on that. It will push you up to the top of Google search!

  14. says

    I'm checking out Crowdbooster right now — I've never heard of it before — thanks! I struggle with #5 — I'm afraid if I'm too authentic I'll drive people away.

    • says

      Crowdbooster is great! It gives you an idea of when people are listening to you. And about being authentic, remember that doesn’t mean being overly personal and you don’t have to be transparent in all areas, just being genuine. :-)

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