How Hiring A Social Media Manager Can Help Your Bottom Line

In running your business there is one thing you can never have enough of..  TIME. The fact that there are only 24hrs in each day and that our bodies do require us to sleep from time to time leaves us limited to the things we can do in one day.  Sometimes investing in the knowledge of an expert can save you just that-time. Hiring a social media manager can help your bottom line and may be perfect for you.  

hiring a social media manager
Hiring A Social Media Manager

 What Are You REALLY Good At?

What is your core genius? What is it that made you start your business?  Are you a wedding planner and love planning weddings but hate to market your business?  Do you sell products through an a commerce site but hate to balance and keep your own books?

 Although while running a business we like to keep the cost down and lots of us have a “DIY” mentality, we forget about the cost of time.  How much more productive could you be if you focused on your core genius and invested money into outsourcing what you don’t like to do, or don’t have time to do effectively?

 And given more time to focus on what you are good at, you will begin to see a difference in your bottom line-where it counts. 


The Investment Of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Social media is not free.  To develop a powerful presence on social media it takes knowledge and lots of time.  To get it right you need to be prepared to fork out the cash, or fork out the time required to learn it, and then implement it.  Hiring a social media manager will not only free up the time it takes to grow and manage social media profiles, but it will free you up from having to learn inbound marketing strategies that actually work. 

 If you feel like you can manage your own social media marketing efforts then get coaching to help shorten the time it will take you to learn the ropes. 


The Bottom Line

Investing in the knowledge of an expert can increase your bottom line by freeing you up to do what it is you are really good at and allowing people who are experienced and knowledgeable in an area handle that for your business.  It won’t take long before you begin to see the effects of outsourcing on your business and on your personal life.

Social Media Manager Help

 Here at Assist Social Media we wrote the book on business relationships. We do everything from consulting to blog development, to inbound marketing strategy, to full blown social media management.  Let us help you bridge the gap between you and your  potential clients.  View a full list of our services and pricing here.


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    Everyday I see myself getting closer and closer to needing help with managing social media! Thanks for sharing this information!

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    Oh I beleive that a great Social Media Manage would be able to help us out for a great deal; you need to know what you want to do and then go for it!!

  3. says

    Having a Social Media Manager frees up business owners to make more money at what makes them happier — so stress is reduced and quality of life is increased — it's a a win-win!

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    so often people think that if they invest money in something that they could simply find the time to do themselves, it would help their bottom line when you're right– the opposite is true—- if you trade the money for time, you have more time to invest in your income producing activities while your ongoing building block activities that aren't as necessarily as IMMEDIATE income producing also get tackled in a professional way.  Awesome!

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    People still have a hard time hiring a social media manager. Companies are more on board with this, than the entrepreneur. I find myself doing more training for individuals. Also companies see more of the benefit of hiring one.

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    I see more and more that I could benefit from a Social Media Manager.  It would free up so much time for me! Thanks for sharing this article. Very well written!

  7. says

    It does take knowledge and lots of time…as my business grows, I see that there will be a need for a social media manager…you are right, there are only so many hours in the day!! : D

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    Having used a virtual assistant I can see the value in using a social media manager, too. This is one asset I need to put into the budget soon as my business continues to grow. This will allow me to do what I do best…work with people.

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    You are so right, time IS money. Doing what you're really good at and what you enjoy, and outsourcing the rest is the way to go if you want a profitable business. And social media is something that most business owners should be outsourcing!

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      It’s so true Jennifer! If Social media management isn’t your bag.. then outsource it to thr ptos that know how and love it!

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    Funny…was doing some research for an article I'm writing, and this was the top hit on Google. It was great to immediately find an authoritative article I knew I could trust.  :) 
    Have a great weekend –

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      well it’s like this Pauline.. when you hire a amazinggggggggggg people.. (outsource) Great things Happen for ya..;)

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    This is great Ladies-especially the part about social media not being free. Regardless of whether you are hiring help or doing it yourself there is a price. Time is money!! Thanks for sharing.

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    You ladies are so exactly right.  I was just speaking with Kim Garst today about outsourcing the things that I am not best at in order to make time for the things I am best at.  The question is always…what is the best use of my time?  Knowing that and then outsourcing things like social media frees one up to concentrate on where they can make the most impact.

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      it really does.. I partner with someone .. Angie loves to write and like facebook.. seo and twitter are my favorites.. together we have flown to the top!

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    These are great points. Business owners have to think about the time factor. Let someone else take the time to do it so you can focus on what you do best. Can you learn how to do it yourself? Sure. But it's going to take a lot of time. Do you have time to give? Probably not.

    • says

      That’s a great point it took me years to learn how to do it right and I studied everyday 1 Why not let me handly that for you and you do what you do best !!

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