Social Media Optimization – Are you Bringing your Business Card to the Party?

Social Media Optimization – Don’t forget your Business Card

I talk a lot about SEO or search engine optimization but what is SMO or social media optimization? It’s optimizing your social media platforms for traffic that is relevant to your business.

You do realize that search engines are looking at your social media activities?

I want you to be ready and take full advantage of this party called social media.

Social Media optimization


5 Tips to Help you Rock the Party

It’s Social Media

Relationship building is what social media is about. You would think that it would not be necessary to state the obvious but many business leaders that are using social media for advertising forget why people are on these platforms.

Fun! I remember the first time I logged into a social media site in 1998; it was scroll with dozens of conversations just buzzing with activities.

I was mesmerized. I have spent many an hour laughing and having a ball on social media since. In fact, I used it for 5 years just to have fun before I owned a business.

It’s like a giant cocktail party that never ends. Network and build relationships first and the business and traffic will come to you.

Fill out your Profile

Your profile is your business card. Don’t go to the party without your business cards. Use your keywords and fill out every line so that search engines can find you as well as people that are interested in what you are selling.

Don’t be a wallflower at the party and just blend in. Go to the party dressed for success and ready when you meet your ideal client.

Prime example, your Facebook personal profile. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to find someone’s business page by going to their personal profile and they are not connected. Ughhhhh! That is so frustrating.

I want to do business with you but can’t find your business. Link your personal Facebook and your Facebook business page. Get that traffic to your business!

There is a perfect empty spot right on the top of your Facebook personal page to add a link to your website and your Facebook fan page.

Please fill that out.

I want to see what your business is all about!

Timing is everything at the Party

There are peak times to post on social media and you need to figure out when that is to get the most out of your post.

I’ll give you a hint. The majority of people on social media are in the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Think about their habits. What time is it when they get up, have lunch, get home from work and check their social media before going to bed.

These are the peak times to post something interesting and have the most eyes view it. This is the time to make the dramatic entrance. It’s all about timing!

This is NOT your Party

This party is not all about you. You can be the darling of the party if you play your cards right.

Be polite and share useful information, be entertaining, or provide solutions to problems.

Help people and be interested in what you can do for others.

People will flock to you for answers and be happy to buy your product if you can help them.
See what people need and be there for them. You will have people connecting to you and gain quite the following.

Search engines notice when people are connecting to you and sharing your content in large numbers. Give interesting and helpful information and watch how quickly the crowd will flock to you.

Keep Current

share what’s new and stay fresh. If you want to keep that audience that you’ve built post regularly and help keep them in the know.

You have to leave the party and do your homework if you intend to please your fans and followers.

It won’t hurt if you changed your outfit now and then either. A new picture will be noticed right away. Don’t get stale!

Take Away From Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is as important as SEO.

Can you believe I said that?

I know that I talk about SEO and content for your website a lot but never forget why the party started.

I’m here for the party and I bring my business cards to network as well.

Try sharing your business with that thought in mind. Blend your personal and business life on social media together.

Make sure search engines can find your business as well as the people at the party that might just be your ideal client.

Don’t be a SPAM BOT everyone ignores or a WALLFLOWER no one notices.

If you mix the business with the pleasure you’ll be a social media butterfly!

Search engines love social media butterflies. ( yes, I turn it back to that!)




I want to know how you mix it up. Are you taking advantage of your social media by optimizing your profile and sharing your business? Tell me what you do to keep people interested in you and your business. Leave me a comment!


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    Amazing info…I too have experienced #2!! But before I say more I am going to checkout my profiles right now! Thanks for reminding me that those little things aren't that little after all! Great job!

  2. says

    Nice post Liz. You are right – it's amazing how many business owners don't have their Fan Page linked in their profile on Facebook, or don't have it listed in their profiles on other social networks. Unfortunately, it sends the message 'not ready for prime time', which is not what you want people to think. I still need to work on my post timing though, which isn't  always easy, especially if you live on the West Coast. Thanks for the tip about paying attention to Eastern Standard time.

    • says

      Thanks Julie! Glad you read it too! I love to visit people’s business [age and now you just made it easy for me and everyone else to find your business!

  3. says

    Love the thought of your profile being your business card. Hadn't thought of it that way and it puts a new spin on it for me. (maybe it should have been an obvious thing but not to me..) Also I have my fan page linked to my FB profile but not my website is that ok? 

  4. says


    Lots of valuable information on your article. Time to go over my profile and be ready for Social Media Optimization. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    Thanks for the great advice, I've tended to use my personal profile to express my personality and kept my business page 95% to business….. but now I'm going to mingle the two together and have a bit of fun 😉

  6. says

    I definitely am not optimizing my social media profile. Thanks for the advice, Elizabeth, I always learn so much from your posts…now, to put it to work. 

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