Social Media Strategy Template – You do have one, Right?

social media marketing template

It’s the end of January my friends and all the reality is setting in. You made a resolution to use social media to grow your business but did you write down how to do it?

Do you have a plan of attack?


If you are going to organize your Social Media for your business you need a plan. What do you need to post?

Where do you need to post? How often? What time is the best? What is your Social Media Strategy plan?

I have 5 tips for reaching a goal and a social media strategy template to get you started.

social media  strategy template

5 Tips to set Goals for your Social Media Marketing


Put the content on your Facebook business page as a graphic tile or in Facebook notes! Facebook has a very visual audience so do it with a graphic and some of your best content to be shared on Facebook. Facebook users bring a lot of traffic to my website! Think picture perfect and share your best!

Set Real Goals for each Platform

After you set up your business profile on a social media platform decide how often and what you will post on each platform. Timing is so important. You have to study and see when your clients are engaging with your content.

Make a goal you can plan from like a certain number of posts each day at these times. Go back and adjust what isn’t working. Set a goal and then plan the post using your goal as a guide.

Decide what You will Post

If all you do is talk about your business and throw out links to your product, you aren’t going to get much if any following. This is SOCIAL media. Put content out there that people can interact with like a question to be answered, helpful advice about your industry, or even something funny.

People come to social media to be entertained and let their hair down. Mix your marketing with fun and you’ll see better results. There are platforms that are all business like LinkedIn. You still need to be creative in your approach.

Get Real Metrics from each Platforms

There are many ways to measure results for social media. If your goal is to increase blog traffic to your business website then looking at your Google Analytics is a good way to see where traffic is coming from. You will see which platform is sending the most traffic and what customers do on your site when they get there.

Know The Platform User Base

Each platform has a different audience that spends their time there. Twitter has a younger audience, Facebook has more middle-aged, Pinterest has 85% females users base, and LinkedIn has higher level income subscribers.

Google plus is really new and pretty wide open with a high percent of men than women with a more techy following than the rest of the social media playgrounds.

Each platform has a style of post that are more popular as well.

Hint – a picture is worth a thousands words! Learn to say it with a picture.

Even the text base twitter is getting into the photo sharing. A fast growing social media platform, Pinterest, is photo-based with few words. People buy with their eyes first! Make it Pretty!

Have a Written Strategy

I want to see you reach your goals this year. The best way to reach a goal is to write down specific measurable goals. The who,what,when, and where strategy to get you where you see results. Goal that are written are 3 times a like to be achieved! How about a social media strategy template to get you going?

Social Media Strategy Template

I have a social media strategy template to help you get started managing your social media strategy. Just sign up and I’ll send you a copy to help get started on setting real goals for leveraging social media. Let’s make this your year in business!

I want to know how you plan to attack your social media strategy? What do you plan to do? What do you plan to change? Leave me a comment below and share with us your goals!


  1. says

    Liz you always are one step ahead of me…love it. How did you know I needed something, a tool like this to get organized…I've been stumbling around for years. Thank you so much, now watch my smoke!

  2. says

    I would only add a word about time management. It's best to think through your time priorities as you are writing that social media plan. 
    Also, if you step away for a week or a month to heal and rest your contacts will still be there. So, take care of yourself. We need you for the long haul.

  3. says

    Thanks for the inspirational post Elizabeth – I need a better plan of action in place for my social media strategy so I look forward to using the tool you've offered here!

  4. says

    Nice post Liz! Having specific goals and a written strategy is so important to success. Scheduling everything is is pretty high up there on the llst too. Thanks for the reminders.

  5. says

    Yes, I recently learned this the hard way…after spending hundreds of dollars and oodles of time on Facebook, I realized that my customers don't like FB – ugh!  At least I figured it out.  Thanks for the post – really puts it in perspective.

  6. says

    Some great tips! I always seem to do better on facebook than the other social platforms when it comes to posting about parenting (but on the flip side whenever I post an article about blogging I do better on Google +) I know that I am working hard to try and have a quality dad/parenting site. I read a lot in my spare time trying to find out everything I can to make my site better and discover what it is that people actually want. I am not afraid to try something new or to stop doing something because it isn't working.
    Aaron Brinker

    • says

      Awesome Aatin! that’s how we get better and learn what it takes to get better! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you ever!

  7. says

    This is a good reminder and an easy outline to follow to develop my social media strategies for 2013. I appreciate how you share your knowledge in a direct and easy-to-understand style. Warmly, Susan

  8. says

    My social media strategy is a continuing work in progress. I learn from great posts like this one as well as noticing what has worked in the past. Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    Some great tips here and I totally agree that you need good visuals too. There are a wealth of sites that offer free pictures that can make such a difference to a page.
    Thank you!

  10. says

    As with most anything else, having a plan is critical.  But with Social Media, where it's so easy to get distracted, NOT having a plan is downright dangerous.  😉  Thanks for these valuable goal-setting tips, Elizabeth!

  11. Gijs Molsbergen says

    Planning to do: set up a group of five persons who are known, enthusiastic and motivated to set up and work out a strategy, so we can get more interaction online throughout existing and new channels.

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