Social Media Strategy 2013 – Same Song New Year!

What’s Your Plan for your Business Website?

Are you ready to hear what the hot new trend for social media 2013 will be? Everywhere you turn there is a prediction about what will happen and what the social media strategy 2013 should be. I’m just like everyone else and I read what the news outlets are saying and predicting. What’s my take? Business should be less about advertising and pushing their sales on social media and more about building relationships with their clients. Oh REALLYYYYYYYY!!! 

I did a happy woohoo dance when I read and found the theme – relationship marketing! I learned long ago that social media is FUN and people using social media are there to have FUN not buy anything. I made 10s of thousands of dollars in sales my first year in business using social media as my main form of advertising and never mentioned my company. I had a relationship with a community and a profile with a link in it to my business. That was it. One thing that has changed in the past 10 years is nothing has changed. People are on social media to be entertained and if you want to get their attention then you better entertain and not spam their domain.
social media strategy

Social Media Strategy for Business

Social media is a powerful tool to promote and build your business. No, it is not a quick, one stop posting board for your latest promotions. Social media revolves around relationships and actually being “social”. Who Knew? Social media marketing is about building a relationships, authority, and credibility. Once you have the ear of the people who are following you, they will listen to what you say, but not a minute before. Just ask some major corporations that tried to use it as a way to advertise without building a following. A ton of money and nothing to show for it was all they got. 

It is important to remember that just because you have a platform that is potentially limitless, your followers should always be at the focus of your efforts. Adding value, being genuine, and building a relationship will bring you much better results in the long run.  Social media is a journey and it is not free. Effort, time, and knowledge are a must to build a social media presence. The investment, however, will be invaluable to your business. I promise you.

So what are the best ways you’ve seen a brand use social media? What’s a way that you hate? Got a tip or an idea to share? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of relationship marketing.


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    I'm learning the ways of attraction marketing. The hardest part for this aging baby-boomer is to "unlearn" all the marketing my company has packed into my brain over the past 20+ years. So, 2013 will be a year of practicing how to do what I do best offline, that is develop real relationships using social media to reach parts of the country I've never even been to yet. What do I hate? I hate someone coming to my page and shouting out about what they do…I don't even know who they are yet. ewewww

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