Social Media Tips For Business Owners, How NOT to Screw it Up!

Have you been told that you must get your business on social media? I bet you have! Everyone knows that they should be on social platforms.The question is where to start? Do you know what to expect? How will I manage it? What is my strategy? These are the big questions that need answers. Before you jump off  the deep end, let me share with you a few  social media tips for your business .

 What NOT to DO on your Social Media!

social media tips for business owners

Before you get out there, you will need a plan or a roadmap. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll have no way of measuring the benefits of social media. Are you going to use social media to promote your website? Are you searching for new clients or business connections? Will you be trying to engage current clients? Do you want to become an influencer in your field?  THESE are the questions that you need to answer  before starting a social media campaign.

Success on Social Media will take Time and Effort

Until you have an established online presence, you will not see quick results. The first step is to start making connections with influencers and serving your audience. Becoming a social media mover and shaker takes time and know-how. Don’t be too quick to declare that it doesn’t work for your business model. Give yourself a little grace to learn how before you throw in the towel. We all have to start somewhere. You will save a lot of heart ache by learning how to engage and use social media. Yes, I’m certain you’ve heard Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Remember to keep that in mind as you start your social media marketing strategy.

Check out what the Competition is Doing

You should set yourself apart from all the noise on social media. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Checkout your competition on social media. See what they are doing right and how you could do it better. Don’t be a carbon copy of what’s already out there. Be a stand out from the get go! Do it right but do it with an edge! Try bringing something new to the table!

Be Smart with your Social Media Management Team

Hiring a team or individual to run your social media campaign is smart, but be sure they are professionals. Just because a person has a Facebook account, does not mean they know how to market a business on social media. Be certain your social media manager and you are on the same page. Have a plan and make certain that everyone “gets” it!

Put Some Effort into your Profiles

Your Social Media profiles are extremely important. Make certain to reference your company website and have a consistent message across the board. Think about what your fans and followers should know about your company. Use nice photos and graphics and keep everything up to date.

Tell Everyone You’re on Social Media

Add social media icons to your website to connect your social profiles on all platforms. Make sure email subscribers know how they can connect with you and include that information in any of your advertisements. Never miss a chance to share your social media profiles with the public. This will increase and grow your following! 

Remember Why it’s called “Social” Media

One of the biggest things that business owners must learn is the focus should always be on the “social”. People are on social media to have fun and to share interesting information. Make sure your social media is a balance of helpful information, fun, and inspiring post. Avoid constant selling and marketing if you intend to develop a following via social media.

Graciously Sharing Content From Others

Sharing useful content from experts in your industry is a great way to meet new people and to be seen as a hub of useful information. This concept is really different from tradition marketing. Normally, You would never help promote the competition but social media is a whole new ball game. It sounds crazy if you’ve never used this form of social marketing, but it’s how social media is done

Respond and Engage with Your Followers Always

respond to comments and questions from your audience. You can’t build a following unless you engage with your fan base. Remember, your fans are the life blood of your social media. Fall in love with your e-mail subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans. Nurture your relationship with them like a parent does with child. Before you know it, the feeling will be mutual. They will love sharing your content and  will be recommending their friends and followers buy from you!

Summary of Social Media Tips For Business Owners  

To reach your goals, you should be developing products, growing your e-mail list, and making sales. Make every effort to connect in a meaningful way with your followers.Your Social media strategy should complement your marketing activities, not replace it. Being consistent, using your platforms correctly, and having a plan.These are the vital steps to building a successful online business.

What’s your plan? What’s your pain point? Do you know something important that’s not on this list? Share your questions, comments or tips in the comments below! 



  1. geekoroklini says

    Great tips Elizabeth. I especially like the ones that explain how social media takes time and it’s all about sharing valuable from others and responding/engaging with followers. It certainly takes time to educate business owners as to how it’s not about promoting their products but about connecting as the person behind those products. Cheers!

  2. says

    When I started out with social media as a tool for my Coaching Practice, the intention was to raise visibility away from my previous career and establish credibility. What I have realized since then is that the objective and goal of using social media for one’s business changes over time and that means regularly evaluating your purpose otherwise one can spend a lot of time on it and affect one’s productivity. For me, social media continues to be a source for nurturing relationships and showing the Me whom I hope people will know, like and trust enough to do business with.

  3. says

    So clear, so logical, so true, Elizabeth! Out of curiosity, if someone were just beginning and using “a team or individual to run your social media campaign” as you say, what is the range of time in which one could start seeing traction? Is it 3-12 months, best case / worst case? (I realize it depends on how many resources you throw at it … but a rough range would be helpful for some.)

  4. Anne Allen says

    Elizabeth, what a great post–I really enjoyed all of the tips–especially the ones as they relate to social media management, which is what I do. I found this post very enlightening. :)

  5. says

    Thank you Elizabeth for you sage advice about social media. My goal in social media is to help people become comfortable with me and the services I provide. It’s just not about business.

  6. says

    Hi Elizabeth! I love this post and shared it on my page…as I have lots of friends right now using social media in their small businesses! Thanks!!

  7. says

    Great tips Elizabeth. I definitely can appreciate your tip of “putting effort” into one’s accounts. Many try to spread themselves too thin across multiple platforms thinking this will make them more visible when in fact, they come across as looking lazy and uncommitted. Yes, like you said, social media takes time and effort and for many this might feel like it’s too time consuming and to that I say, focus on less outlets. It is better to be a Rockstar on one, then mediocre in all.

    Look forward to more of your posts girl 😉

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