Why You Must Use Social Media to Promote Your Business Brand.

  Promote Your Business Brand

You know your business has to be on social media or so you’ve heard. I’m here to tell you again it’s a must but I’ll tell you the “why”. It’s where the people are a big group of potential clients that are out there hanging out in Google plus, connecting and sharing with family and friends on Facebook, looking to hire or be hired on LinkedIn, and grouping up and sharing ideas and pictures on Pinterest. Millions of people use social media everyday and are looking to connect with new people. It just makes sense to use social media to promote your business.  If you don’t get your company social, you are leaving money on the table, my friend.


Why you should use social media to promote your business


It’s The Place to Be!

What are the most visited websites on the globe? According to Alexa the top 10 contain social media platforms. Facebook is the number 1 social media site on the list, next is YouTube, and Twitter is number 10. People are on these social sites 24-7 and you could be talking and building important relationships with the very people who are most likely to buy from you. As I have said before social media is like a giant party and you need to be there passing outing out your business cards and making connections.

Put Your Brand in Front of Your Clients

 What a great way to give value and gain insight from your clients. You can show them your personal side as well as you gain insight as to what interests them most. Want to test an idea? Run it by the people who you want to attract to your company. Post and see what kind of reaction you get. Every day you can be in contact and get your brand in from of people to remind them what awesome services you have and where to look! Yes, you can get NEW leads and stay in touch with current clients. I hope this was an “Aha moment” for any doubters.

SEO for Your Website

 Did you really think I wasn’t going to talk about SEO? You know better 😉 All of these profiles that you can build generate backlinks from these popular sites to your BUSINESS WEBSITE! Not just any ole backlink but very important backlinks that show up in search engines. Where do people who are ready to make a purchase go online? That’s right, Search engines. People shop online more than ever before and they use search engine to find what they need. You know you want in on that action!

I’ll take you back to 2003

  • mom starts business by purchasing a domain and signing up with a company to promote their product.
  • She uses what was social media then and links to her purchased domain. Mom goes hmm must get my website in search.
  • Mom does what the big guys do to get her site indexed and at the end of a year mom clears 30K. (This is not a fairy tale that mom was me!) True story.

Easy Access

With a mouse and an internet connection you can tell all your followers and connection at one time about the new product that they’ll be dying to purchase. Build a following and millions of people can be reached at any given moment. In less than 5 minutes you can share with every platform worth being on the latest and greats your company has to offer! Oh better still, reward your loyal fans with discounts or gift that only they get for following your company online. See how amazing that will be?

It Costs Nothing to Use Social Media to promote your Business

You can advertise, market, and show off your brand for zero money. It costs you only the time you have to invest to network on social media. I spent my time and less than 100 dollars my first year to make 10s of thousands dollars profit in one year. I built relationships and the clients came to me. I studied and found the platforms where my potential clients were spending their time. I created a profile and engaged with my fellow users. It was as simple as that.

Time Sweet Time

What if time is something you don’t have? Well there are social media management service providers that you can purchase plans from that KNOW how to make social media work for your brand. If you need help developing a social media marketing strategy or need full service management from top to bottom, there are people who can handle it all. Running my own business was a dream come true for me and I have taken those years of experience and teamed up with the best social media experts in the business to bring companies the same benefits that I received from social media.

What’s your favorite way to use social media to promote your business? Do you still doubt its benefits? Do you have a social media marketing strategy? I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let’s socialize!


  1. says

    I really fought joining social media sites for my business, but forced myself too. They aren't how I would choose to spend my time personally, but it has been less painful than I thought. I have met people who I would have never met otherwise.

  2. says

    I am constantly amazed at all I have to learn about social media.  Just covering the sites takes hours of time.  But I am learning and I am enjoying it.  Thanks.  Will come back and read some of your articles.

    • says

      Thanks Barbara! learning Social media os just like everything else.. takes a little time! You are on the right track by joining a group to learn a tip or two!

  3. says

    My favorite is still Facebook. Although I am on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, I need to remember to get on those and check them, whereas I log onto FB in the morning and check it again many times during the day. I am pretty sure it is social media I have to thank for my continuous book sales.

  4. says

    No, I didn't think you weren't going to talk about SEO…lol…seriously, though, Elizabeth, social media has been such a boon to my business and I have learned so much from you…and will continue to learn! 

  5. says

    Sage advice from one smart lady! I never cease to be shocked and amazed by people who try to promote their small business without social media…

    • says

      Thanks Lorrie. I had no idea how powerful it was until I used it. I stumbled upon the power od social media as a tool for promoting business after I discovered it for fun!

  6. says

    Great advice as usual .. its no good me sat here making gorgeous things if there's nobody out there to see them. I 'll make an effort to spend more time on social sites. Came here via your email …. another successful route. Look forward to your next blog. X

    • says

      Thank you Sue! Yes.. e-mails can bring you reads and help remind people what you have to offer! Social Media is a great place to share your products and remind people what it is that you have.

  7. MamaRed says

    Keeping up with it all? Sometimes a reallllll challenge and knowing where to focus is vital to success. I know that personally, I would NEVER have met amazing people from all over the world. Some have become clients, some friends, some people who believe in what I do and have helped me do the same. As someone who was housebound the better part of 5 years, it is a true lifesaver. Now learning how to leverage what I've learned into creating systems that make life easier and more profitable for others. Yes! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your experiences and your success.

    • says

      I love your story too! I was a bit housebound with young children and a husband that worked shift. My working from home was such a blessing to our family! I too have met such amazing people and won’t trade them for anything!

  8. says

    Using social media to promote your business has really become a necessity of our times – thanks so much for your wisdom… I always learn valuable nuggets from your posts.

    • says

      Thank you Moira and I’m so glad it helps! It makes my day to know that you got something from my post. I have used it and loved every minute for a long time now!

  9. says

    Social media is great for promoting just about anything you want to people!  The plain and simple fact is what you mentioned…it's free.  Even though it takes a little time to get established on social media it's worth every second!

  10. says

    In this day and age, i just don't know why anyone wouldn't use social media. I love it and as much as I know, I know so little yet I still find it enjoyable, powerful, effective..it is the way!

  11. says

    Great post! I think it's the relationships that I like the most about social media. As someone who is pretty much a hermit, I've met some awesome people through social media, and have really grown because of them.

    • says

      me too. I had a issue from a trama and was very wary of strangers! It was very healing and I have met so many awesome friends, like you!

  12. says

    Love that you mention the no cost factor of using social media. It's very encouraging to read of your success and realize the payoff does come with time served and diligent application.

    • says

      I’m so glad you can see the payoff. I had great success right away but I had used the platform for many years and knew the dos and don’ts.

  13. says

    I love meeting new people, and it has been a way to keep up with old friends ongoing, so that when I see them, we can go a little deeper instead of spending a lot of time catching up on "what have you been doing?"

  14. says

    Elizabeth I can always come to your website to find just the right piece of information at the right time. Great "why" we should promote our businesses using social media.

    • says

      thank you Lisa! I have loved it for so long! I recall the day my husband said if you can figure out how to make money online you’ll be successful! LOL..;)

  15. says

    Congratulations on your financial success with social media – I love it! I'm finally getting the hang of it, myself (thanks in large part to the help you gave me!). Sure wish I'd understood this 5 years ago when I started!! Thanks for the great information, Elizabeth!!

  16. says

    Oh, how branding has changed over the years!  The whole concept of brand-building has been reinvented in just one generation.  What's great is how much more available the effort is today …

  17. says

    Definitely, social media is a good way to promote a online businesses and blogs. I think expecting a huge traffic from search engines is a stupidity. The most of my blog’s traffic from social media and referrals.
    There are many advantages using social media but, we should use some tips and tricks to get these advantages.
    I’ve used pinterest to optimize my site and the result was amazing my site was jumped from #234 to #9 in few weeks time.
    The trick is we must got our website pinned and repinned by many people this is the hardest part. Most of pinterest users won’t doing repin when they aren’t like what we pinned.
    I do simple thing to outsource it on fiverr and got my site pinned by more than 70 people

  18. says

    Social media is one of the best and easy way to get more traffic for your business or products or website in major search engines. Today, most of people are using social media networks, especially younger. There are many various social sites like Facebook, google plus, LinkdIn, twitter, pinterest, etc. that will be getting most of the traffic.

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