Assist Social Media Top articles 2012

Social Media Top Articles 2012



It's the end Of 2012 my Friends! What was the best of 2012 for you? Mine has to be the decision to help businesses use social media to build relationships and form this company. I looked over my stats as I was planning my new business goals for 2013 and decided to share my most popular post with you. My last post of 2012 is another look at look at Assist Social Media's Top post for 2012 by popular views and visits! The top social media articles 2012 decided by views.


Top 5 for Assist Social Media


A Cool Trick To Get More Facebook Likes –  Everyone wants to get Facebook likes.  No matter how many you have, there is something strangely satisfying and validating to see the numbers of "fans" that you have climb well into the thousands.  Maybe it is Facebook's little trick to call them "fans" and "likes" that works really well to get all of us so pumped to get them.  



Easily Make Money on Pinterest – If you’re like anyone (and everyone!) you enjoy spending time on Pinterest.  I think my favorite items on Pinterest lately are the e-cards.   One of the best ones says, “Honey, would you please bring home pizza?  I’ve been too busy pinning nutritious recipes on Pinterest to cook!” But do you know how to make money with Pinterest without trying to sell a thing?   It’s not too good to be true – let me explain.

The Best WordPress Theme EVER: Why We Use Headway For WordPress – There is a lot of talk of themes for WordPress and a lot of debate which is the BEST.  Now with anything, there is certainly a lot of opinions flying around out there, and a lot of those opinions are based on individual experiences with different themes.  The truth is the best WordPress theme out there right now is Headway.  I've tried Genesis and Thesis, both good themes, but I've seen the best results with Headway.  Here is why I use it, and why I think you should too! 
Tips to Engage Your Facebook Fans Like A Pro –  Wondering how to increase engagement on your Facebook Fan Page? It’s so frustrating to constantly share updates and "relevant" information only to check back in three hours to find that only two people have liked your status.  One being you, and the other your best friend or mentor. Here a couple proven strategies you can use to spice up your interaction with your fans on Facebook.
How to use Twitter to Boost Your Google Rank  I'm guessing if you've used Twitter lists, you think of them as a great tool for getting organized on social media. And you'd be correct.Or maybe you also think of them as one of the best ways you can use the power of Twitter for a business, helping you network, getting you connected with the most influential people in your niche.  You'd be right there, too. But did you know that lists are also great tools to use Twitter for a business, especially when it comes to search engine optimization (aka SEO)?  Did You realize Twitter lists let you harness the power of Google search to help people find you when they're searching in your niche?
Do you have a favorite post from Assist Social Media that wasn't listed? Do You have a favorite in these? Thank you for all the support in 2012 in this wild ride to the top of Alexa and an explosive year for me as a business owner! Let me know your favorite with a comment!


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      Thank you Carele, I’m so glad you are back in The YOUCANDO inner circle and I’m getting to see more of you! I know this will be an amazing year for you!

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    Great way to end a new year! I will be revisiting some of these posts to sort of refresh. I have not utilized Pinterest for business yet, for instance and really need to get on that!

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      It’s not too bad and I highly recommend that you use it!( Pinterest for Business) If you use GoDaddy for hosting give me a yell and I’ll see if I can walk you through if you get stuck! You will get a great back link to your site!

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    Love your information always! Thanks for the recap although I must confess I have a special folder with your name on it where I save all of your articles!! Happy New Year and thanks for sharing with me in 2012!

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      aww Denny thank you! I hope what you have in it helps! I love your advice on parenting! With your help I could be a perfect Grandmother maybe..;)

  3. Terressa Cortez says

    Great recap! I love reading all of your articles and always learning from you. Wishing you the best in 2013. May all your dreams come true as you are very deserving.

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    Good reading!  I liked how you tout Headway… I've used thesis and find their latest update sucks!  the 2.0 version should really be just a theme and not a thesis upgrade!  thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks Martha and I’m hoping great things happen for you as well! we have to get together and do some Alabama social Media events!

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    Now, this is an excellent resource page, Elizabeth! I always find so much great info on your site…thanks so much for all that you share with us, I have learned so much! : D

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    Liz, I enjoyed the article on Headway and WordPress.  It's not too often that I see an article that breaks it down to that detail.  You're doing amazing and I'm glad you made the decision in 2012 to help businesses using Social Media.  You've been making a big difference in a lot of businesses since.

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      Thanks Edmund! I appreciate you sating that and I’m glad I got to met you as well! Can’t wait to see you again and hear how you’re doing!

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    I always find so much information to use in all your articles, but my favorites from Assist Social Media are the more recent  ones regarding SEO.  Maybe because I am delving into the subject in more detail.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Love reading your weekly articles. I learn something with each post and share with my aging followers. What a great year packed with learning, making new friends and sharing quality articles like yours.

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      Thanks Carla! I love the things I learn when visiting your site as well! I’m working on improving my health and you have great information!

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    Have learned so much from your articles this year Liz.  Hoping to refresh  myself with the ones you've mentioned here to start 2013 in a good way!  Thanks for your servant heart!

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