Using Social Media

Why Social Media Is Here To Stay and Why You Should Learn To Use It!

It’s no secret that here at Assist Social Media we firmly believe wholeheartedly in inbound marketing and love it with a passion.  Using social media effectively plays a big part of your businesses online marketing strategy and if you are not using social media, then you have a big opportunity. All business need to know how and when to use Social Media.

How to use Social Media


What is social media exactly? 

Instead of giving you some technical definition I’ll will explain it to you plain and simple.  Social media is nothing more than an online cocktail party.  It is a social gathering.  It is how we connect online through different platforms.  Facebook has its own table, with the most diverse group of people, LinkedIn has a different table, it’s all business at that table. Pinterest is in the corner waving the DIY banner where all the moms and art lovers are, Twitter has a table of tech-savvy, smart, interesting 20-somethings, and Googleplus and YouTube are lumped together with a sign saying, “if you do not have a place at this table, you should!

Though there are different platforms (tables) everyone is still at the same party (the internet), and you are allowed to meet and greet, network, pass around your business cards, get to know people who will do business with you, and get to know people whose services you need.  That is social media in a nutshell.  The more presents you have at the party (the internet) the more people you will attract to your business thus creating more leads! Are you having aahhh ha moment yet?

 Using Social Media ties into your Inbound Marketing Mix

Social media does a number of things for your inbound marketing mix:

  • social shares help rank your content higher in search engines which increase your visibility
  • broadening your online reach
  • giving you the ability to gather leads, right from the networks
  • helping you add value and connect to your potential clients


Tutorials For Using Social To Promote Your Business

Here are a few tutorials for using twitter to help you with questions you may have. You can sign up for the free updates at the bottom of this post for more help with your social media.

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Facebook for business

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Using Twitter for Business


You could start by connecting to me on Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Plus!  If you are interesting in social media, I’m always around somewhere sharing or talking about how to social media market! 😉


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