How can I Use Facebook to Market my Business if it keeps Changing?


Using Facebook to Build Your Brand 

Facebook is the hub of social media and I’m certain that is NOT going to change anytime soon. Yes, Thursday Facebook will be coming up with something new. It’s okay! By Thursday night someone will tell you the best way to use that new feature to market your business of Facebook. I Promise.  Facebook has 1.06 billion monthly active users, 680 million mobile users, more than 42 million pages.(The last stats I could find from a trust sourced – Techcrunch )THAT is a whole lot of people in one place. You know what? That ain’t changing. I make business connections every week that turn to sales through relationships I’ve built on Facebook. I will share with you some of my favorite tips for using Facebook to market my business and some facts to ponder. If it changes I’ll let you know what to do! RELAX!


how to use Facebook to market my business

Quick Facts

*Older adults are using Facebook more than 13-25 year old now.That’s a change! When it stated out it was for college kids ONLY. The over 25 crowd is my target market so no worries for me! Know your target market and use that information to find them on Facebook. What do they like? What do they do for fun? Share things on your brand page that will appeal to that audience. Yeap what people like changes but hey you’re a person so I bet you know what people like! See change isn’t that bad!

* Facebook is a SOCIAL network. Never forget that people come to have fun. Make it fun and they will remember your brand. Be social and build relationships and you’ll create a fan page that people will visit time and time again. Nothing will get you clicked out of someones news feeds faster than hard selling on Facebook. This will not change. If it does? Change platforms cause people will stop using it. 

*Make sure you get your vanity url instead of that long one with the numbers. Get one as close to the name of your business as you can so that it’s simple to find you in search. Please and thank you! Yes, Change your url!

*Wake up Brick and Mortars this new graph search will give you an edge! List your location and get people checking-in and talking about your business. If you rely on local for business then you have got to jump in quick! This is your time to get the most out of Facebook marketing. See this is a change that can be in your favor! Nice change!


How to Use Facebook to market my Business


Those Tabs have gold in them! Only your first 4 show so make certain that you have the good stuff on them! A contest or a free offer is really smart to add here. Grow your list with a custom tab or offer something special just for your Facebook fans.Those amazing young people at Heyo have some great fan page apps. Perfect way to connect with fans through these and not too hard to build. Go see Nathan and tell him I sent you! I call often for help and they have never let me down! I would be shock If that changed!

Your Photos are a great way to get Facebook fans to market for you. They will share your photos helping you spread the word about your brand. You need to upload a photo, give it a name like your company and each time it’s shared by a fan it will be linked to you. It’s great to share photos from other brands or fans as a courtesy. But you have to upload and share some of your own! There are two reasons to share a photo, engagement and the hope that that picture will be shared by someone. By sharing a photo that is connected to your page (one you uploaded) your picture or graphic can be seen by people who are not fans. If you never upload photos of your own well, you are just helping everyone else spread their brand which is kind of you but doesn’t do a thing for you! Get it? If You aren’t sharing your own photos or graphics It’s time for change!

Your About Section

Your ‘About’ section will list your business information like contact details and your services. However, there is a magical spot called short description. That will show up on the front of your profile. Use your important keywords first and add links to important places like your website or other social media platforms. As my favorite social media coach and branding goddess Kim Garst says, “That’s prime real estate, don’t waste it!” This could change but until it does use it!



I know, I know, you’ve heard Facebook is changing and you’re worried. Well stop.Thursday we will know and by Thursday night someone will be out there sharing the best way to use this new change. Facebook changes all the time. Change can be a good thing. What’s not going to change is that people love it and if used correctly, Facebook can help you market your small business or a major corporate brand.


What’s your favorite way to use Facebook? What do you need help with? Got a good story about how you meet a great client on Facebook? Leave me a comment cause I’m nosey!


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  1. says

    Great post, Elizabeth! I'm amazed at the number of otherwise savvy business people who think Facebook is a fad and will be going away soon. Not! I hope a lot of people see this post and take it to heart. Not only is change good, it's inevitable. Make it work for you!

  2. says

    Change is the only constant. When things stop changing, they die. I don't believe Facebook is about to die. Change equates to growth and I'm willing to embrace that thought! Encouraging post Liz!

    • says

      Thank you Kim! I want to see people take advantage of what Facebook can do for your business. I see too many not using it!

  3. says

    I must confess that I hadn't given social media the attention I should have when I first began…now I get it! Thanks for the encouraging message about the upcoming fb changes…seems to be the norm! Changes equal growth and I am all about that!

    • says

      Yes Denny… You can change happens in business just like life! Of course Facebook changes as we all do.. some great as a matter of fact.. when it does!

  4. says

    I love Facebook! I have met awesome people and developed some great relationships there that have helped me grow and take my business to a new level. It will be nothing if not interesting to see what they come up with next. :)

  5. says

    This is a very helpful post, Elizabeth! I especially appreciate the emphasis on tabs because we're not making good use of them. Thanks to you, we'll change that!

  6. says

    Hi Elizabeth, My last message seemed to get blanked out! How are you? I'd love another tune-up and to chat about the changes on on Facebook. Thanks for the advice. Please contact me to set up a date to chat. Terry 

  7. says

    Yes Elizabeth, Facebook is keep changing and businesses will find really hard to use them but one of the best way to market our business is to own a blog/website. Fans are the most important, have fun and bring value to fans is also another ways of not worrying about how or when Facebook make changes.
    Thanks for this Great Post – Ferb

  8. says

    It's true, change is inevitable. You raised a good point about sharing photos. The new newsfeed design gives photos a lot more prominence, so my fan page will focus on branded visual content. Luckily, we have in-house designers. This is one aspect of the latest updates that could be difficult for small business owners without a creative team to power their social media. 

    • says

      True Katherine! But there are so many do it your self programs people can use to get their points across with digital designers!

  9. says

    Wonderful post Elizabeth, I always learned something new. I too love facebook so much, I have met awesome people and build good relationship too! :)  Thanks for sharing. :)

    • says

      Thanks Annette! I love Facebook too! so many lovely people and it’s amazing to connect and build friendships and relationships!

  10. says

    Honestly, I never worry about Facebook's changes. I've come to expect that they're going to change things every time I get used to things, and it's just a matter of adapting no matter what.
    As annoying as they can be, they actually DO want people and pages interacting, so there'll be a way to make it work.

  11. says

    I'm trying to learn more about Facebook. I stayed away for years as I was taught to friend everyone on a course I was doing. I now have over 600 'friends' that I'm trying to work through and unfriend. I have my page set up but I think FB has just changed things again.

    • says

      it has and it’s okay to have plenty of friends.. but I would suggest you have a fan page for your business on Facebook! 😉

  12. says

    That's true, Facebook IS and will always be changing, whether we like it or not.  To answer your question, the thing I've always enjoyed most about Facebook is the opportunity to stay up to date with my friends on there.

  13. says

    Great article on Facebook Elizabeth. A little late but all if this is still relative today. I hear the same comments today but I still can’t see Facebook changing. Always a joy to read your work, thanks again and wish you the best.

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