Great Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

How to use Social Media

 There is a lot of confusion surrounding how to use social media, especially when it comes to growing a business or selling a product or service.  Many people don’t see the benefit of using social media to increase business.  They have only heard that you “should” but they don’t really know why or how social media can help them build a strong online presence.

We have the tips to use social media to grow your business.

Social Media Increases Your Visibility

Learning how to use social media and implementing it properly will lead to a greater online presence and more visibility.  Thus, the greater the chances for your potential clients to find you.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of social media is it’s ability to help your website rank even higher with search engines or a little something called SEO.  Almost half of internet searches a day are people looking to buy products and services. Having a strong social media presence will help your connected website rank higher as well as your profiles on social platforms . This gives you more visibility and increases your chances of being found by your potential clients.

Media Creates Trust

Social Media Build Loyal Fans 

Social Media Is Global

Social Media Sells

Social Media Establishes Authority


Ever heard of a little thing called social proof?  Well through social media you can establish an authority, make yourself an expert, make people listen to what you have to say.  You don’t have to have a formal education, or a sophisticated degree. If you use social media the right way you will establish yourself as a go to person in your field. You heard me, an authority on the subject. You can be a leader in your industry based on your social media popularity.


Now we want to hear it from you. Who has influenced you with social media? Leaves us a comment and share how you have been effected by social media.


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  1. says

    Great job as always Angie! This is how I grew my business and got it going! Social media platforms have made me an expert in the relationship feild and helped me grow my business!

  2. says

    Great article. Social media certainly helped me grow my business, which was especially important given the nature of what I do — writing, speaking and consulting on the science and 21st century brain research on addiction, substance abuse and secondhand drinking :) .

  3. says

    Great article, Angela! I think we sometimes forget the power of social proof. I know that for me, that is a huge factor when I am choosing who to do business with. I have learned a lot through the sharing power of social media.

  4. says

    Great article.  Do you happen to know of a plugin that shows your "social proof"? 
    Thanks tons
    Sharon G. Cobb

  5. says

    What a great article! It is funny because when throw out the expectation of making the next biggest sale on social media, you can actually sit back and enjoy the great relationships you are capable of building. I love the fact that it makes the world so much smaller :)

  6. says

    I loved social media before I knew it was called social media; I just love to connect with people online and learn from them. Like when I come to your blog, I learn and sometimes I am able to apply immediately what I learn; thanks!!

  7. says

    Social media is a real plus to any business.  But the true strength comes from knowing how to utilize it correctly.

  8. says

    I am a very social person and love what social media has done for my personal and professional life :) Love the new logo 😉

  9. says

    I am learning all kinds of new things and meeting people through networking that are helping my business. It's fun and exciting to connect and then have that connection lead to a friendship!

  10. says

    Well said, social media is so important because it allows you to meet and create relationships with people all over the internet. You can meet people from all over the world and increase the reach of your business. Social media is not only powerful it is also fun.

    • says

      That’s how it started for me karla.. just fun.. then I met a whole crew of single women.. that were interested in meeting people to date online. Then I met people that had met their spouses online. I built a dating company and it was an over night hit. I was where the people were that were interested in a product.. i knew the people and they knew me. I never asked for a single sale. Just said this is what I’m doing and the rest is history.

  11. says

    Great post! Social media is helping me take my business to the next level. I've met so many wonderful people since I started using social media, it makes me wish I'd taken the leap a lot sooner.

    • says

      it’s it amazing Sally! Me too I love the people and the information. People are so kind and will to share their information and in turn become your friends,clients or colleges.

    • says

      It is so exciting Sally! I have made some wonderful friendships and built 2 successful business on the back of social media.

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