Using Twitter for Business -Tweeting Your Way To The Top

Twitter is the best way to get readers to your blog. Build a following on twitter, use the proper #hashtag and throw in some good content and you will have a traffic driving machine.  Notice I said build a following. You have got to engage and build a relationship with people to gain this following but when you do its pay dirt. If you Use twitter for business building a following to drive traffic to your business blog is priority number 1.

Tweeting Your Way to the Top!

using twitter for business to build your traffic to your blogYour twitter buddies will enjoy reading what you write if they like what you have to tweet! Those tweets and to be more than links to your latest posts, more than quotes and not just about what’s great about you. Engage. Hi @twitterfriend what’s up? Hiya (Name) @twitterfriend how’s it going? Yes, talk to people and listen to what they say.  Search a topic and location in in the advanced setting and name your topic then listen. Ah, there’s a good one. They are talking about my favorite football team. I’m hoping in that conversation. Presto, you have new friends.

Follow people that are likely to follow you back. If someone is following 500 accounts and has 20k followers, they aren’t likely to engage with you. People who follow close to the same amount of accounts as they follow are out there to engage and see what you have to say.

 The cool thing about Twitter is # tags. If you tag it in the appropriate category anyone that searches that topic can find it. You get to be in the awesome twitter search engine under the topic YOU pick. That takes some time in Google.


Using Twitter for Business Tips

  • Engage with people and don’t just broadcast your post.
  • Follow people who are interesting in the same thing as you.
  • Use the right hash tags.


If you use twitter the right way it’s a goldmine of traffic that can send your IDEAL client crawling up in your lap. Pretty simple way to get that blog traffic we all crave. My number one traffic source is Google search but in a close second is twitter. I love twitter. My first two paying clients came to me from twitter relationships. 


How do you use Twitter for business ? Have you met your ideal client on twitter? Share with me in the comment section your experiences with building traffic on twitter.


  1. says

    Honestly Liz I working at finding my voice on Twitter. I am interested in more than business but it's pretty narrow. Love your Twitter tips and learn so much from them, keep 'em coming girl.

  2. says

    I'm starting just now to understand the power of social networks (especially Twitter) in the business marketing and in the self promoting, i'm still confused, but i think i'm on the right way 
    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. says

    Twitter had me stumped for awhile …learning to speak in 140 characters was not my strong suit! Now that I am getting the hang of it,  I have made some wonderful connections! Thanks for your tips, they always help!

  4. says

    Elizabeth, I still have to learn to engage more. I know it is necessary much like a face to face conversation, yet have not been diligent in doing so. Thank you for the reminder, maybe this time I will DO something!

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    Great article and right on target! In my split personality kind of way I use Twitter in multiple ways, as a blogger and a businesswoman. And I have found it beneficial all the way around – but I've spent a long time building great relationships there! 

  6. says

    You've given me a great idea!  I can look at my most retweeted content and build off of that… If they like 140 characters, they may like to read a blog about it!  Excellent tips!

  7. says

    I use Twitter to share golden nuggets of my radio show with others. I also love to retweet my favorite blog writers and anything else that "speaks to me". Thanks for the tips!

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