Doing this 1 Thing can Increase your Website Traffic 55%!

But I Hate Blogging!

Businesses that do this one little tiny habit have 55% more web visitors compared to companies that don’t. 

Have you ever wondered how more visitors could transform your business?

  •          Build a targeted list of prospects and repeat customers
  •          Increased conversions (sales and opt-ins)
  •          Increased sales
  •          Grow your influence
  •         Position yourself as a thought-leader


Companies that do it also have 97% more inbound links to their website than companies that don’t.  What’s significant about more inbound links?

·    Inbound links create “site authority.”  Site authority increases your position on Google searches.  You do want to be on that elusive page 1, don’t you?  An increasing number of shoppers make buying decisions online. They go to a search engine and type in what they are looking for and the winner is the guy that comes up in the first three positions. Inbound marketing costs much less per lead than does traditional. Now that’s win win! Of companies that do this one thing, over half report that it has generated customers.  Not just prospects, but real, cash-paying customers.  I won’t ask what more customers might do for your business. And among companies that do this one thing,have 434% more indexed pages than similar companies that don’t. What is this thing? 

A blog for your business can increase prospects and sales!  Why You need a business blog!

Did you know that having a blog for your business could have such an impact? I learned it way long ago but wasn’t serious about working with my blog.

As more and more people move to e-commerce for both B2C and B2B sales, keeping a blog for your business  is one of the “low hanging fruits” that separates one company from another.  Writing a blog for your business is a valuable way for you to connect with your customers and generate long-term relationships.

Statistics like these make it clear that blogs are here to stay, and that time spent creating a blog for your business is time that is fruitful in ways that can be tracked in real dollars.

why you need a business blog

Why You Need a Business Blog!

If you struggle with creating or maintaining a blog for your business, please allow me to help you reach out and capture the increased traffic that is actively looking for what you and your business have to offer. 

 Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’ve had remarkable success as I’ve built my business – learning how to use search engine optimization on my website to quickly boost my traffic to page one results on Google, and have moved my ranking on (traffic estimator website) to under 100,000 for the whole world in just 90 days.  Now, being that I’m a Southern woman, I’m not trying to brag, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know that I can help your business boost its ranking on Google.  If you struggle with trying to keep up your content marketing – I’d love provide a consultation to your business to help design a custom content and social media marketing package that’s just right for you. 


Whether you’re just getting started building your blog or you’ve had a blog for your business for a while, I’d love to see you ’round here regularly.  I’m always writing about tips and tricks that you can use right now to use social media and cutting edge SEO techniques to move your business right up to page one Google results.  

I Want to Know what you’ve seen happen while adding a blog to your business page? Has it helped you? Leave me a comment or question about a business blog.


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    Great article sometimes it is hard to see the value of things, like blogging, but your post certainly made some compelling points. I think blogging is like exercise, hard to get going but once your doing it it becomes easier. Thanks ,Jerry

    • says

      Jerry.. I had a business and didn’t see the point of a blog until I stumbled on the traffic it was producing and the importance that Google was giving me with it. O learned to love it after that! lol I like money..;)

  2. says

    Liz the tips and strategies you provide on your own business blog gives you the right to toot your own horn. I'm slowly building my fiery grandma's community and have enjoyed 2 customers who purchased totally online while I slept. That is the kind of marketing any business owner would love to enjoy, don't you agree? Now to work on increasing those numbers and I'll be a happy business owner.

  3. says

    Woohoo! I think I finally am doing something right! I make it a point to always include inbound links in my blog posts!!  I love your tips and insights! Keep them coming, people like me rely on people like you!!

  4. says

    Thank you!  I'm working on blogging consistently, and you've helped me define the prize so I can keep my eye on it!  

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    I had a static website for many years before switching over to a blog platform. The increase in site traffic and improvement in my Alexa ranking has been remarkable. I know what you're saying works. Nice post!

    • says

      Me too Dawn.. I used static sties for my main marketing focus and DREADFUL crap blogs to give it link backs LOL I have learned so much about being a better blogger in 1 short year! I’m sp grateful to Kim and Social Boom and all of you for the help!

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    Great article.  I am catching onto the blogging thing, but it's been a struggle as it's not my strongest skill.  I'd much rather do a webinar, podcast or speak in front of hundreds of people :)

    • says

      Rebecca you do well at blogging so don’t sispair.. we could be a team then cause I like to hide behind my computer and type and appearing in public makes me sweat like a pig LOL yuck!

  7. says

    Great post, Elizabeth. Thanks for the tips. I hope to increase my blogging this year as I've narrowed my focus on each of my three blogs. The desired targets are in my sites and I'm going to go for it!

    • says

      Rob.. I’m so glad you are getting help with focus! I’m glad I have Kim in my life to help me see what I need to do to get it together! LOL

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    Elizabeth, you always share such valuable information! Wow, getting your blog to under 100,000 ranking in Alexa in such a short time is a remarkable feat!! Great accomplishment, my dear!

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    I've been blogging since 2004, and my blog is my primary marketing vehicle. I've got three of them, one for each part of my business and a personal one but it's the main business one that gets the most action. If I didn't have that, I probably wouldn't be in business!

    • says

      LOL well this Southern Woman thinks you know a thing or two about blogging and social media your self Edmund! Thanks for visiting!

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    Great article. We’re researching adding a blog, articles, and forum section to our site. We’re just a startup but getting a lot of traction globally. I’m sure doing this could take us to the next level. Great job. Jesse J.

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