Content Marketing Strategy; Why You Need a Smorgasbord of Content

One of the funniest things I hear from people beginning to explore using social media for their businesses is that they are on Facebook and maybe even Twitter too, but they can’t imagine why they’d need or want to become familiar with any other social networking tools – especially not Pinterest and Google+.

Spreading Your Content Marketing Around



Content Marketing

Kind of funny, I know.  But hopefully you see where I’m going with this.  Not all of your customers will only be on Twitter and Facebook.  Some of them won’t even be on either of those but might be active on Pinterest. Or maybe Google+ has their attention instead of Facebook these days.  The variations are endless, but hopefully you get my point.

If there are proportionally large numbers of your clients on different social media networks, it would be silly for you not to be there as well.

You can fight it kicking and screaming (and I even know social media managers who complain at all of the changes…which honestly makes me think they’re in the wrong business,  but that’s another post!)

Or – you can be glad that there are many different ways that you can reach your clients in ways that seem valuable to them and make them actually want to do business with you.  Old style advertising like television, radio, and print ads really didn’t ever do that!  These days – the variety is definitely the spice of life!

With that in mind – your different networks demand different kinds of content. Because if you just publish the very same content to every network, well, why would people need to follow you on different networks? You need to have a focus content marketing strategy!

So – how do you make sure you have the different kinds of content to maximize your ability to reach clients on different networks?

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

1. Realize that different people have different interests and different attention spans.  Most of your audience will have a very short attention span (not trying to disrespect your audience, but it’s just what marketing statistics tell us these days).  So one emphasis of your content needs to be on kinds of content that are quick for your followers to digest.  Platforms that are especially good for this include Pinterest, Twitter (and its 6-second micro video app Vine) and You Tube as long as your videos are extremely short and to the point.  Anything over 3 minutes is pushing it in this category of content.  If you’re having a hard time publishing regularly on these channels – look for a skilled social media marketing expert to help you get a handle on marketing in this category.

2. For your audience who wants to really get into your content, make sure you’re publishing blog posts that provide a lot of value.  You don’t want to produce long-winded fluff!  People in this category do NOT want to have their time wasted!  If this isn’t your skill, you’d do well to outsource the blog portion of your content marketing.

3. As you develop a loyal readership, you definitely want to have some higher quality content to meet their needs.  Think about some of the comment challenges your customers face and consider developing more in depth information products that meet your customers’ needs in these areas.  You’ll be emphasizing your expertise to your audience and cementing yourself in their minds as their go-to resource of choice!  If a longer piece has you worried, think about talking with a professional ghost writer who can help you craft a custom eBook or special report that your clients can’t wait to get their hands on.

What are your favorite forms of content to produce?

Do you have content you shy away from? Do you need to focus on a platformover to have a more solid marketing presence?

Leave a comment below – I’d sure love to help!


  1. says

    Fortunately/Unfortunately…a large part of my audience isn't on much social media right now…but they will be someday and I want to stay up with the times!  Thanks!!!

  2. says

    I love Google Analytics because it lets me see just how much activity my website receives. I can see what kinds of posts get the most visits, and where in the world the traffic is coming from. Content is great, and knowing what works by using good metrics is helpful as well.

  3. says

    Thanks for this excellent information Elizabeth!  I do enjoy what I do on facebook and with my own blog writing – but I need to get more savvy with Google+ and Linked-In… it's a work in progress for me and I do appreciate your wisdom.

  4. says

    "Different people have different interests and different attention spans"….that really made the point for me and it really makes sense. The imagery of Baskin Robbins only having chocolate and vanilla was great and drove the point home for me! Excellent, excellent post, Elizabeth, thank you!

  5. says

    It IS frustrating! There is always something new that HAS to be fooled with. I just got on FB and twitter this year and only because I had to for business. I have enjoyed it a little more than I thought, but even with my focus it seems to take a lot of time. And I have no idea what to Pin to Pinterest for business, although it's actually my favorite of them all personally.

    • says

      Aimee…. just look up blog posts about pinterest and it will really help you! A lot of women love Pinterest and it’s their favorite platform!

  6. says

    Excellent post Elizabeth! I am looking to expend into google+ and pintrest too, so I appreciate what you shared. Great stuff.

  7. says

    I continue to give content in my blogs and perhaps am not doing very much marketing. My belief, though, is that my readers will (hopefully) come to know and trust me and when I do have new offers and products they might be more prone to make a purchase.

  8. says

    I am relatively new to using social media and I can't believe useful it has been in helping me make good connections. Great advice about keeping the posts informative but readable. If a blog is too long it won't keep my attention at all, unlike this post!

    • says

      thanks Carolyn, I feel the same way and try to keep it on target. I know.. I built an entire business using social media and couldn’t believe it!

  9. MamaRed says

    Keeping up with all the different places to put our message can be a real challenge, especially when so many of us are trying to do it all. As someone who focuses on repurposing, your points about having "choice" (and your wonderful way of wording it) are so essential. Thanks for the reminders! I do think it is important to understand where the folks who want/need what you have are hanging out so you can leverage  your time and resources. 

  10. says

    It all makes really good sense Elizabeth but sometimes I find that I'm spending more time trying to get the Social Media aspect of the business sorted and neglecting what I'm trying to sell! I'll  keep popping in for more tips on how to make it easier (and less time consuming) X

    • says

      I’m glad IT HELPS, Sue .. I hope we can help you change that and get you to the whole idea.. know who your ideal client is and how to NETWORK AND BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.

  11. says

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Great tips here. Social media has become so important to online businesses these days. I spend most of my time on Facebook and twitter, but do use Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+ as well. This is the limit,  as far as time for me. I do see the value of each platform. Thanks!

    • says

      Cathy.. I really think that facebook is the best place for you to network for your business but always put feelers out there where you can.

  12. says

    Good advice, Liz. By limiting your content, you are limiting your reach and your audience. I can't think of too many businesses that would benefit from less exposure instead of more. And knowing who is where and how to reach them definitely makes a difference.

  13. says

    Quality content articles that are to the point makes so much sense. That is what I look for otherwise I lose interest quickly. I LOVE Pinterest (you have awesome boards, BTW) and have lots of traffic to my websites from there. Thanks for the great post, Liz!

    • says

      it does doesn’t it? Thanks Lisa..;) I get lost from Pinterest as well! who spends the most money in a household? The shareholders of Pinterest! LOL

  14. says

    I love creating content …most of the time..right now I am a bit dried up feeling though…but I will rally and get another wave of inspiration to roll with and keep the quality content coming!! it does require consistency, variety and focus for sure!

  15. says

    Elizabeth, thanks for reenforcing the fact that I am involved is several social media outlets. There is the old saying of not spreading yourself too thin so sometimes I think I should just focus on one social media and forget the rest yet it seems that something has kept me involved in several.. thanks for that confirmation. As far as content I love to share, it is keeping people informed about how to take charge and improve their health.. mainly through proper nutrition and fitness.

  16. says

    Great post Elizabeth! It is so important to have the right kind of content on each site. For me, I've been neglecting the image and video end of my content marketing. Need to get back into that, and soon!

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