Is Your Blog the Center of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Blogging and your Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategy, I have to ask – is your blog at the heart of your marketing?

I know that probably sounds strange to ask – you know me for my love of social media, especially when it comes to using social media for your SEO.

But I have to tell you this – your social media should be an extension of your marketing strategy.  Your social media isn’t the focus of your strategy.  It shouldn’t be your primary strategy.

social media marketing stategy

And it shouldn’t be what you focus the majority of your attention on.

Sure, scheduling your updates and responding to your customers and prospects takes time.  But your site is your virtual storefront. It is the one thing online that represents you and your brand to your customers, and it’s the place online where you share your story with your customers.

For this and so many other reasons, your website is at the heart of your online marketing and must be respected accordingly.

3 Reasons Your Website Must be at the Heart of your Social Media Marketing Strategy


1. Your website is your property.  Your social profiles are not!

How many times have social networks had security issues?  How many times have social media platforms come…and gone?  When you don’t own your content because you’re not paying for a service, you are at someone else’s mercy.  You have no recourse if there are technical glitches, you have no recourse if you inadvertently violate the rules and get shut down, and you have no recourse if one day they go out of business without warning.

When you make your self hosted website the core of your marketing strategy, you have control over all of these issues.  Additionally, you have control over your ability to use appropriate SEO strategies to increase your traffic.

I’ve recently been working with some partners to create some content marketing and social media marketing services for a number of dental offices, and in looking at their prior websites, we’ve been so surprised that those sites haven’t been treated like the lynchpin of marketing that they are!  They have content that can’t be customized and the way they’re hosted, if the dental office ends their contract, they don’t own their files at all!  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a good arrangement to me at all!


2. Your website doesn’t have content or app restrictions.

If you want to run a contest on your website, go for it. If you want to have a header with more than 20% text, it’s you’re right to do so. When your website is created to be the core of your marketing strategy, it’s all up to you.


3. Your website appears infinitely more professional to your customers

This is huge.  When you only use other people’s resources to host your content such as on free social media platforms, it is clear to your customers that you aren’t investing financially into your own business.  This makes you look unprofessional and unsuccessful. If you aren’t successful enough to invest in your own business, it definitely doesn’t inspire your customers to trust you with their business either.


Take Away

Your website is the core of your online presence, no matter how many other satellite locations you have online on different social platforms.

How are you ensuring your website remains your most important online property? Do you know how to use social media to promote your business?  Do you keep it up to date? Are you making sure people can even find it?  Tell me how you keep your blog bringing people back?


  1. says

    One of your essential points: your website is YOUR property, other outlets are NOT is huge. Especially when sites shift their rules or go out of business or are purchased by others.
    Make your site "YOU Central" YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      Yes! Bingo.. I have sites that are 10 years old that still make money for me..;) the other platforms I use to do have changed but the sites are the key!

  2. says

    Good point Mama Red,  I try to put my biggest focus on the internet properties that I own.  I still use the other's too, but I have been burned  and am not twice shy! :~)

    • says

      Use them for what you can but build your website to market you and what’s awesome about your business. You own it and that’s the great thing. No one can change the rules on you!

  3. says

    I agree 100% Our site is our home! So many other platforms close, change the rules or delete your account.  Our site must be treated like gold! Thanks for this awesome post, Elizabeth!

  4. says

    My site is the linchpin of my marketing; it has also driven the graphics on all other platforms that I can customize.  That way, when someone is directed to another platform, they recognize where they are.  And, in traditional fashion, my readers are sent to my blog posts weekly through an autoresponder, then looped back there at different times through Twitter and Facebook links.  I'm sure I could be a lot more sophisticated, but believe I'm at least doing the "basic" stuff correctly!  😉  Thanks for keeping us on the straight and narrow, Elizabeth!

  5. says

    Great stuff here Mama Red,
    Speaking about your website being your property, I so agree, I think many people overly rely on Facebook pages; although I think they will loose their impact by this time next year. . Just my humble prediction but I think Facebook will be cracking down on Pages pretty soon or beginning to charge for minor functionality as they realize that they are leaking income to ladder groups or other similar arrangements. 

    • says

      I have no idea where Facebook is headed but I do know that what I own is my site..;) I have used them to makey money for a long time..;)

  6. says

    Yes, Yes, Yes! I am so glad to see someone teaching that you do not own or have control of what you put on social media sites. Focus on your blog first, because those other sites can shut you down whenever they feel like it!

  7. says

    Yes – you are so right!  I think of my website as my storefront window (and I do need to to some improvement on the services page!)… I quite often get comments from people that after going through my site, they feel like they really know me and what I am about! Thanks for your excellent advice.

  8. says

    You bring up great points here about why I should move to from I have been debating for awhile, but I definitely agree about your site looking much more professional once you move over.  I also would love to do advertisements and I am unable to do those as o now. Thanks for this article, Elizabeth:)

  9. says

    Absolutely agree, Elizabeth! Building your own house – website, that you own is imperative. We recently had a client's Facebook page deleted because someone else claimed infringement of a company name – incorrectly. Facebook deleted it – no questions asked. This case is now in legal hands, but all that hard work on the Facebook page is gone.

  10. says

    Thank you for bringing me back into focus. I have been and will probably continue to be in social media groups for promoting and connecting but I need to go back to focusing more on making sure my website is staying up to date and making improvements as I go along. Thank you for keeping me focused in the right direction.

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    Although I strongly endorse social media I could not agree with you more. Businesses need to remember that their website is where they finally convert visitors into customers and if it is not professional, up to date and provides what they are looking for they will look elsewhere. I have also frequently advised clients about the dangers of putting all their eggs in someone else’s basket. Own your destiny!

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