Convert Tweets to Instagram Ready Images

The first step in posting content from twitter to instagram is to enter the link to the tweet into the box on our homepage.

If you are on the Desktop version of twitter, you can access the link to the tweet by copy and pasting it from the address bar in your browser.

If you are using the mobile app, then all you need to do

Your Instagram ready images will include the full text from the tweet as well as key information such as the author's twitter name, handle and their profile picture.

How to copy a link to a tweet

Choose a format

Instagram requires different sized images for different types of posts. So for your second step, you need to choose whether you would like to post your tweet to the Activity Feed (i.e. a standard, square image) or to your Story (i.e. a long, vertical image).

Once you select your format, we get into the fun stuff!

Choose a format for your Instagram image

Select your template

After choosing your format, you will be offered up a number of templates in the displayed in the size that matches the format that you selected.

The templates display the content from the tweet you provided the link to, so you can see exactly how they will look when you post them.

Select a template for your image

Post your tweet!

Now your tweet is ready to post to Instagram. If you are on your mobile phone, just choose the "Download now" option and the image will be saved to your phone, ready to post when you are ready. If you are on a desktop, choose the "send to my phone" option and enter an email address which you have access to on your phone - we'll send it to you so you can save it.

That's it! Post your tweet to Instagram as you would with any other image for the whole world to see.

An image ready to post to instagram